The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 22, 1987, Image 14

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Starring Sally Field, Michael
Cain and Steve Guttenberg
Directed by Jerry Belson
Rated PG
**y 2
“Surrender” is a light
romantic comedy with a story
line that presents nothing
incredibly new or different
Even so, this could have been
an above average movie if
Sally Field and Michael Cain
had created characters that
were more than two
dimensonal, but they did not
As is, this movie is nothing
more than a mildly entertaining
Cain plays Sean Stein, a
famous writer who has been
involved in two divorces and
has thus grown extremely
paranoid of all women.
Sally Field portrays Daisy
Morgan, an unsuccessful
painter who has been through
several bad relationships. Her
current boyfriend, Marty,
played by Steve Guttenberg, is
an egotistical and selfish
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person. Daisy is dating him
mainly because he is rich.
Daisy and Sean meet at a
party and Sean is instantly
infatuated. Because of his
paranoia, however, he tells
Daisy that he is an out-of-work
writer. Daisy is not bothered by
his apparent lack of wealth and
the two fall in love.
Marty is around to make
things difficult for the two as the
movie ponders the importance
of money in a relationship.
Field and Cam do nothing
new with their characters, the
plot is predictable and there are
no new insights presented. The
story drags considerably before
the movie is half over.
Field and Cain are so
comfortable on screen,
however, that they do make
the movie somewhat
entertaining. The humor works
at times and Peter Boyle is
funny as Sean’s lawyer and
friend. Yet it is so hard to get
involved in the plot and to
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develop any sort of empathy
with the characters that the film
is generally uninteresting.
-Reviewed by Tom Reinarts
'"That Total Age"
Nitzer Ebb
Geffen Records
The American record
industry for years has
recognized the quality and
commercial potential of British
and Australian bands, but has
been largely ignorant of what is
going on in West Germany.
The music scene there is
currently producing some great
groups and several exciting
albums, most of which
unfortunately will not be
released on this side of the
Atlantic Ocean.
“That Total Age” by Nitzer
Ebb, a West German group,
managed to get a domestic
release, thanks to Geffen
Records, and it is a fine album.
201 Live Oak College Station, TX 77840
The songs on the record are
best described as industrially
synthesized dance music.
The resulting sound is
incredibly original and diverse,
and should appeal equally well
to fans of heavy metal, hard
rock and synthesizer pop. The
only problem with the album is
the fact that the lyrics are done
in English rather than the
band’s native language. This
makes the lyrics awkward at
Fortunately, the lyrics on the
album are used more for
musical effect than actual
meaning. But the musical style
seems to have been developed
around the German
experience, in which the
language plays a vital role.
The use of English is an
attempt to make the music
more appealing to American
record-buyers, and it probably
will, but the music would have
been much better had the lyrics
been done in German.
The best song on the album
is “Fitness to Purpose. ” It is a
fantastic dance number with
the intensity and energy
charactistic of the punk
movement. “Alarm” is another
good dance song which uses
synthesizer work reminiscent of
that used by the band Torch
“Warsaw Ghetto” and “Let
Your Body Learn” sound like
Depeche Mode with industrial
influences. “Violent
Playground” and “Join in the
Chant” are a little more
experimental than the other
songs, but are still very good.
The vocals and lyrics on this
album may be harsh to
sensitive ears, but there is
always an irresistable beat that
blends well with the harshness
to make this one of the better
albums of the year.
-Reviewed by Tom Reinarts
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