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i Friday, May 8, 1987/The Battalion/Page 11 Joe IDi 'exa$;| fanj m. Secret of My Success pg-13 bat & Sun 2:00 4:15 7:00 9:20 Post Oak Mall Malone 0 Sat & Sun 2:05 4:20 7:15 9:20 Cinema III Room With R A View Sat-Sun 2:10 4:20 7:10- 9:25 Post Oak Mall Hot Pursuit Sat & Sun 2:10 4:10 7:10 9:10 Cinema III Project X »at & Sun 2:05 4:30 7:05 9:30 Post Oak Mall Gardens of y Stone [Fj Sat & Sun 2:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 Cinema III Can 1 :! onu SAVE BIG NOW ★ Introductory Special ★ 3-Year Warranty AT&T/Bell Telephones Manufactured by Western Electric Limited Quantity What is your phone costing? $2.50 Per Month For 36 Months $90 00 $3.00 Per Month For 36 Months $108 00 Equal Quality Telephones One Time Cost $19 95 to $29 95 All Phones Remanufactured-Most Colors Available WATSON HARDWARE 202 E. University Phone 696-3333 7:30-5:30 Monday thru Saturday Fully Modular & FCC Registered • Compare 3-Year Warranty With Warranties on New Equipment Special Orders Avaiable On Request Satisfaction Guaranteed % m tL f SHIPPING YOUR BELONGINGS TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY? DEAN WORLDWIDE, the international ship ping professionals, will get your personal be longings back home safely, on time and at a price you can afford. We understand your needs. In fact DEAN is the only company that offers a specialty serv ice for foreign students attending U.S. schools. That is why you should call DEAN WORLDWIDE today: DEAN WORLDWIDE 7601 N. Loop East Houston, Texas 77028 (713)678-4411 'JJOnLDUJtDE Congratulations Aggie Graduates Working mothers spend $11 billion for child services WASHINGTON (AP) — Families in which the mother works away f rom home spend more than $1 1 bil lion every yeai on child care, the Census Bureau estimated Thursday. The avetage weekly expenditure was $10.33 lor the 5,299,000 fami lies with working mothers who paid tor child-care services in the winter of 11)84-85, according to a new Cen sus study, “Who’s Minding the Kids.” Projecting that cost over a full year would result in a total of $11.1 billion, the bureau said, although the actual cost may differ because of changing conditions at other times of yeai. Overall, some 7.7 million em ployed mothers used child care part ol the time during the the study, but 2.4 million families were not re quired to pay cash for this service. Usually they were able to leave the child in the care of a relative. The study looked at 8.2 million children under age 5 and 18.3 mil lion between ages 5 and 14 to deter mine child care needs of working mothers. It was the Census Bureau’s First detailed examination in this area, although previous surveys have reported on child-care ar rangements of pre-school children. The new study found that for pre- schoolers, the largest share —- 37 percent — were cared for in some one’s home other than their own. Some 22.3 percent were cared for by a non-relative, 10.2 percent by a grandparent and 4.5 percent by some other relative. In addition, 31 percent of pre schoolers were cared for in their own home while the mother worked — nearly half were watched by the father. Others were supervised by a grandparent or other relative. Organized day-care facilities looked after 23.1 percent of pre schoolers. About 8 percent were cared for by the mother herself ei ther while she worked at home or at her job. Among children ages 5 to 14, 75 percent were in school while their mothers were at jobs. In addition, I 1.8 percent were cared for at home, 4.3 percent in another home and the rest were at day-care facilities, either with their mother or caring for themselves. The major difference between married and unmarried mothers was in the share of offspring cared for by their father, the study found. For married women, 19 percent of children were in the care of the fa ther, while for unmarried women, the father cared for the child in 2 percent of cases. While 5.6 million unmarried women are coping with work and the demands of children, only about 900,000 unmarried men are in the same category, the study found. Unmarried fathers tended to be guardians of older children more than did unmarried mothers, the re port noted. Thus, for men, school accounted for the largest share of child-care at rangements. Researchers confirm theory of extinction concerning dinosaurs WASHING ION (AP) — Bits ol quartz found at several sites around the wot Id appear to confirm a the- oi y that the extinction of dinosaurs and other forms of life 65 million years ago resulted from the impact of a large meteorite or comet, scien tists said Thursday, Researchers from the U.S. Geo logical Survey office in Denver said quartz grains taken from live sites in Europe, as well as New Zealand, the Pacific Basin and elsewhere, have structural features associated with the impact of a large body striking the Eart h. Detailed analysis of the mineral debris shows that it comes from a single massive event and not from a series of volcanic eruptions, the re searchers said in a new report. The microscopic fracturing found in the quartz is more like that asso ciated with the pressures of a mas sive impact than what would result from volcanic activity, the scientists said in a study to be published in the May 8 issue of the journal Science. Bruce Bohor, Peter Modreski and Eugene Foord said the so-called “shocked quai tz” is found in the same sediment layers that contain unusually high levels of iridium, a metal common in asteroids, meteors and comets. The researchers said the latest findings bolster the controversial, 10-year-old theory of Nobel Prize- winning physicist Luis Alvarez and his geologist son, Walter, that a sin gle catastrophic event led to a great extinction of life on Earth. 1 he Alvarez theory says that, im pact of an extraterrestrial body 65 million years ago threw up a giant cloud of debris that encircled the globe and diminished sunlight for months, if not years. The climate cooling caused by the dust resulted in (he death of dinosaurs and many other types of animal and plant life, it contends. T he theory is based upon Finding up to 600 times normal levels of iri dium in clay deposits from the pe riod, and Bohor said the same iri dium concentrations have been found at evety site of the telltale quartz particles. “The evidence from around the world seems to show one event,” Bo hor said in a telephone interview. The consistent distribution of the shock quartz and certain minerals combined with it point to a big comet or meteorite striking a continental area in the Northrn Hemisphere be tween 65 and 66 million years ago, he said. A body six miles wide hitting the Earth at 45,000 miles per hour, as calculated by the Alvarez theory, could have blasted debris high enough into the atmosphere to ac count for the worldwide shock quartz, distribution, Bohor added. 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But Norman Gay, health minister in the capital city of Nassau, promptly trashed that idea. “There will be no dumping of waste in the Bahamas on land or sea,” he said. “Nobody has any per mission to dump anything. We in the Bahamas have no interest in this sort of thing. ... It can only be harmful.” The Bahamas became the third foreign country to reject the refuse from Islip, N.Y., at sea for nearly seven weeks on a 5,000-mile journey in search of a dump site. It also has been turned down by six states. The Bahamian government said the island is a nesting ground for sea birds and a popular sport area for Fishing. Defense, police, customs and immigration forces were put on alert n» p.^vciit the barge from un loading its cargo. Gallina had no immediate te- sponse after being told of die gov ernment’s decision, which c ime even Ik lore he asked. Gallina acknowledged he had not contacted government officials be fore his plan was made public. He said getting clearance or necessary permits would be up to the Alabama middleman, Lowell Harrelson, who contracted with Islip to get rid of the town’s commercial refuse after the city’s own landfills ran out of room. “1 here will he no dump- mg of waste in the Baha mas on land or sea. ... It College Station Pawn 23 i 6 Texas Ave. South College Station 090- PAWN Computers Jewelry Guns VCRs Stereos Tools TVs Etc. can only he harmful. ” — Norman Gay, Nassau health minister And any agreement with Harrel son would presuppose government approval, Gallina said. To Gallina, the plan was an “ideal solution ... a way to convert a prob lem to an asset. . . . Here we have 3,100 tons of certified non-toxic gar bage floating 250 miles from an is land I want to fill.” The 44-year-old Trenton, N.J., native is president and a major stockholder of LSS International Ltd., Inc., a Florida corporation which has a 99-year lease on the 5.5- mile long, 2.5-mile wide isle. The island, which sits 13 miles southeast of Eleuthera, between El- euthera and Cat islands, has been leased to cruise lines in the past as an out-island stop, Gallina said. MONEY TO LOAN Register for $500 VCR top be given away. No purchase necessary Buy • Sell • Trade H n X S > Discount Tires College Station Pawn < DQ Aggie Owned & Operated