The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, December 10, 1987, Image 20

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F inals are finally over. You drop your books on the floor, heave a sigh of relief, get in your car and head for... work? Yes, work. More and more college students are working their way through school, and just because classes end it doesn’t mean work does too. Many students who hold jobs will stay in College Station over the holidays. Don’t despair. Just because you have to stay in town for the holidays doesn’t mean you have been assigned a four- week tour of hell. Actually, there are some advantages to staying in College Station over the holidays; you just haven’t thought of them yet. That’s why you are reading this aricle. First of all, you have to change your way of thinking. So what if you have to stay here when every other person you know is going home. That’s really not such a bad thing. Now no one will call you and want to chat just when you are sitting down to your favorite television program. No one will borrow your favorite sweater without telling you. And the drive-thru line at McDonalds and Burger King won’t be long at all. See? You’re probably feeling better already. The important thing is to keep busy. If you spend your spare time moping on your couch, all you will accomplish is added pounds and an extreme case of homesickness, neither of which is at all beneficial. You don’t have classes to attend, and you probably aren’t working a full day, so you have lot§ of spare time to fill. Let’s get started. Y JL ou studied day and night for your finals. In order to keep awake, you filled your body with all sorts of fattening food. Pizza, twinkies, cookies your mom sent, candy bars, etc. Those calorie-laden foods have now turned into a new layer of fat. Now is the perfect time to work out in the gym. Everybody’s gone, so there won’t be long lines at the machines. You will also get a head start on that shapely spring break body, and there won’t be anyone at the gym to make you feel self-conciousness about that extra inch on your thighs. Senior economics major IviarR Lang said he is taking this approach. “I will probably rent and go to a lot of movies, ” he said. “But I am going to spend a lot of time lifting weights. ” Speaking of movies, the holiday break is a great time to catch up on those movies you were too busy to see during the semester. A lot of the early fall hits are coming back as $1 movies, so head for the theater. If you are too self- conciousness to go to a movie by yourself, then renting is for you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to rent all the gory horror movies a mess einci really need cleaning. ” Although the prospect of cleaning your room could be frightening, Christmas break is a time to make all those improvements you’ve been wanting to get to. First, empty all your drawers onto the floor, and put everything back one article at a time. You will end up with your clothes nicely arranged and you will probably find socks you thought were gone forever. The same goes with your desk. You’ve been afraid to open those drawers for months, but gather your courage and face the junk monster. Tackle those papers that have accumulated over the semester. around, but no one in your house could stand them. Now’s your chance, if you have enough nerve to watch them by yourself. You may not want to watch movies until evening, and you have lots of afternoon or morning hours you don’t know what to do with. Don’t worry, we can find plenty of things to fill that time. Look around you. Although your apartment, house or other dwelling may be neat, is it really clean? Christmas break is a great time to do your between-semester cleaning. “I am going to clean up my room and my desk, ” Amy Peebles, a junior parks and recreation major, said. “They’re They are just waiting for the trash can. You have to be ruthless. You don’t need the syllabus from your first semester English class. Besides, neglected drawers have a way of accumulating lost-but-important articles. You might find your fall fee slip which will enable you to pick up your student directory. You might find the jacket you swore your old roommate ran off with. You might find a map leading to buried treasure. You never know. While you are improving the looks of your apartment, why not improve the looks of your transportation? Your car or truck probably didn’t get a lot of attention during finals week,