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Page 6
The Battalion
Monday, July 27,
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News Briefs
Baker to remain
secretary of state
(AP) -
James A. Baker III will remain
secretary of state “for some time
to come” and
Jim Arents, DDS
Karen Arents, DDS
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Dan Lawson, DDS
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the Copy Comer, five
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reports that
he will step
aside to help
campaign are
the State
No. 2 official
said Sunday.
scheduled for late August in
Bush’s campaign press
secretary, Torie Clarke, could
not be reached for comment on
Eagleburger's remarks.
The New York Times reported
last week that Baker would
resign shortly after the Rabin
visit to run the president's re-
election campaign. The
newspaper quoted Bush
administration officials and
Republican political strategists.
Bush’s son offers
many on the top campaign staff
owe their positions at least in
part to him.
Beyond that, “Junior,” as he
is known to the political
operatives, is viewed as a strong
political strategist in his own
“He knows people all over the
country. He’s got a good sense
of what's going on out there. . . .
He functions just like the others
who are the principal
strategists," said Bush campaign
adviser Charlie Black.
campaign advice
“I will wager you that, for
some time to come, I will be the
deputy secretary of state and
Jim Baker will be the secretary,”
Lawrence Eagleburger said on
the ABC-TV program “This
Week With David Brinkley.”
When a questioner suggested
the time period could mean three
weeks, approximately the time
until the Republican National
Convention, Eagleburger shot
back, “A lot longer than that.”
He said it was “at least highly
possible” that Baker would not
be moving to the campaign as
“I happen to believe that Jim
Baker will stay as secretary of
state for some long period of
time to come, and the Middle
East is one obvious reason for
that,” Eagleburger said.
“All of this speculation, which
Jim has himself tried to put to
rest on this trip, I think is a bunch
of nonsense,” he said.
Bush, asked about
Eagleburger’s remarks after
returning to the White House
from a Camp David weekend,
said, “I have no comments on
that subject.”
Baker was returning Sunday
night from a trip to the Middle
East. Eagleburger was acting
secretary in his absence.
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak
Rabin is scheduled to visit
Washington shortly before the
GOP convention, and
Eagleburger said there are also
meetings on the Middle East
has no campaign title. But his
name is George W. Bush and
when he
Loophole delays
plant inspections
talks, people
at the Bush-
Q u a y I e
blows off
Junior says,”
one Repub
lican official
said, speaking on condition of
anonymity. But campaign aides
are quick to dispel any notion
they are merely pandering to the
president’s eldest son because
of who he is.
They say he is a quick study,
with astute political instincts that
would merit attention anyway.
“He is the No. 1 trouble
shooter, the No. 1 political
antenna, the No. 1 confidant of
his father, the No. 1 problem
fixer,” said Mary Matalin, a top
Bush campaign political
strategist who works closely with
the younger Bush. “He sits in on
whatever he wants to. . . . He
knows everything we’re doing.”
Bush’s 46-year-old son — not
officially a “Junior” because his
name is George Walker Bush
and his father is George Herbert
Walker Bush — is considered his
father’s “eyes and ears” at the
Indeed, he was among those
who helped to organize his
father’s re-election team, and
HOUSTON (AP) — Unions
and safety observers say a
loophole in federal regulations
allows manufacturing plants time
to fix hazards before the
Occupational Safety and Health
Administration can even make
an initial investigation of the site.
Federal law generally forbids
the OSHA from notifying
companies of an upcoming
inspection. OSHA can give up to
24 hours’ notice in unusual
circumstances — to ensure the
presence of a company
representative or schedule an
inspection after regular work
But OSHA’s day-to-day
operating policies permit the
agency to delay inspections up
to five days while a company
summons key employees or
while inspectors prepare to take
samples, according to OSHA’s
operating manual. The agency’s
policy statement does not
consider it advance notice
unless the delay extends beyond
five days.
“No question that anyone who
provides advance notice should
be shot at sunrise,” said Joseph
Kinney, executive director of the
National Safe Workplace
Institute in Chicago, a non-profit
group that studies health and
safety programs.
“Can you imagine if the DEA
(Drug Enforcement Agency) had
to wait five days to raid a crack
house? Or the FBI had to wait
five days to go after
kidnappers?” he asked.
plan to try
out satellite
— Seven astronauts due tele
Earth on Friday will follow in
kite-flying footsteps of Benjami
Franklin by testing a satellite
string — 12 miles of electricity
conducting string.
The satellite will be unreelei
from the space shuttle Atlantis arc
fly overhead for 30 hours. Il
cord between the half-ton satellii
and 100-ton shuttle — just
tenth of an inch in diameter -
expected to generate 5,000 voltso
electricity as the craft he
through Earth's magnetic field
NASA said the 12-mile form),
tion, traveling at nearly 5 miles
second, will be the longest sti
ture ever flown in space.
“This is all one big physics
periment, and we're in the midd
of it,” said astronaut Jeffrey F
man, the payload commander.
“I'm practicing with kites
learn as much as I can about hal
ing something flying up in spaa
abo''e us kept up by a tether," saii
crewman Franco Malerba, wlii
will be the first Italian toflyii
National Aeronautics and Spaa
Administration flight directors
consider the seven-day mission
be the most complex in shuttle his
Nevertheless, they insist the en
periment is safe and that thesatel
lite won't crash into the
like a wrecking ball.
Among the possibilities, if thf
experiment works: using tether,
one day to build a space elevator
between Earth and a station 22,1
miles up like the one in thesciencr
fiction novel “The Fountains
Paradise” by Arthur C. Clarke
“2001" fame.
“I figure with all of his other
successes in predictions, if Arthur
Clarke wrote it, probably somf
day it's going to happen," ”
man said. “It's really exciting that
here we are making the first flighl
on the way to doing all this.”
The countdown begins Tuesdai
for a 9:56 a.m. EDT Friday liftoff,
shuttle co
NASA plans to retrieve tl
satellite, called Eureca, during
shuttle mission next spring.
party continues
to rule in Japan
TOKYO (AP) — The conserva
tives who have governed Japan
since the 1950s trounced the oppo
again Sunday
in a nationwide
election, but
jaded voters
stayed away in
record num
Results com
piled by televi
sion networks
showed Prime
Minister Kiichi Miyazawa's Liber
al Democrat Party winning a ma
jority of the 127 seats up for elec
tion in Parliament's 252-seat upper
Only 44 percent of Japan's 93.7
million eligible voters had cast bal
lots by 5:30 p.m., a half-hour be
fore polling ended, the govern
ment reported. The public Japan
Broadcasting Corp. predicted the
final turnout would be 48 percent,
down from the previous low of 57
percent set in 1983.
Some pundits blamed the mug
gy, 90-degree weather. Others
blamed summer vacation travel
and the opening ceremony of the
Olympics. But many voters also
apparently stayed away out of dis
gust with the scandal-plagued po
litical system, or out of conviction
that the governing party remains
Those who did vote chose over
whelmingly to stay with the Liber
al Democrats.
Political analysts said the shaky
economy would benefit the Liberal
Democrats because voters don't
want untested opposition parties
to lead the country during hard
“Whenever there is (economic)
instability, people will vote for a
party that can rule," said Ichiro
Ozawa, a top Liberal Democrat
Japan's stock and real estate
markets are sagging, and many
companies have announced dips
in profits. Few expect the govern
ment to reach its goal of 3.5 per
cent growth this year.
World Briefs
Legislators elect
president in India
NEW DELHI, India (AP) —
Shankar Dayal Sharma, a
veteran member of the
governing Congress Party, on
Saturday took office as
president, a largely ceremonial
post that becomes important in
times of political uncertainty.
Sharma, 74, is widely
regarded as an even-handed
leader, a quality that will be
tested by India’s testy and
fragmented political scene. The
Congress Party of Prime
Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao is
governing without a majority in
The president has the power
to appoint a prime minister if the
incumbent loses a vote of
confidence in Parliament. The
president also can dismiss state
governments and veto legislation
— although he must sign a bill if
the Parliament passes it a
second time.
Sharma took the oath of office
at the Parliament House.
Soldiers fired a 21-gun salute.
Sharma was vice president
until being elected president by
state and federal legislators this
month. He also has been a
legislator and governor of three
He studied at Harvard and
Cambridge, where he earned a
doctorate in constitutional law.
He also mastered the Hindu
scriptures in Sanskrit, which he
speaks fluently.
Like many veteran Indian
politicians, he was jailed by the
British during the independence
movement against the colonial
July 26 festivities, several
political analysts say. And a
dissident accused his
government of trying to hide
from rising popular discontent.
Cuba is suffering its worst
economic problems since the
1959 revolution, struggling to
raise hard currency to make up
for subsidies lost from its former
main trading partners in the
crumbled Soviet bloc.
Castro has been forced to
backtrack ideologically, allowing
a new constitution that
guarantees private foreign
investment and overseeing a
“dual economy” — one in pesos,
and one with better stores and
food for dollar-bearing tourists.
Back home, committed
Communists said they will miss
the annual pilgrimage to
Havana’s Plaza of the
Revolution, where as many as a
million people have gathered
each year to hear Castro’s
address on the state of Cuba.
100,000 may starve
in Sudan, U.N. says
Castro cancels
public celebrations
HAVANA (AP) — For the first
time in 33 years, Fidel Castro
has disappointed the faithful by
planning no
Final official election results
were not expected until Monday.
By 11 p.m., the Japan Broadcasting
Corp. said the Liberal Democrats
won 67 of the 119 seats for which
it had declared results. Other net
works carried similar results.
Sunday to
celebrate the
of the start of
his revolution
that ousted a
rig ht-wi ng
had little
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The
United Nations said Saturday
that more than 100,000 people
displaced by drought and war in
southern Sudan are in danger of
starving to death.
The U.N.’s Operation Lifeline
Sudan appealed for food, and
called on Sudan’s warring
parties to grant aid workers safe
passage to the 110,000 people
in need.
The 9*year-old civil war pits
the Sudan People’s Liberation
Army, which is seeking more
autonomy for the predominantly
Christian and animist south,
against forces of the traditionally
Muslim-dominated government.
The hardships suffered by
people fleeing wars have been
worsened by a drought that is
plaguing much of eastern Africa.
The U.N. statement said most
of the displaced people are
scatted in a 125-mile-long zone
between the regional capital
Juba and Yiroi, a government-
controlled town to the northwest.
Questions surround
drug lord’s escape
version, and some observers
question whether the cartel
leader was even in jail at the
Also Saturday, the army chief
said military officials and a small
number of soldiers were
detained on suspicion of helping
Escobar escape, underlying the
reach of the drug dealers
corrupting influence.
Escobar, who is accused of
directing hundreds of murders
on the way to building a fortune
in drug money, dealt a major
blow to the government with his
escape. Colombian officials have
been unable to counter the
cocaine cartels, which are
accused of shipping much of
their product to the United
In an interview published
Saturday, Roberto Escobar said
he and his brother, along with
eight other Medellin cartel
members, feared for their lives
when several hundred soldiers
surrounded their mountaintop
prison Tuesday.
Observing “very strange
movements” around the
Envigado jail, he told the
Medellin newspaper, El
Colombiano, they feared police
— possibly in the pay of the rival
Cali cocaine cartel — intended
to kill them.
The Escobars requested the
troops send in their commander,
or the priest who had negotiated
their initial surrender a year
before. But no one would meet
with them except the vice justice
minister and the prison director,.
whom they took as hostages in
hopes of securing their own
safety, Escobar said.
He refused to say how the
Escobars and their gang
members escaped, except to
confirm there were no tunnels.
In the interview, Roberto i
Escobar said that when'Pablo
Escobar called a radio station to
falsely claim they were holed up
in a tunnel, the army began
bombing the jaiL
On Saturday, Colombian
army chief Gen. Manuel Murillo
said a “sub-official and a small
number of soldiers” were
detained on suspicion of helping
Escobar escape.
Vol. 91 No. H
Bush adr
is sending Pa trie
craft carrier to t
senior Pentagon
following a war
dent that Saddc
comply with all 1
The USS John
off a five-day
Thomas and is i
ward the Meditc
the official, whe
tion of anonymi
sile battery — wi
and “dozens" c
left Germany for
They have si
people in this he
mmunity, the
euphoria that
followed the
Persian Gulf
War has
hanged to the
fustrating reali-
y that Saddam
Tussein re-
nains in power.
We didn't fin
ish the job" is a
dmmon re-
The threat of
enewed military
raq left many pec
nunity uneasy,
hat's what we ne
^an Huss, owne
That possibik
unday when Sai
nent agreed to pe
ions inspection o
ninistry suspectec
ormation on miss
)!ogical and nuc
But even with tb
U.S. officials conti
the threat of fore
official, speaking
anonymity, said
lot of soul-searc
next few weeks or
on appealed to a
eague audience ]
lim fight “broken
ican charges that
icket is too liberal
raise taxes and
n 8-
He said the Bu
using such char
creen to avoid
lealing with hot
)ther national pro!
'There's an ovc
lire that cuts aero
md political pa:
choice but to cancel the annual
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) —
The brother of fugitive drug lord
Pablo Escobar has given a
different account of their escape
from prison than the official
Murillo said caches of
weapons have been found at the
jail that apparently belonged to
the escaped prisoners.
Dave Knoop, A
Thompson, Bn
Cornelison, Adi