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Wednesday, November 18, 1987AThe Battalion/Page 3 ,nd ice Mail Call Delusions of power iat EDITOR: After reading Mr. Schwarz’s letter, I found that I detest some men even more. I transferred in to A&M last year and have always been a spirited person. I go cut and take down my own trees and carry them out with the guys. It’s true that some women would rather watch, but I’m not one of them. As for being helpful, I probably do more than most freshmen. It makes me sick when people say bonfire is a tradition. If that’s true, all students, even women, should be allowed to work on it. Why should a freshman who can barely swing an ax get inside perimeter? I can probably swing an ax better than a lot of them. As for half-day workers, I’m one of them and I’m proud of it. I get up early and I work hard until lunch time. Excuse me if I’m not as “muscular” as you, but you’re supposed to be He-man and women are, in your eyes, suppose to be in the kitchen, so quit complaining. For every tree we “help” cut down, that’s one less you have to tire yourself out on. Besides, if women weren’t out there helping, whether riding in a truck or working cookie crews, who would feed the male chauvinists who think they run the world? Obviously no one’s informed you that women have been running things for a long time; we just let you pretend so you won’t pout. Lisel Lochridge ’89 You are of no use... EDITOR: After reading Mr. Schwarz’s letter in the Nov. 11 Battalion, I felt I had to respond. I am not the type of female who runs around supporting women’s rights or fight about who opens the door for whom. I personally am happy with having my boyfriend open the door for me and pay for my dinner, etc. I have never set foot anywhere near the bonfire until the night it goes up in flames; I personally would prefer to be on the cookie crew. But there are women out there who want to show their Aggie spirit and help with cut and stack, and personally, Mr. Schwarz, I don’t see what you’re complaining about. When the women’s dorms go out and “spend all day cutting down one tree,” that’s one less tree you have to cut down. And the photographers who were harassed were trying to do their job. Maybe next year they should leave the bonfire out of The Aggieland and replace it with something like this: “We are sorry if there is any inconvenience, but the female photographers couldn’t get close enough to take decent pictures.” You close by saying, “Women are not wanted in the perimeter; you are of no use to us there.” I hope that when you get married, your wife buys a vibrator and tells you, “You are of no use to me in the bedroom anymore.” That is one less thing you will have to do. Michelle Herren ’90 A woman's place isn't perimeter EDITOR: In the Nov. 9 issue of The Battalion, Jane Landry wrote an interesting letter. Too bad that she’s living in a dream world or a Utopia if you will. In her letter she said, “. .. you can yell anything you damn well please, because that is not going to stop women from entering the perimeter. ..” Well, maybe if that doesn’t, a well-placed backhand would. Get a clue, woman! Why is it necessary that women always have to cause trouble. Women are supposed to be the sweet, cute people; their place should not be the perimeter, where they might injure themselves. Women are willing to accept equal rights with men in some cases, but when it comes to more important subjects, the woman jumps behind her gender, insisting they can’t handle the pressure. If you want to play with the boys, you got to play with their rules. If you can’t play by the rules, then don’t play the game. Steve Carrera ’91 The W-TEAM strikes again EDITOR: Justice has been served! Those thousands of Aggie women who were so cruelly denied involvement with bonfire may finally watch it burn and not hate their Aggie fathers, brothers and boyfriends. This is all a result of action taken by a small group of freedom fighters. Most people know this group as NOW; its real name is the W-TEAM! The W-TEAM was seen in action Wednesday afternoon “swamping” logs at the bonfire site with male bonfire workers. As the W-TEAM began working at the bonfire site, one of the chauvinist males tried to question the leader, Ms. Honeyball, about her lack of headgear (hard hat). As a true crusader, she scowled and said, “We don’t need no head ’tection cuz we’re tuff!” Just as Ms. Honeyball finished, another member of the W-TEAM, Ms. Bea A. grabbed the pig male who spoke and easily threw him 50 feet, well beyond the edge of the perimeter. Being fully integrated, the W-TEAM has both male and female members. The male member, Mr. Milk Toast, after seeing a possible conflict beginning to arise, suggested the W-TEAM make a clean getaway. Ms. Bea A. exclaims, “The W-TEAM doesn’t run, fool!” With that, the W-TEAM proceeded to rough up the pig males a little bit. After a quick fight, the males succumbed to the wrath of the freedom fighters. After seeing their victory, Ms. Bea A. was heard saying, “Ya better straighten up by tomorrow or we’re gonna come back and cream the whole operation, sucker!” Bryan Jones ’87 Bonfire is for all Ags EDITOR: Well, at the time of this writing it is 11 days until Aggie bonfire burns. This means there will probably be 11 controversial letters in The Battalion about bonfire between now and then. This is a non-controversial letter designed to balance out the others. So much has been made out of the discrimination issue that some of the meaning of bonfire has been lost. Bonfire is not for the football players, it is not for the Corps, it is not for Puryear, Moses, Moore, or Crocker. It is not just for the girls, and it is not just for the guys. Instead, bonfire is for Aggies! I think a lot of us have forgotten this, and a lot of others just have never known. So the rest of this letter is to remind us what it is all about! BONFIRE What is the “Bonfire” they have asked again and again of me. It is something to define, it is something you must see. It is working together and giving of time, it is blood, it is sweat, it is tears. It is part of tradition, a spirit untold, that will strengthen us down through the years. It is pressure and pride — a friend by your side, to hand you an ax or a saw. It is backache and pain that seems to remain, it is blisters that always stay raw. It is denying yourself and the ones that you love, it is working when muscles say “NO!” There’s a job to be done and you are the one, whose job it is to say “GO!” But no more than all this, it’s a hug and a kiss, when the fire fills the night sky with light. The crowd starts to sing and the “war hymn” does ring, you regale in the pride of done right. When you step back and look at the commitment it took, you feel proud to have met the demands. The building of strength and the strongest link, of the “SPIRIT OF AGGIELAND.” BUILD THE HELL OUTTA BONFIRE! The 1987 Yellowpots Letters to the editor should not exceed 300 words in length. The editorial staff reserves the 'right to edit letters for style and length, but will make every effort to maintain the author's intent. Each letter must be signed and must include the classification, address and telephone number of the writer. 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