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The Battalion X1C0 aign gram are the Mi ■rts Communicat: le Gulf of Met uin Group, and; Li ifestyles Thursday, August 6, 1992 Page 3 Summer's hits: The five best bets By Anas Ben-Musa The Battalion The summer of 1992 has been filled I with inspiring acting and action- I packed fun. Yet, the best films have I starred a versatile group of actresses. Indeed this was the summer of the I actress. Unfortunately, the there is a I lack of recognition when it comes to a I paycheck. Actresses still are paid far I less then their male counterparts. It is time to change and correct this I problem because of all the films I re- |viewed this summer, the best ones \ were about women. Here are the top five movies and the runners-up for the summer: 1. "Look at me! Tm a nun... a pen guin," shrieks Whoopi Goldberg in her movie, "Sister Act" - a hilarious come dy about a lounge singer played by Goldberg, who witnesses a murder by her mafia boyfriend. Goldberg's character, Delores, hides from mafia thugs in a nun's con vent while she waits to testify at her boyfriend's trial. I consider this film the best of the summer because of the wonderful comedy and singing. Hard to visualize Goldberg singing? Well, close your eyes and imagine because Goldberg belts out some great songs in this film. "Heat wave" and "My guy" are some of the 60s classics sung in the film. Delores is given the job of improv ing the nun's choir in the convent. Of course, Delores does more then neces sary and creates a modern pseudo- Motown, gospel choir singing "My God" instead of "My Guy." "Sister Act" is a must-see film for anyone who is looking for a good laugh. 2. "A League of Their Own" came a close second. An innovative film where the stars of baseball are women, not men. "A League of Their Own" is a film based on the women's baseball league rt getting pain I established during World War II. Cre- focusing om nything from ind pesticides xins found in L or nutrient ir which is vital to i, or the loss of urces, or any i Gulf areas for): idrome American women during World War II. Buy a ticket to the ball game.., buy a ticket to "A League of Their Own." 3. "I just punched a perfectly inno cent Hungarian!" screams Steve Mar tin. "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me," replies Goldie Hawn. This is one of the numerous zany scenes in "Housesitter." A film based on lies, lies, and more lies, which makes "Housesitter" such a wonder fully comical film. What made this movie the third on my list is the way director Frank Oz al lowed these two great veteran comedi ans to be spontaneous. The "couch scene" is a perfect example of how un intentional and natural Hawn and Martin worked together. The scene was shown in many of the television previews of "Housesit- Sigourney Weaver and friend from "AlienT" dictable. It makes "Housesitter" a hilarious film and worfh a trip to the theater. 4. "Alien 1 -’" is a spectacular film, not for its great special effects or blood drenching scenes, but for its inspira tional and courageous acting by same muscles fe paralysis befoii »ys. Sometime they didn't nolic >le before, get aid. "It is pair, quick fatigues' they can't real polio was agious and easili n the past, post \e is not. Wta in, it is no longs irus. , J mdrome/PageC Shop res.' t$6. I ated to help the morale of the country, [the league becomes widely popular throughout the states. The film is a fascinating story of I how our American pastime is loved by I women as much as men. I ■ "A League 6f TheW'Own" is no or- I dinary baseball game'With women. It lisa film about memorable characters, I relationships, and the struggles of The cast of "A League of Their Own." ter." It shows Martin falling over a coach and jumping strait up demand ing why Hawn said they were married to the whole town. The whole scene was done on acci dent. Martin had tripped on a rug be hind the couch and rolled over the coaoji in the process. Martin kept play ing his character and Hawn almost starts laughing, but she resumes play ing her role, too. Oz keeps this type of pace through out the film. Each scene is never pre- Sigourney Weaver and Charles S. Dut ton. In one of the early scenes, Ripley (Weaver) is forced to examine the body of Newt, the little girl from the second movie, after suspecting that one of the aliens had infected her. Weaver plays the scene of the autopsy with raw and powerful emotions of grief, loss arid 1 Sadness. Weaver's face engblfs the.screen and all the pain of losing her surrogate child is masterful ly played. Yet, Weaver is not the only one with the powerful scenes. If you liked how "Aliens" was dif ferent from "Alien," then go see "Alien ." The movie has great depth in its major characters and unlike the first two movies it has much to say about our society. 5. Goldie Hawn has shined this summer with two strong portrayals. Her latest film, "Death Becomes Her," shows the actresses ability to create memorable characters. Hawn is absolutely breathtaking as the red-head vixen Helen Sharp. Helen is a character of incredible beauty and viciousness. In addition, the film has the latest techniques in special effects from George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic company. A strong cast of actors and actress es (Meryl Streep, Isabella Rossellini, and Bruce Willis) makes "Death Be comes Her" one of the best dark come dies ever made. It was difficult to choose the top five movies of the summer. Compared to previous summers, 1992 has been exceptionally strong. My list did not include "Lethal Weapon III," "Boomerang," "Patriot Games"or "Prelude to a Kiss." These movies were top contenders, but they were not as well rounded as my top five. Tomorrow, "Raising Cain" starring John Lithgow and "The Unforgiven" starring Clint Eastwood, Gene Hack- man, Morgan Freeman, and Richard Harris will open at local theaters. These movies have been highly an ticipated, and with such strong casts, ' J | could be the first post-summer hits of the year. Make room for the Samples 1 new sound By Tricia Martinez The Battalion The Samples "No Room" W.A.R. ltd. Records The Samples' second LP, No Room, definitely expresses the band's musical versatility. The Samples really seem to shine on No Room and it's no surprise considering their self-titled de but album sold over 50,000 units without being un der a "major" label. One of the strongest appeals to No Room is tha t parts of it sound like The Police in their earlier days, or possibly the Ram ones. Everything from their ska sound to Andy Sheld on, whose lead vo cals are a dead ringer for a younger Sting really add flavor to the band's music. The Samples are unique in their music, but yet they have re-cap tured the familiar sound thatgot lost somewhere in the mid-BOs, : l| No Room is really easy to listen to with crosses of rock, reggae and country aiding in the diversity of the music. The four member quartet from Boul der, Coio., really mix well and each member seem* to have his own identity within the album. On "Did You Ever Look So Nice," the group sounds as if they are having a blast It has a great reggae sound with clapping every so often to keep the one's body bouncing and swaying to the beat. All the music on No Room works this way. The Samples never lets the listener get bored with the music. Andy Sheldon, bass/lead vocals and Sean Kelly, guitar/slide guitar wrote the music for No Room and the lyrics really seem to hit on the issues of to day with topics of crime, school drop-out rates and lost faith in humanity. For instance, in the song "Pain," one line says "On the T.V., or in the news on the front page, you can choose you know some one, someone strong you know someone doing something wrong." The lyrics really make one stop and think and sometimes reevaluate things. Jeep MacNichol, drums/percussion and Al Laughlin, keyboard/piano/backup vocals, should not go unmentioned because the two really have a great sound together. "When It's Raining," and Another Disaster" are songs in which these two musicians really come together. The listener rises and falls with each beat. It's very refreshing, 1 The transitions between songs is great. A change doesn't just come at you. It Is more a gradu al builder and the reggae and ska gets bolder as the LP goes on. Ail in all No Room is "really jammin" men" and deserves more attention than what it's getting. This band, who got their name from supermarket food "samples" in which they relied on to survive, will be back sometime in 1993 with a new project. 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