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Page 6/The Battalion/Friday, January 22,1988
Parts of Texas
report increase
of illegal aliens
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AMARILLO, (AP) — Authorities
this week seized 74 illegal aliens in
four days, marking an increased
level of activity in the South Plains
and Panhandle area of Texas, immi
gration authorities said Thursday.
Four busts — three outside Am
arillo and one near Dickens, about
60 miles east of Lubbock — netted
the aliens, all of whom were bound
for Florida and jobs picking toma
toes and fruit, authorities said.
“We’ve been up to our eyes this
week,” said Border Patrol agent
Gene Dickson, an anti-smuggling
agent from Marfa.
In the latest arrests, charges were
to be filed Friday against two aliens
arrested Wednesday night on Inter
state 40 near Vega driving 13 other
aliens from Baja California and Oax
aca, Mexico, Dickson said. The
group had traveled from Madero,
Calif., he said.
Dickson said Thursday that au
thorities suspect that at least two of
the suspects arrested in the busts are
part of the same smuggling ring.
Reyes Hernandez-Pineda was
charged with six felony counts of
transporting illegal aliens after a van
carrying 19 aliens from Guerrero,
Mexico, was stopped on 1-40 for
weaving and being overloaded, the
Border Patrol said.
The following day, agents ar
rested Hernandez-Pineda’s brother,
Raul Hernandez-Pineda, driving a
van with 14 aliens, also from Guer
rero, aboard. One of the 14, Enrique
Villa-Torres, was charged along with
the driver with transporting aliens.
Agents in Lubbock Wednesday
charged Marcelo Solis Romo of Du
rango, Mexico, with transporting il
legal aliens after a van driven by him
crammed with 23 aliens was seized,
officials said.
The van’s occupants, including a
15- and 16-year-old, were from Du
rango and had crossed the border at
El Paso, Border Patrol Capt. Don
Vaughn said.
The group was headed for Flor
ida and had arranged to pay $400 to
$500 each for transport, Vaughn
Border Patrol agents said the
number of aliens apprehended was
unusual but that the Panhandle and
South Plains area had long been a
heavily traveled area for alien smug
“We have a lot of aliens that tra
verse this area from El Paso and west
because the large numbers that seek
employment in the Southeast,”
Vaughn said.
Self-defense plea
leads to acquittal
in TDC stabbing
ANGLETON (AP) — A black in
mate who admitted killing a fellow
prisoner but said he did it to save his
own life has been acquitted of mur
Jurors deliberated less than two
hours before deciding Wednesday
night that Wilbur Jones, 27, was not
guilty of murdering Richard Hord.
The 29-year-old inmate was stabbed
to death Aug. 8, 1984 at the Texas
Department of Corrections Ramsey
I Link in Brazoria County.
“I was paranoid, angry and fright
ened. I was frightened enough to kill
him,” said Jones, who is serving a life
sentence for a Jefferson County ag
gravated robbery.
Jones said the fatal stabbing was a
case of self-defense, but prosecutors
had argued Hord was stabbed while
asleep in his bunk and presented no
threat to Jones.
Hord, who was serving 10 years
for robberies and check forgeries in
Johnson, Hood and Tarrant coun
ties, was a member of the Aryan
Brotherhood, a white supremacist
gang whose alleged activities include
contract murders, male prostitution
and racketeering.
Jones said he believed Hord was
contracted to kill a black inmate that
“I felt I had no choice but to strike
at Richard Hord and render him
completely harmless,” Jones said.
“Once I touched him, there was no
turning back because he was (AB)
Aryan Brotherhood.
“Whatever it was that I reacted to,
I realize now that by my actions I
perhaps saved my own life.”
When Hord approached the area
of the prison dormitory where the
black inmates slept, Jones said he
kicked him and then chased Hord to
the white section, where guards later
found his body.
The defendant also testified he
had previously angered the Aryan
Brotherhood because he had re
jected some members’ advances to
recruit him as a male prostitute.
Prosecutor Tom Watson asked
Jones why he did not report his
problems to prison officials, but
Jones replied that doing so would
have assured his death.
“You just didn’t go out there and
say, ‘I need to talk to the warden or a
supervisor because I’ve been threat
ened,’ ’’Jones said. “You wouldn’t
live long like that.”
Inmates who testified Wednesday
described a prison caught in racial
violence the night Hord was killed.
Several other inmates were stabbed
in a series of retaliatory measures by
both black and white convicts.
Highway fraud victims
may receive $280,000
HOUSTON (AP) — A proposed
settlement of a lawsuit filed by mo
torists who claimed they were victim
ized in a highway robbery plot or
chestrated by a former sheriff would
provide $1,500 to each plaintiff.
San Jacinto County would pay up
to $280,000 to settle the class action
lawsuit filed in 1982, according to a
proposal released Wednesday.
If the proposal is approved, the
county will compensate people
whose civil rights were violated by
former Sheriff James C.. “Humpy”
Parker or his cohorts in a trap set for
motorists on U.S. 59 in San Jacinto
U.S. District Judge Norman Black
set a March 25 hearing to determine
whether to approve the proposal.
The 1982 suit was filed on behalf
of people who were the victims of
sheriffs deputies, bondsmen or
wrecker drivers in the highway trap.
Parker and his deputies, the suit
alleged, operated a lucrative “mari
juana trap” to stop motorists without
legal cause, steal drugs, weapons and
other belongings, jail the motorists
and charge them an average of $400
for their release.
Parker was convicted in 1983 of
using water torture to violate prison
ers’ civil rights and is serving" a 10-
year term in a federal prison. In
1984, he pleaded guilty to depriving
motorists of their civil rights and was
given a five-year sentence.Prosecu
tors claimed Parker reaped at least
$50,000 in bond fees and perhaps an
additional $50,000 in court fines he
According to the proposed set
tlement, San Jacinto County will pay
$40,000 per year for up to seven
years or until each member of the
class has received $1,500, whichever
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comes first. Class action plaintiffs
ate all those arrested between Au
gust 1977 and August 1982 on U.S.
59 in San Jacinto County who were
victims of the alleged plot. It is not
certain how many people are enti
tled to receive money in the case.
In addition, the county will try to
expunge the arrest or conviction re
cords of the plaintiffs and not en
gage in “any scheme to illegally de
tain, arrest, incarcerate, deny
counsel, extract illegal fines or deny
right of trial to motorists traveling
on U.S. 59 in San Jacinto County.”
Jury convicts
baby sitter
of killing girl
FORT WORTH (AP) — Jurors
convicted a baby sitter of killing a 2-
year-old girl 4 hursday and sen
tenced her to 70 years in prison.
Sheila Arthur, 46, pleaded inno
cent by reason of insanity, and her
attorney, Charles Baldwin, said Ar
thur was having a seizure when the
child was injured.
But authorities said Anna Smith
suffered at least six blows to the
head while in Arthur’s care Aug. 22,
1986, and died two days later at a
Fort Worth hospital.
The jury heard final arguments in
the four-day trial Thursday and be
gan deliberating about 11 a.m., said
court bailiff Yvette Johnson. They
handed up the conviction at about
January 22,198?
418 College Main