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Page 4/The Battalion/Friday, November 21, 1986
E.L. Miller Lecture Series
Researcher: Biotechnology to
billion-dollar force by year 2000
By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Staff Writer
By the year 2000, biotechno
logy will be a $(30 billion to $200
billion industry and will be the
driving force behind such areas
as agriculture, computer science,
medicine and pharmaceuticals, a
researcher said here Thursday.
Dr. Baldwin H. Tom, associate
director of the Bioprocessing Re
search Center in Houston, spoke
at MSC Political Forum’s E.L.
Miller Lecture Series about the
promising areas of biotechno
Regarding computers, Tom
said: “I like this area because it’s
so wild that I need to tell you
about it. There are university sci
entists developing what are called
‘biochips’ that primarily use or
ganic compounds ... as signaling
devices in computer-like systems.
“Because of the three-dimen
sional configuration of proteins
and enzymes . . . they’ve calcu
lated that these biochips would be
1 billion times faster than the pre
sent silicon chips.”
Tom noted that a Houston
"Because of the three-di
mensional configuration
of proteins and enzymes
. . . they've calculated that
these biochips would be 1
billion times faster than
the present silicon chips. "
Dr. Baldwin H. lorn
firm is commercializing a tech
nique for raising livestock animals
to jumbo sizes by raising them on
growth hormone.
The firm is raising “super-rab
bits, super-pigs and super-cattle”
that grow to be twice the size of
their litter mates while they eat
only 30 percent more food, he
“Any biological material exist
ing in nature can theoretically be
exploited for our own use,” Tom
said. For example, he said, scien
tists may one day be able to use
the web-spinning gene in spiders
to produce a new kind of |B
having the qualities of streoil,
and water-resistance that
webs have. H
Tom’s area of specialization^
bioprocessing, which uses anj e ,
technique called electrophotjM
to isolate and purify such bio!*^
cal products as proteins and ML
man hormones.
1 om’s research unit at thel| re
versity of Texas Health .V: Lj li
Center Institute has one of fa ul
two machines in the country:r u( )
are designed to perform eltctB
phoresis on a large scale in s[ L |\
lie said. ijjy
Electrophoresis is a technmL
ol running an electric cumR.
tin i >11y 11 ,m < ii y.inu ailnm f
separate out the valuable (ijp
pounds from the “garbage,"TtB t
s.,ut be,
In s | >.n c. i u s^.iiik ((im|)i, Lfj,
(an be isolated and purifiedt(i t f
extent impossible nn raiih.n uj ( ,
the I ■ H i e .it hi a\ its (lani.uie jjjj,
and proteins during the punfM^
don process, l orn said. MatetiBg
also can be processed liundttr
of times f aster in space than
can be on earth, he said.
0 to
-St f >■
1 (■<
Group turns to Democrots to nad;
English as official language ofU
i i<h
Ttl e
AUSTIN (AP) — The American
Ethnic Coalition, which convinced
the State Republican Executive
Committee to adopt a resolution
calling for adoption of English as the
official language, now has set its
sights on state Democrats.
“I have confidence that even
though it may take awhile, the Dem
ocrats are going to come into line
with the Republicans because it’s so
logical,” said Bill Toney of Nacog
doches, chairman of the Democratic
caucus of the American Ethnic Co
Texas Democratic Chairman Bob
Slagle Thursday gave the resolution
little chance of winning approval
from the State Democratic Executive
He said supporters of the resolu
tion seem like “a bunch of people
who are probably paranoid and who
believe there’s a bunch of people in
dark, dank cellars plotting to make
them speak Spanish.”
The American Ethnic Coalition,
largely a Texas organization, was
formed on the Fourth of July. Its
chairman, Lou Zaeske of Houston,
said the organization’s purpose is “to
prevent the division of America
along ethnic lines.”
A constitutional amendment mak
ing English the nation’s official lan
guage would go a long way toward
preventing the division, Zaeske said.
“Every other ethnic minority took
pride in embracing English as the
the language of their new country,”
said Zaeske, an engineer. “But now
we are being increasingly populated
by immigrants, manyofthemi
who feel entitled to beeducan
live their whole lives in theta
of their native countries.’’
The coalition indudes \1|
thousand” membciv all ni HL’S
can trace their families toitie an
Hi mips, /.icskc s.iid. /.icT- eblaw
is half-C/ech, and, “I speaktnl'en
\siili .i 1111< isi mi act cut at all. jnd I)
I ■ ■ ’ ■, . led pinin' Bui sj
mosi recently taughtcrinuoaljBim
.ii ( .i ambling Stale I'lmei' Bt Rk
Louisiana, said his attempts toy I fte
l.m piagc resolmkills at pit Und .1
counts Democratic convetitioaB p
Texas were rebuffed. wed 01
"I believe that 1 was santtawiss 1
by school teachers and profedtl be
Toney said.
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