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“I’m sorry, boys. Timmy can’t play string quartets tottef. He needs to stay lioine and practice Ins (xu vePan... Mail Call The Battalion is interested in hearing from its readers and welcomes all letters to the editor. Please include name, classification, address and phone number on all letters. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for style and length. Because of limited space, shorter letters have a better chance of appearing. There is, however, no guarantee letters will appear. Letters may be brought to 216 Reed McDonald or sent to Campus Mail Stop 1111. Join together, show Aggie pride EDITOR: I am a second generation Aggie who is graduating in May. After our Senior Induction Banquet, several of us had a heated debate about the spirit and reputation this school strives to maintain. But as my four years have passed, I am sorry to say that the spirit of tradition at this school has diminished some what. What happened to the "whoops" that used to echo in Sbisa when a cup was dropped? Why do I see people wear ing hats in the MSC and not being told to remove them? Isn't the MSC a memorial? Are people afraid to remind a hat wearer of this fact? Why do people not say "howdy" when I say it to them? (Very few do, try it with 10 people yourself.) These are just a few examples of traditions that "old Ags" set for us to maintain and pass on. It makes me won der what it will be like for my third generation child. Will she/he know what "good bull" is? Come on Ags, join together and show your pride. Pass on the traditions that were passed on to you. It only takes four years for a tradition to fade. Don't let the spirit be lost! Todd Howard '91 P.S. I am a non-reg. MSC plans variety of speakers EDITOR: How dare the College Republicans overly politicize Ce sar Chavez's appearance on campus. I see the motivation behind this program as strictly educational, not political. I'm sure that MSC, CAMAC, Great Issues and Political Forum recognize the impact Chavez has had on America as a person, not as a political entity. Further, I hardly understand Scott Kibbe's idea con cerning the "MSC's commitment to bring in speakers of va rying political backgrounds." From my understanding, the MSC programs according to the ideas suggested by the student organizations. If the College Republicans want to bring a certain speaker, then they should go through the proper channels and work just as hard as these committees did. The MSC already programs diversely; just learn how to use it. I'm excited about Cesar Chavez's speech. For me, he is an important part of my Mexican-American culture. In stead of wanting to sit outside Rudder Auditorium at a ta ble, the College Republicans should come in and diversify their educational experience. Gloria Rodriguez '90 Don't try to run others' lives EDITOR: We, too, are getting tired of reading the same letters in The Battalion over and over. Again and again, the Bible is used as justification for discrimination. Consistently quoted is Leviticus 18:22 or a similar pas sage forbiding homosexuality. Well, the Bible also ex pressly forbids eating pork (Deuteronomy 14:8; Leviticus 11:7) and shellfish (Deuteronomy 14:9; Leviticus 11:9-12), as well as listing rules for the observation of Sabbath (Deu teronomy 5:12; Leviticus 23:3) which, incidentally, is on Saturday. How many of you Bible-thumpers out there fol low these rules? We do believe in the Bible, but we don't believe in im posing our beliefs on others. What goes on between con senting adults is between them and their God. The concept of the separation of church and state is a good one, and one all good Americans should uphold. One need only look at most of the Arab countries to see what happens when the two become one. Besides, Texas A&M is a state school, so like it or not, all Aggies should be treated as equals, whether or not they uphold the same Biblical ideals as you. If you regard something as morally wrong, then don't do it! But don't try to run the lives of others on the basis of your religious beliefs, lest you find the same thing being done to you. Sharon A. Ivker first year vet student accompanied by three signatures Stormin' Norman as chancellor? EDITOR: Stormin' Norman as Texas A&M chancellor? What a coup! To seal the deal, there should be no hesitation to re name a major thoroughfare. Perhaps change Wellborn Road to Schwarzkopf Avenue. Then when LoTrak goes in — over the objections and good sense of almost everybody — we can name it Schwarzkopf's Trench or Schwarzkopf's Fox Hole or some other appropriate military moniker. In one fell swoop, we also could change the name of the University to something more appropriate like Texas B&G University (Buttkiss & Grovel). Dan Quayle Drive and Jesse Helms Boulevard would soon follow. We will have arrived. World class at last! David R. Baca A&M employee Tips for pest control Battle bugs without dangerous pesticides Gn cor AUSTIN doctors an< M JL r JLaybe Earth Day is at the wrong time of year. Even if we all are reminded to keep recycling and are inspired to use less water, let's face it: April is the beginning of the bug season, and it's awfully hard to bypass a can of Raid in the face of the spring influx of bees, roaches and other pests. There are a few things you can do to battle bugs without using dangerous pesticides. I collected a few suggestions that you might find helpful. □ It's beginning to be a well-known fact that Avon Skin-Sd-Soft repels mosquitoes, fleas and other biting insects, and you can even use it on your pets. Skin-So-Soft is rather expensive and you have to order it, however, and plain old baby oil will do the trick just as well. □ Pests usually come into the house for food or water, so keep food put fa ^ Fleas also can be destroyed simply by spraying a soap and water mixture on your lawn, m m away carefully, don't leave water sitting in dishes in the sink and have leaky faucets or dripping pipes repaired. □ Bugs are more likely to fly into sunny, open windows and doors. As the sun moves during the day, close the windows and doors it hits and open the ones left in the shade. □ One rather amazing pest control product is diatomaceous earth (D.E.), a mixture of finely ground fossil materials which abrades the outer covering on insects and works wonders getting rid of fleas. You can sprinkle it in spots where fleas are concentrated in your yard or add a tablespoon or two to a gallon of water and spray it on your yard. The water helps it stick to the grass, and the moisture keeps you from inhaling it. D.E. also can be used in your house on rugs and carpet and under couches to get rid of fleas. It also can be added to pet food (at about 1 percent of feed weight). It travels through the animals' digestive tract safely but destroys fly eggs that are laid in pet feces. □ Fleas also can be destroyed simply by spraying a soap and water mixture on your lawn. Eucalyptus soap is a mild flea repellant and pet shampoos containing D-Limonene and linalool are especially effective. D-Limonene and linalool are citrus industry by products which, used in combination, kill adult fleas, larva and eggs. These products are safe to use on your pets □ The most effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes and flies is todestm their breeding grounds. Eliminate all unnecessary standing water in which mosquitoes can breed If it's not possible to get rid of all standing water, sprinkle a fewdropsel biodegradable vegetable oil ontopoiil — it suffocates the larva. If you'vegoti decorative pond, stock it with goldfisl, guppies or other mosquito-eating fisli Keep all trash cans sealed up and wrap organic material up in newspapei to keep flies from laying eggs in trasli, Make sure to rinse out bottles and ans you're going to recycle — flies will lay eggs in them, and your recycling efforts might backfire. □ Use traps to catch mice and rats, Not only is poison not environmental) safe, the mice might not actually leave your house to die. Rotting mice attract flies and smell bad and are nasty in general. Disposing of mice caughtwilli traps might be unpleasant, but at least if they die in the trap you know where to find them. □ Use a fly swatter to get rid of fc If necessary, a well-aimed spray bottle of rubbing alcohol will dehydrate and destroy them. □ If possible, let your bees, wasps and spiders live. Bees are necessaryfot pollination and honey production, ail wasps and spiders eat other annoying pests. Try a few of these methods this summer, or check a bookstore, libran or natural food store for morewaysto control pests safely. Poisons mightbe an effective way to kill pesky bugs, bui it's also an effective way to kill our environment and ourselves. experts are on Eagle P, in which 1 compensat injured on lenged. The busi compensat approved l 1989 and Bill Clemei special legi Last yea] challenged lower disat injured wc ployees' ac criminate . reducing farm workt A Mavc agreed tha the bill prc tutional, ai porary cou Jury for k FORT Y\ have reco penalty fo convicted i bookkeepe ton bar. But dou Herman's lead the jt conviction alty. The jur that Herm ing 21-ye£ during a i T I] Ellen Hobbs is a senior journalism major. e IBM PS/2® Memory Processor 3 5-inch diskettt P'xed disk drive Micro Channel architecture Display Mouse Software .Price Whethe create g IBM Pe your bu has evei sottwan payiner Gi The Battalion (USPS 045 360) Member of Texas Press Association Southwest Journalism Conference The Battalion Editorial Board Lisa Ann Robertson, Editor —845-2647 Kathy Cox, Managing Editor— 845-2647 Jennifer Jeffus, Opinion Page Editor — 845-3314 Chris Vaughn, City Editor —845-3316 Keith Sartin, Richard Tijerina, News Editors — 845-2665 Alan Lehmann, Sports Editor — 845-2688 Fredrick D. Joe, Art Director — 845-3312 Kristin North, Life Style Editor — 845-3313 Editorial Policy The Battalion is a non-profit, self-sup porting newspaper operated as a community service to Texas A&M and Bryan-College Station. Opinions expressed in The Battalion are those of the editorial board or the author, and do not necessarily represent the opin ions of Texas A&M administrators, faculty or the Board of Regents. The Battalion is published daily, except Saturday, Sunday, holidays, exam periods, and when school is not in session during fall and spring semesters; publication is Tuesday through Friday during the summer session. Mail subscriptions are $20 per semester, $40 per school year and $50 per full year: 845-2611. Advertising rates furnished on re quest: 845-2696. Our address: The Battalion, 216 Reed Mc Donald, Texas A&M University, College Sta tion, TX 77843-1 111. Second class postage paid at College Sta tion. TX 77843. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Battalion, 216 Reed McDonald, Texas A&M University, College Station TX 77843- 4111. the itch by Nrt H£y,WAITER/ IS .THIS AiyottTWU'i 'fiAV£AI?r -you SEtlVCP Mt'ITIE' fits 5 you