The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 19, 1987, Image 16

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4 prp I .lie I' Leiveips "Saturday" The Reivers DB/Capitol Records ***y 2 Since 1985, when the Austin band Zeitgeist released “Translate Slowly,” a few things have changed for band members John Croslin, Kim Longacre, Cindy Toth and Garrett Williams. First, the band had to change its name since another group had the Zeitgeist title first. The four Austin musicians decided to call themselves The Reivers. Second and more important, “Translate Slowly” gained some national attention for the group. It was enough to convince Capitol Records to help in the distribution of the band’s latest album, “Saturday.” One thing that has not changed, however, is the music. The band is still playing music that features guitars and the vocals of lead singers Croslin and Longacre. The two have fine voices that compliment each other well. Croslin and Longacre also play guitar. Toth plays bass and adds some vocals. Williams is the drummer and Croslin writes most of the songs. The lyrics are poetic and blend well with the Go Ahead, Ignore Your Teeth. ...They'll Go Away. Sure, you mean to brush. After every meal. Only sometimes there’s not enough time. OK, a lot of the time there’s not enough time. At CarePlus, we understand. And we can help. We’ll examine and clean your teeth for only $29 cash — including x-rays. That’s a $44 value. We’ll even accept your dental insurance up front, at our regular prices. And if you do need any additional work, students, faculty, and staff of Texas A&M get a 10% discount! So quit worrying about your teeth. And smile! CarePlus^* MEDICAL & DENTAL CENTER Southwest Pkwy at Texas Avenue 696-0683 696-9578 MEDICAL DENTAL music, but their meaning is not always clear. The usual topic seems to be romantic relationships that are ending or beginning. The best songs on the album are “Electra,” “Secratariat” and “Wait for Time. ” The only bad song is “Karate Party, ” which is also the the album’s only instrumental. It appears that The Reivers added this song in an attempt to be funny. It is a failed attempt. Another problem with the record is the lack of diversity. The musical styles for most of the songs are too similar and consequently the album becomes less interesting toward the end of side two. On the positive side, the production on “Saturday” is better than on “Translate Slowly. ” The sound is sharper and clearer. This is a good album provided the listener does not play side two immediately after side one. -Review by Tom Reinarts "The Running Man" Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchito Alonso and Richard Dawson. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser Rated R ***y 2 Any time a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is released one can always expect one thing: lots of action. “The Running Man” does not change that trend. There is as much fighting and killing in this film as in any Schwarzenegger movie. Benjamin Edwards, the character the former Mr. Universe portrays, is not much different from his characters in “Raw Deal” or “Commando.” As the usual one man army hero figure, Schwarzennegger again plays the quiet hero who likes to say something witty before killing evil people. The story takes place in the year 2019. After a worldwide, economic collapse, the government is taken over by THE, GRAPEVINE 201 Live Oak College Station, TX 77840 696-3411 ALAN’S CATERING S COUNTRY DELI DINNERS . RECEPTIONS . SOCIALS PICNICS . BAR-B-QUE & ETC. Kegs Available Complete Country Menu for In House Dining Hwy. 30 E Free Area Delivery GEORGE ALAN MINOR - Owner 776-8006 oppressive forces who have outlawed most forms of creative expression. To keep the public’s mind off rebellion the government has flooded the television air waves with sadistic game shows. “The Running Man” is the most popular show and is hosted by Damon Killian, played by Richard Dawson. On each show, criminals are forced to run through various mazes and obstacles while trying to avoid the “stalkers, ” colorful brutes whose job it is to track down the “runners” and kill them. The story, derived from a novel by Richard Benjamin, is very interesting. The futuristic portrayal of television game shows is both humorous and creative. Dawson is nearly perfect as the sadistic game show host whose only interest in life is higher ratings. Various colorful characters are used throughout the film to add humor and excitement. Appearances are made by Dweezil Zappa, Mic Fleetwood, Jim Brown and Jesse Ventura. “The Running Man” is a very good action film that is well paced. It may not appeal to the intellect much with one liners dominating the dialogue, but it is entertaining. -Review by Tom Reinarts ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★* {free pregnancy tests* { Confidential Counseling* J Good Samaritan ^ ¥ Pregnancy Services * J has moved to 505 univer- * 5 sity dr., (behind interurban * * restaurant). * ■k * *Call for appointment * * 846-2909 t