The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 18, 1986, Image 8

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    Page 8/The Battalion/Tuesday, November 18, 1986
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U.S. prison camps
to be re-evaluated
by Supreme Court
preme Court, 42 years after it con
doned the government’s mass deten
tion of Japanese-Americans in
World War II prison camps, said
Monday it will re-examine that epi
sode in American history.
The court agreed to study a Rea
gan administration attempt to kill a
lawsuit stemming from the govern
ment’s taking 120,000 U.S. citizens
and resident aliens from their homes
and placing them in the camps.
Japanese-Americans said they
were disappointed, but not sur
prised, by the court’s action.
A federal appeals court had said
the government must defend itself
at trial against claims for compensa
tion of property losses suffered by
those interned. The losses are esti
mated in the billions of dollars.
In other matters Monday, the
• Limited the rights of employees
to win paid leaves of absence for spe
cial religious holidays by ruling 8-1
in a Connecticut case that employers
need not accommodate all of a work
er’s religious demands.
The court said granting an em
ployee unpaid leave for religious
holidays generally is adequate unless
paid leave is provided for all pur
poses except absences for religious
• Refused to allow the display of
an illuminated cross above the St.
Charles, Ill., firehouse during the
Christmas season. The justices let
stand a ruling that the display is an
impermissible government endorse
ment of Christianity.
• Agreed in a Pennsylvania case
to consider making it more difficult
for women to win paternity lawsuits
against the men they say fathered
their children.
The internment case has its roots
in the wake of the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor in 1941. The federal
government forcibly removed from
their homes citizens and resident
aliens living in California and parts
of Arizona, Oregon and Washing
Some spent as long as four years
in the camps.
Gramm to introduce
law to help employers
verify workers’ I.D.s
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Phil Gramm said Monday he would
introduce legislation to help employ
ers avoid hiring illegal aliens in or
der to protect businesses from being
punished unfairly under the new
immigration reform law.
Gramm said he planned an
amendment to the law calling for
creation of a telephone system to
veyify the validity of new “tam
perproof' Social Security cards.
The system would serve as insur
ance for employers who will face
criminal and civil penalties for hir
ing illegal aliens as of May 1 under
the immigration bill signed by Presi
dent Reagan on Nov. 6, said
Gramm, R-Texas.
“As of now we really have no ef
fective means to try to help employ
ers who are trying to comply with
the law and not hire illegal aliens,”
Gramm said in a news conference.
“We have no effective measure to
enable people to identify themselves.
And I am deeply concerned that un
less something is done quickly, that
... we’re going to have a lot of em
ployers who are going to be in viola
tion of the law,” Gramm said.
Gramm unveiled his solutions in
the form of an amendment called
the Immigration Fairness In Reform
Amendment Number One, which
laid out four specific provisions he
said are aimed at making the law
more practical.
The first provision would estab
lish a telephone system an employer
could use to verify the legal status of
any worker he was considering hir
ing, “just as the authenticity of a
credit card can be. verified at a retail
store,” Gramm said.
Gramm gave no indication of how
much it would cost to create such a
computer verification system, but
said the Social Security Administra
tion is currently working out details.
Employers would be charged
$1.50 to $2 per call when using the
system, Gramm said.
Secondly, Gramm’s proposal
would require the Social Security
Administration to create a new tam
perproof card within a year in an ef
fort to eliminate counterfeit cards.
“The amendment requires that
this card be made available at cost to
any person who either applies for a
new card” or has an old one, Gramm
said. “According to the Social Secu
rity Administration, this card cannot
be counterfeited.”
He displayed a sample card
printed on blue paper similar to that
used to make currency, but with
raised lettering.
The cost of making such a card is
$12, but could drop to as little as $1
if it became widely used, Gramm
Rumor-based trading
decreasing after case
NEW YORK (AP) — The Ivan
Boesky insider-trading case will re
duce stock trading based on take
over rumors but is unlikely to
dampen takeover activity in general,
merger specialists predicted Mon
Some Wall Streeters said takeover
speculation, which had been accele
rating before Boesky’s case was dis
closed Friday, immediately dropped
off along with overall trading vol
ume when investors returned to the
market Monday.
Boesky, who agreed to pay a re
cord $100 million penalty to settle
(Continued from page 1)
14, 1985, after 18 months in
captivity. Jenco, 50, also held 18
months, was freed last July 26.
Jacobsen, 54, held 17 months,
was freed Nov. 2.
Two other Americans held
with them, Terry Anderson,
chief Middle East correspondent
of The Associated Press, and
Thomas Sutherland, a university
administrator, are still' being
The former hostages who met
with Waite said they hoped they
were not exchanged for arms
and had to believe Reagan’s as
surances that there was no deal.
Weir said he would be “deeply
disturbed” if he found “that my
release had been contingent on
what might appear to be a fur
ther escalation of the conflict be
tween Iran and Iraq.”
government charges that he en
gaged in illegal insider trading, was
the most successful and famous of
Wall Street’s risk arbitragers, or pro
fessional takeover speculators.
Many arbitragers spend huge
sums investing in stocks involved in
takeover situations that have been
publicly disclosed. They generally
hope to buy the shares for less than
what the acquirer ultimately pays for
the stock when the merger is com
Some arbitragers, however, also
invest in stocks that are only ru
mored to be takeover targets. And
that often fuels heavy trading in the
stocks before any public announce
ment of a takeover bid is made.
There is nothing illegal about
that, provided the arbitrager does
not trade on the basis of confidential
information not yet made available
to the general public — which
Boesky was charged with doing.
Yet Boesky’s downfall will make
all arbitragers and other profes
sional investors wary of heeding un
confirmed speculation and investing
on the basis of rumors, hunches or
legitimate information lest they give
even the appearance of using im
properly obtained inside data,
merger experts said.
Robert S. Pirie, president of
Rothschild Inc., an investment firm
that specializes in advising clients on
takeover strategies, predicted,
“There will be, at least for some time
period, a significant falling off in the
rumor mill.”
Arbitragers and others “are going
to think twice about calling everyone
in America trying to find out
whether it (a rumor) is true,” he said.
Kenneth Bialkin, a takeover attor
ney at the law firm Willkie, Farr &
Gallagher, said: “There is undoubt
edly going to be that fear because
you don’t know if the one you talk to
is a tainted source. And the sources
will be much more careful about
what they say and to whom.”
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