The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 19, 1987, Image 12

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The Bryan Rotary Club presents the Texas A&M University SYMPHONIC BAND IN CONCERT Thursday, , 1987 8:00 Rudder Auditorium TAMU Campus ALL STUDENTS $3.00 ADULTS $5.00 TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM ROTARY CLUB MEMBERS AND AT RUDDER BOX OFFICE Page 12/The Battalion/Thursday, November 19, 1987 (Continued from page 1) sertion. “I’m uncertain what a mar riage certificate does to insure safe sex,” he said. “AIDS education is about saving lives,” he said, “which is of greater importance than your moral point of view.” Without that education, sex ually active teenagers are put at risk, he said. Levi encouraged the use of con doms as an important part of, but not complete, protection against in fection with the AIDS virus. “We want to teach everybody to take responsibility for their own lives and to protect themselves,” he said. “When people come into the pub lic schools and tell them that sex can be safe with condoms when teen agers engage in sex with each other, they are telling something that just isn’t true,” she said. Shelp, however, refuted the idea that sex education leads to and en courages promiscuity. But Schlafly said it is “unhealthy” to teach children that sex with con doms is all right, because it promotes teenage sexual activity and preg nancy. “There’s a motion in some circles that teaching sex is promoting sex,” he said. “But it’s teaching how to protect their (students’) health. We make a point of telling them the risks, not to promote sex, but to in form them of the facts.” Yet according to constitutional rights, Schlafly said, giving that in formation in public schools is mor ally wrong. “It’s simply unacceptable,” she said. “You can’t legitimize promiscu ity. It’s a violation of the Fin Amendment constitutional ri[ for those of us who believe thatpit marital sex is wrong. Our childrt: have the right to be in a publi school classroom and be free frot having some authority figure lei them that premarital sex is OK.” Among other topics discusstJ Shelp said that AIDS presents ab moral challenge. “AIDS, misinformation about tin AIDS virus and fear and prejuditi toward people with AIDS are beiti manipulated to advance the ageni of the political and religious right' he said. “The challenge to us all implicit this observation is whether we willh misled by the exploitations of tht ideological right or whether we meet the challenge of AIDS bydoir.| what is morally right,” he said. Terrorism (Continued from page I) gime that oppresses the opposition by force. For example, most of Gadhafi’s involvement in terrorism is in Libya and also abroad against his opposi tion. They use terrorism also against their neighbors. For example, Syria used to support terrorist groups in Jordan. To keep Jordan, for exam ple, from changing its attitude to ward Israel... Liberation Organization. But still Gadhafi supports terrorist groups in Italy like the famous Red Brigade, because Italy opposes his ambition in Northern Africa, in Tunisia and in Chad. By using terrorism all over the world they found it is a beneficial way to achieve what they want — un til recently when the U.S. decided to in your asumption that.. . destabi zation in the Middle East isg the Soviets. As long as there is coo flict in the Middle East there good opportunity for the Sovin Basically all the Soviet Union hast offer in the world is military They have little to offer in econona or social aid. The Middle East, by the way They kiss one day and the next you embrace someone with your left hand and with your right you’re stabbing them with a knife. That’s part of this society .. . They found out they can gain po litical achievments by spreading ter rorism to other countries in the Western world. 'They kiss one day and the next you embrace someont with your left hand and with your right you ’re stabbing them with a knife. That’s part of this society...” — Shmuel Ben-Shmuel, consul of the Israeli Consulate in Houston They have done it for several rea sons, mainly for their own interests and to achieve political goals. For ex ample, Libya has supported in the past and still supports terrorist groups in France and Italy, though both France and Italy are not big supporters of Israel. So why did Gadhafi do it? Because France sup ports forces in Chad, which is south of Libya, in order to deter Gadhafi from taking over that state, which he has tried in the past. So in retaliation he put pressure on France by supporting terrorists. The same with Italy. Italy is a staunch appeaser of the Palestine change its attitude toward terrorism and rather than appeasing these countries it is willing to use force against them . . . Q: Are Israel and some of the other countries in the area worried that with Iran’s strategic position with a border with the Soviet Union, it could become so destabilized that it could be an avenue for the Soviet Union to move into the Middle East? A: Israel, in a way, is a very unique country in the Middle East. It’s a democratic country and the most stable and the most Westernized so ciety in the region. But you are right one of the most important are from the Soviet perspective. First! all, it’s very close to the Soviet boi der. Iran and Turkey haveabordf with the Soviets and the other of the Middle East are not far the Soviet Union. So I would say that in general, political settlement with peace oral political settlement in the Midi East between Israel and its bors ... is good for the Wester world and it’s beneficial for United States, while destabilizatid and conflict in the Middle East favor of the Soviets. 0) .H N ■-« d ' oi2 oT a> o ! NAVIDAD DE SANTA FE POSTER ART SALE 49. 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