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Page 4 The Battalion Tuesday, June 11,1991 The Battalion Classified Ads Phone: 845-0569 / Office: English Annex Services " ^ Piano Lessons ^ Sarah Watts Pian ist-Teacher i Two years ’ Piano Faculty, Baylor University Bryan Studio, over 20years “Serious Students of all Ages” 822-6856 Read Faster Wanted improve your GPA. For reservations call 764-2665. - MUSCLE SPASM STUDY Patients needed with acute (recent) onset of muscle spasms (back pain, etc.) to participate in a consumer use research study with an FDA approved drug. Medical evaluation at no cost to patient. Eligible volunteers will be compensated. G & S STUDIES, INC. 846-5933 Professional typing, word proc essing, resume writing and editing services are available at Notes-n-Quotes call 846-2255 - COLLEGE MONEY Private Scholarships. You receive minimum of 8 sources, or your money refunded! America's Finest! Since 1981. WANTED FEMALE CYCLISTS 4 SEDENTARY FE MALES. Age-.21-25. For study to be conducted beginning In June 1991 ending November 1991. Contact: Tenia 823-8256 (5:00- 7.00 p.m.) Monday- Friday. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP LOCATORS, Box 1881, Joplin, MO For Rent 64802-1881.1 -800-879-7485 Professional Word Processing Laser printing for Resumes, Reports, Letters and Envelopes. , Typist available 7 days a week ON THE DOUBLE COTTON VILLAGE APTS Ltd. Snook, TX 1bdrm $200 2 Bdrm $248 Rental Assistance Available Call 846-8878 or 774-0773 after 5 p.m. Equal Opportunity Housing/Handicapped Accessible 113 COLLEGE MAIN 846-3755 Northgate One- 2 bedroom apartment. $200-$320. Two bedroom houses. 846-8432; 696-5800. Horseback riding lessons English/jumping, all ages $13/ A 2B/1,1/2Balh t luxury four-plex. Near A&M, W/D, shuttle each. 846-1116. bus $395, 693-0551, 764-8051. BUSINESS MAJORS EARN 12 HOURS OF CREDIT WHILE STUDYING IN ITALY SPRING SEMESTER 1992 MAKE YOUR RESERVA TIOPN NOW EARN CREDIT IN: FINC 445: Funding International Business (CR 3) ACCT 489: Special Topics in International Accounting (CR 3) BUAD 489: Issues in International Business (CR 3) ARTS 350: Art History (CR 3) MKTG 321: Intro, to Marketing (CR 3) • Program Faculty from the College of Business: Steve Salter, 845-1498, 525N Blocker, Arvind Mahajan, 845-4876, 333F Blocker, Sam Gillespie, 845-5861, 623B Blocker, Study Abroad Office, 161 W. Bizzell Hall, 845-0544 LUNCH SPECIAL 12" 1 ITEM PIZZA ONLY $3.99 May Expire w/out notice. 11:00 a.m -6:00 p.m. ONLY Fast Free befivery (Limited Area) (10 minute carry out guarantee) We Deliver From: Sunday - Wednesday 11a.m. -1:30 a.m. Thursday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 2:30 a.m. • Ranch Dressing Available Serving TAMU & Surrounding area 1702 Kyle 76-GUMBY visa Wildlife museum preserves exotic animals, researches species reproductivity Continued from page 3 the facilities at the veterinary school, Herman said. He said although they did ini tially begin the center to study reproductivity, they arenow switch ing to clinical medicine in addition to research and species preservation, under the direction of Dr. Jim Jensen, the head of the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Center. "Most of the animals were do nated because they had a form of congenital defect, " Herman said. "We research the animals and try to figure out how we can treat them, but we also have animals that we are currently studying for reproductive reasons." One particular study performed at the Wildlife Center, involved the first aritficial insimination of an addax, which is an African desert animal, Herman said. The center also has been working on a project involving Armanian Red sheep. These studies are to see if we could somehow reproductively use the Red sheep to bring back the Big Horn sheep, said Herman. Herman said the center is also conducting research on fallow deer for a private ranch in San Antonio. "The medicine we practice is dif ferent from horse and cattle medi- cinebecause of the value of animals," Herman said. "Because they are so expensive, people want them cured and will pay. That allows us to practice really good medicine." Another group of animals they are very interested in studying are the ostriches they have at the center, Herman said . "In Texas the ostrich industry is growing fast. A pair of birds runs between $15 to $25,000 and really no oneknowsanythingaboutthem. We are growing chics to figure out the best diet and we are experimenting with antibiotics and blood work to obtain valuable information for ill ness/' Herman said. But ostriches and fallow deer are not the only unusual creatures that can be found at the Wildlife center, in fact, there are a pair of llamas. Flower and Tony, an African tiger named Delilah, some emus, a feral pig and even Fred and Ginger, a pair of peacocks. But the center does not end there, the center also houses a very inter esting museum which contains head mountsofanimals from Africa, Asia, North and South America. Since the museum is mainly used for teaching purposes, Herman said the heads are mounted at the height they would normally stand in the wild. "The exhibits are all donated to the center," Herman said. "I have mixed emotions about bringing people in here because we are set up to preserve species and we do not want to promote hunting of them because there is a high market for many of the animals in here." As inviting as it may sound, the Wildlife center and museum are not open to the public for viewing. Herman said they are hoping to one day have enough staff available to be able to open the museum to the public. But, for now the animals are their main concern. For those wondering how to be come involved in studying exotic animals, there is a program avail able for those interested. "Through the vet physiology de partment we work with undergradu ates," Herman said. "If you are in terested in working with the ani mals it is best to get in the 485 pro gram. Students who work out here get good hands-on experience through feeding, handling and gen eral care of the animals, and we only make them do a little cleaning," he said. So if your are ever in the veteri nary complex, you might take a drive by the Wildlife and Exotic Center. And who knows, you just might catch a glimpse of a dancing ostrich or two. TYPING in Macintosh computer. Laser writer print-tout, done 24 hrs. or less. 696-3892. Announcements A+ VCR REPAIRS AND CLEANING. All models, local pickup and delivery. 10% discount for students. 693- B694. Defensive driving classes, ticket dismissal, Insurance discount. AAA, 909 S.W. Parkway, 693-1322. Help Wanted THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE needs carrier for several off campus routes. $450-$700 per month. Require working early morning hours. Call James 693-7815 or Julian 693-2323 for an appointment. Babysitter available. Part-time or full-time (preferably at my home) 696-2809. 3o your homework at home with a TV950 terminal and modem. Phil, 775-3776. Graduate student couple to manage 40 unit apartment complex. Apartment plus salary. Resume to: 1300 Walton Drive. College Statfon, Texas 77840. 846-9196. GOLF INSTRUCTOR. Golf instructor, familiar with Coach Ellis teaching technique, to give weekly lessons to two high school age golfers. Call Loretta 776-0400. EXCITING JOBS - CRUISE SHIPS HIRINGI info (800) 553-0341, ext. C 1724 MON -SAT. LAW ENFORCMENT JOBS. $17,542 - $86,682/yr. Po lice, Sheriff, State Patrol, Correctional Officers. For info call (1)805-962-8000 Ext. K-9531. Management trainees needed. Call 693-2539. Office workers : drivers, secretaries wanted fulltime or part-time. 693-0345. Super Cuts now hiring full or part-time stylist 696-1155. Healthy males wanted as semen donors. Help infertile couples. Confidentiality ensured. Ethnic diversity desir able. Ages 18-35, excellent compensation. Contact For Sale THIS RECENTLY REDUCED three bedroom, 11/2 bath home is only one block from A&M. Perfect for students or faculty. Priced in the upper $40's. Call Greg Galliher at RE/MAX B-CS Realty 268-7629, 823-4377. CONTACT LENSES FOR LESS! 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INC. • Individual Workout Programs To Help You Reach Your Goals • Aerobics • Free Weights • Lifecycles • Lifesteps • Liferower • Tanning •Whirlpool • Sauna • Icarian, Flex, Nautilus Machines • Pro Shop-Apparel, Supplements, Vitamins • Nutritionalysis Diet Counseling 764-8000 Join Before We Move and Take Advanage of the Old Gym Pricess! Hours: Our New Location Has M-Th 6am-12pm More Workout Area Fri 6 am-10 pm More Aerobics Area 1308 Harvey Rd. College Station (Behind Cavenders) New Address: 2408 A Texas Ave. College Station (Kroger Center) Sat 10am-8pm More Equipment Sun 12pm-8pm More of Everything! S.W. Parkway _ niH Kroger Center Location 1 New Location Harvey Rd. > George Bush ni Texas A&M CD h- University Dr. Madonna's latest project true, daring Continued from page 3 and laying her head next to the marker, expressing the desire to be buried sideways, next to her mother. In another effort to make peace with the past, she invites her father and her stepmother to her home coming show in Detroit, and, along with a cheering crowd, sings him a raucous Happy Birthday. Her brother Christopher Ciccone, a pro duction assistant and art director on her show is featured as a major part of her support network, but another brother Martin, something of a black sheep in the family, expresses the difficulty of living up to his sister's success. An awkward, hurried re union with a childhood friend only serves to underscore her isolation from everyday people, and her sta tus as an extremly busy pop icon. Most "rockumentaries" strive to reveal something of a performer's history and roots, and convey not just the flash but also the rough edges. "Truth or Dare" shows not only the technical glitches like faulty trans mitters and torrential rains, which make a smooth performance diffi cult or impossible, but also the per sonal proolems - jealousy, rivalry, loneliness, false rumors - which can disrupt a close-knit family. Conventional documentaries usually strive to address some social ill, and this film is no different. Ma donna is a long-time champion of gay rights and has selflessly donated her time, money and talent for AIDS fundraisers. Her mostly gay danc ers are shown cavorting with her, joking, posing, attending a gay rights march,and duringagameof truth or dare, kissing. In a moving group prayer before thei r last performance, a benefit performance dedicated to her late friend, artist Keith Haring, she urges everyone to do their very best so that people will come to gether to support the cause. Butisall of this the real Madonna? In a recent interview, she claimed that noone will ever know the real her, but that even the partial truth could be revealing. Warren Beatty comments at one point, "Turn the camera off? She doesn't want to live off-camera, much less talk." True? Maybe. Daring? Definitely.