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Wednesday, October 29,1986/The Battalion/Page 3 Mail Call V'-; wist ths chool-boankj k had passe:- i-age Mothtrf many gove* vill work, fcj not tgnant. N’etlJ lictions, rcl ivtre, that «;•* ) awav-asrj of the 1950s 1 ; statistics v; Tired senators EDITOR: I attended the Oct. 22 Student Senate meeting because of an extreme interest in apartheid. My view of the Senate meeting was that the senators didn’t want to bother themselves or the Board of Regents with apartheid in South Africa. Many senators had views on the University’s divestment, but we were only able to hear two of them. Most of them were tired and wanted to go home, so they voted not to hear any further debate after an 11-minute speech by an anti-divestment senator. Anti-divestment supporters stated “this is not a moral issue but a political one.” Universities hold a major portion of the stocks of the companies who invest in South Africa. If universities divest, the companies will get a clear message to get out of South Africa. This will alienate South Africa even further. South Africa’s economy is hurting and the more we alienate them, the further it’s economy is going to fall. This will cause the present government in South Africa to leave or abolish apartheid. South Africa is going to change and we ought to do our best to help. Bryant McAllister ’89 Aggie GOP name misused EDITOR: As president of Aggie GOP, the Republican Party of Texas A&M, I am deeply offended by Democratic candidate Pete Geren’s use of Aggie OOP’s name to mislead students into believing that he is a Republican and/or that Aggie GOP supports him. Of course, neither of these is true. For years Aggie GOP has supported Republican Rep. Joe Barton and will continue to do so in the future. None of the leaders of the B so-called “Aggie GOP for Geren” are actual 1 members of the real Aggie GOP. I apologize to any students who have been misled by Geren’s advertisements and hope this | letter clears up the confusion. Mike Hachtman President, Aggie GOP ; Editor’s note: Aggie GOP for Geren is now ; known as Aggie Republicans for Geren. " ■Sanctions hypocritical ething ihaieB 7 1 PfiiK, lU EDITOR: premawre i Twise-iKi ’orccsaoj ge girls w-1 Acre j economkej : produced:: igle mo icnces. Hie ; ruse ofilief ‘iits before tf en-agers nough fom kids. Too e anxiety aid. ut the wayti not just to each sex ed trol easily at iu’s statistic lie formers:: :1 something mothers. eton Post Wd®’ 1 •nsidered r’s book % i uproar ' eating ’ hington The Oct. 22 editorial claims that moral j opposition to apartheid demands action against South Africa because we must not support | funding of human rights oppression. Unfortunately, your moral posturing appears to be highly selective, or you would at least be .equally emphatic in denouncing U.S. trade and I assistance to the Soviet Union, which presently ■ is exterminating civilians by the tens of thousands in Afghanistan. Soviet atrocities include the scattering of explosive devices d disguised as toys which explode when picked up by children. Where is your moral indignation? Why don’t -you complain about the below-cost grain which the Soviets are about to be given, subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer? Surely if we are morally obligatead to act against South Africa, we are morally obligated to stop providing aid and trade to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union employs walls, minefields md barbed wire obstacles to prevent its citizens from escaping. The obstacles are reinforced with guards, watchtowers, machine guns and dogs. Even so, people in communist countries risk their lives trying to escape. I South Africa, by contrast, has an immigration problem: hundreds of thousands of blacks have immigrated there, both legally and illegally. They are in South Africa because, apartheid or no apartheid, they enjoy a better life than they would in neighboring countries where attempts at majority rule have proved disastrous. Unlike Soviet citizens, people in South Africa are free to leave at any time. But where would they go? To neighboring Zimbabwe (formerly white-controlled Rhodesia), where former communist terrorist (now dictator) Robert Mugabe has wrecked the economy and murdered 10,000 tribesmen of his chief political opponent? To Angola, where a dictatorship is kept in power by an army of Cuban mercenaries and royalties from American oil companies? To Mozambique, where another Marxist dictatorship is kept in power by U.S. military assistance? Obviously, sanctions against South Africa are hypocritical. Our indignation and economic sanctions should be applied to those countries which enslave their populations and forcibly prevent them from leaving. Allen Dobey ’87 Editor’s note: Blacks in South Africa are not free to leave at will, and getting exit visas for them is difficult. You also make incorrect pre sumptions about the editorial board’s opinion on the Russian grain subsidies, a measure that we do not condone. Relative immorality EDITOR: I was surprised by two things in Rob Farrell’s letter “Trash on the Shelves” (Oct. 21). First, Sterling C. Evans Library deserves much more credit than I gave it and, second, Farrell’s mind is more closed than I thought. Maybe we should take all the copies of The Advocate, and while we’re at it grab “Communist Manifesto,” “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and Ozzy Osbourne, and we’ll have a good old-fashioned book burning party. In fact, let’s just do it under the Albritton Tower and we can get rid of that stuff that inspires “social incompetence” all at once. If Farrell really wants to consider what is “best for society’s sake,” maybe he should think about opening his mind to accepting homosexuality not as a freak of nature, but as an individual’s chosen lifestyle. And, if he wants to drag immorality and the Lord into this . . . immorality is like beauty — in the eye of the beholder, and didn’t the Lord say something about loving thy neighbor? Chris Carson ’85 Where do we stand? EDITOR: We all know that true Ags stand during football games. But where exactly do we stand? At the Texas A&M — Baylor game, a problem arose which led to this question: do Aggies stand in front of or upon the seats designated to them? The problem was that row 10 ticket holders stood on the seats in front of row 10, while row eight ticket holders stood on the seats of row eight. This led to the disappearance of row nine. Row eight was filled to capacity, while row nine was occupied by inflexible row 10 ticket holders. Who was right? Those of us with row nine tickets were left to fend for ourselves. The seats we had paid for and waited in line for were gone. What were we to do? Two of us stood in the aisle. Have you ever stood in the aisle? We didn’t have as much fun as we could have, but it was worth it to see Texas A&M beat the hell out of the Baylor Bears! Katherine Bev Kathleen Clark Letters to the editor should not exceed 300 words in length. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit letters for style and length, but will make every effort to maintain the au thor’s intent. Each letter must be signed and must include the classification, address and telephone number of the writer. AGGIES FOR CLEMENTS AGGIES FOR BARTON AGGIE G.O.P. Plan for CAMPUS VISIT by Vice President George Bush, Bill Clements, Joe Barton and Phil Gramm. Meeting Oct. 29, Rm 321 Physics, 7:00 pm. For more info, call Mike, 693-4337; Heidi, 696- 1552; or Cindy, 693-2339. International Students Association Seminar Committee presents Dr. Mounir Bayyoud in The Middle East; Past, Present and Future Thursday, October 30 Rm 410 Rudder 7 p.m. NIGHTMARE ON SPENCE STREET HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOUSE THURSDAY, OCT. 30 8 p.m. to Midnight THE PAVILION $1 admission fl 0 I • ■ Remember to join in the Grove for additional Halloween Festivities r LITMUS LfiW. m •' 'f ...for ever/ husband who travels ...-for ever/ wife who waits at home : Submissions are now being accepted for Litmus, TAMU's only student-published literary magazine. Your poetry, short stories, non-fiction or graphics could be published, but only if you SUBMIT. Come by the MSC Literary Arts cubicle in MSC room 216 to pick up a flyer with needed details. All Aggie Reunion Rodeo October 31 Gr November 1 7:30 pm Dick Freeman Arena Tickets $4. 00 $3. 00 student ID $2. 00 children For More Information 764-8992 693-5268 Paid Political Advertising by Committee to Re-Elect Clements. Bob Perry Treasurer.