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Page 8/The Battalion/Thursday, February 26, 1987 Battalion Classifieds jB ^ ^_8L* fc <vJB /■ *^a ■*• Ji-.rj* W ^ ^ ^8i ^9*^ '< ,r fc^ "" a "" mmmmmmmim " m ' mmim "" mimilimmm """ ,l " m " l " amm """"'" mi " immimm ~ 0amm ~ mmmm ~ mm =: World and Nation ♦ NOTICE • FOR SALE © S' s ® CORN affld) lu}@>UM 16il Texas Avenue South College Station, Texas 77840 Culpepper Plata (Sear Hastings and Behind Holiday Inn), 10-8 M-K 10-6 SAT Get you popcorn for Spring Break USE THIS COUPON Receive a 50< Bag of Popcorn *' or 50^ Discount Toward Your Purchase Can you buy Jeeps, Cars, 4x4's seized in drug raids lor under $100.? Call for facts today. 602-837-3401 Ext. S942. 106t2/26 MITSUBISHI, '84, Starion Turbo, leather interior, sunroof; cruise. $6500. Call Paul, 846-5186 or 846- 4783. 104t3/30 Shave Ice/Snowcone Machine and accessories. Great business opportunity. 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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Su preme Court, in an important vic tory for affirmative action and a de feat for the Reagan administration, on Wednesday upheld racial quotas to hasten the promotions of blacks. By a 5-4 vote, the justices said a court-ordered plan requiring pro motion of equal numbers of black and white Alabama state police troopers is constitutional. The plan does not amount to re verse discrimination against whites whose promotions may be delayed, the court said, because it is a “nar rowly tailored” device to correct pro ven past discrimination. In other decisions, the court: • Voted 6-3 to bar state and local governments from regulating high- stakes bingo games and other gam bling on Indian reservations until Congress consents to such regula tion. • Ruled, by an 8-1 vote in a Flor ida case, that states may not deny un employment benefits to employees fired for refusing to work on their Sabbath. The court said such denials violate freedom of religion. • Ruled unanimously that the federal government may put limits on the rates cable television compa nies pay for attaching their wires to utility company poles. The affirmative action decision marks the first time the high court directly has upheld racial quotas for promotions. The justices previously upheld hiring quotas but have struck down racial preferences that protect blacks with less seniority than whites from layoffs. Wednesday’s ruling was hailed by civil-rights groups that said it is an other blow against the administra tion’s assault on racial preferences in the American workplace. “Once again, the Supreme Court has rejected the Justice Dejpart- ment,” said Clyde Murphy or the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. “We hope they (administration officials) decide it’s appropriate now to sup port the law rather than resist what is the clear message of the Supreme Court.” The Rev. Jesse Jackson, meeting with President Reagan at the White House to discuss black education and other matters, said, “Now that the court has spoken, I hope that the law will be enforced vigorously.” Assistant Attorney General Wil liam Bradford Reynolds, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights divi sion, minimized the significance of the ruling. “Our position has been never to use racial preferences,” he said. “The court has said hardly ever and has carved out narrow exceptions.” The Alabama plan requires pro motion of one qualified black for each qualified white promoted until blacks constitute 25 percent of the higher rank or until the police de partment adopts an approved ra cially neutral promotion system. The only time the plan, ordered by U.S. District Judge Myron H. Thompson, has been implemented was to promote eight black and eight white troopers to corporal in 1984. Justice William J. Brennan, in the court’s main opinion, rejected the administration's argument that a SO SO quota is too high when blacks comprise only 25 percent of the af fected labor force. The administration “ignores that the 50-percent figure is not itself the goal; rather it represents the speed at which the goal of 25 percent will be achieved,” Brennan said. Judge halts indictment of Deaver WASHINGTON (AP) - federal judge on Wednesdays porarily stopped an independn counsel from seeking an ini ment against one-time Rtai aide Michael K. Deaver forallt; edly lying to a federal grandjun and a congressional commiiie investigating his lobbying atw ities. U.S. District Judge Thom Penfield Jackson said Deaverhal raised serious questions abounh 1978 law establishing the officd! independent counsel, and tit the public interest would beta served by a temporary delay. | DALI./ piedictec ould tak vhen thi amed in ion aboli am for When i n three 985, the anned fi lade put Kliever the u epresent irobe of Before Deaver’s attorm asked for a temporary restrain order in an emergency court session, independent* sel Whitney North Seymour]: had acknowledged he intended: would n ask a grand jury for the indio ment later in the day. Seymour had said he wH . seek a four-count indiamc 101 a charging Deaver with mat; lievei s false statements to a grandp r(,l ' ,u s< irwt tfi th#» Fnprffviv 0 that W y facet t and to the Commerce committee. House Energy investigations sib Second witness identifies Demjanjuk :ulprits nscathec “We w; 5W m ◦s former Nazi guard Ivan the Terrible DALL? wspensio dethodis Holiday Inn, Culpepper Plaza. 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But Treblinka survivor Eliyahu Rosenberg, who had walked across the court room for a closer look at the 66-year-old de fendant, exploded in anger, shouting in Russian: “Terrible. That’s the bandit.” Ivan the Terrible was the name given by pris oners of the Nazi camp in occupied Poland to a sadistic guard who operated the gas chambers where 850,000 Jews were killed. Asked by prosecutor Michael Shaked to make an identification, Rosenberg said he wanted to see the defendant’s eyes. Demjanjuk took off his glasses, stood and whispered to his lawyer, “have him come closer to me.” Rosenberg then approached Demjanjuk, who was sitting on a bench flanked by police officers and an interpreter. “Ivan, I say it unhesitatingly, without the slightest doubt, it is Ivan of the gas chambers,” Rosenberg, a 66-year-old Israeli, said. “I saw his eyes, I saw those murderous eyes.” Rosenberg was the second camp survivor to identify Demjanjuk as Ivan the Terrible. Dem janjuk is accused of being one of the operators of the gas chambers at Treblinka. Demjanjuk, who was stripped of his U.S. cit izenship and extradited to Israel, has denied he was at Treblinka. His attorneys maintain the guard Ivan was slain in a 1943 uprising at Treb linka. In his testimony, Rosenberg retr: statements he made in 1947 and 1961 tk guard Ivan had lx*en killed in the 1943revoll Rosenberg, who escaped in the uprising s the account of Ivan’s slaying was"astory,i tion, a mere boast. It was a matter of boasliii ] NCAA people who wished this had taken place.” Rosenberg, whose mother and three sis: died at Treblinka, told the court that thega hedulin outhwes ing to f hedules The M ven SW 1988. Th< Berst erence a Texas Ivan, wielding “a short iron pipe, a whip,a a holster, a sword . . . would beat, whip, slasti ies will I tims as they entered the gas chambers. at Kyle F Mustangs Rosenberg, who was among workers who® “Obvio moved corpses from the gas chambers,te: Nazi officer once stopped Ivan from forcing: | to rape a dead woman. “Afterward Ivansaii f me, ‘You will pay for this,’ ” he said. ADOPTION NOTICE: Happily married physician and nurse hoping to adopt infant and share love, fun, and secure future in our family. Yours is a difficult dis- cision, let us help ease your burden thru peace of mind. Call Lori and Sherman collect anytime (201)654-9561. 10H3/4 Defensive Driving, Ticket Dismissal, Dates, Times, You'll Have Fun!!! 693-1322. 91t5/8 GOVERNMENT HOMES. Delinquent tax property. Repossessions. Call 805-687-6000 ext. 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Gorbachev said Wednes day the toughest stage in his drive for domestic reform lies ahead and accused the West of going on the of fensive to block the changes. In a wide-ranging speech to the Congress of Soviet Trade Unions, the Soviet leader also cautioned his country’s workers that tangible ben efits of the new Kremlin policies would be awhile in coming. “Many want a speedy social and material return,” Gorbachev told the Kremlin gathering of delegates rep resenting 188 Soviet labor organiza- dth tions with 140 million members. “Let us be frank, comrades: We can achieve better quality for our en tire life in only one way — through effective and highly productive work,” he said. “Yes, indeed, the reorganization is affecting our short-term interests,” he said. “But it meets the vital long term interests of our working peo ple. We ought to understand that.” Gorbachev said the West, led by the United States, opposed the re forms. “Imperialism and reactionary forces are doing their utmost to hin der, come what may, our onward de velopment and compel us to remain on tne tracks of military confronta tion,” he said. hence the most difficult, still ahead. The Soviet leader noted that a year ago to the day the Communist Party convened its 27th congress to endorse the leadership’s campaign for economic efficiency and more openness in society. He said the first steps have been taken but, “The main thing, and “Up to now, we have been« preparing for reorganization Now it is time to get the reorj tion actually moving.” Gorbachev’s remarks app< clearly directed at winning su| among union leaders and the rank-and-file, while cautioning! porters that the reforms were quick fixes whose results woul immediately felt. The Costume Connection Partygrams. Fun for any oc casion. Singers needed. 778-0303. 106t3/5 TYPING BY WANDA. 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