The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, September 05, 1986, Image 18

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The Atlantic crossing came after weeks of waiting foi permission to leave Europe. ‘‘We never knew when the hoat will come,” said Krassovska, who now t uns a dance school in Dallas. “We took classes every da\ and we were very poor. We sometimes didn’t get money to eat." The company finally made the voyage, arriving in New York on the same day it was scheduled to open at the Metropolitan Opera House. to the Dallas Ballet durmeM i' I “(Choreographer Leonide) Mas sine didn’t even say hello,” Krassovska recalls. “He said ‘quickly, quickly, take your places.’ It was af ternoon and we rehearsed and then the same night we performed. T hat was some line experience to remem ber.” Nikita Talin, who also lives in the Dallas area, took an overland route to the Ballet Russe, leaving his native Chicago to join Ballet Russe briefly in the late 1930s and again from 1941 to 1947. Krassovska and Talin first came to Dallas in the late 1940s when they took guest teaching spots at a danc ing scnool. They both chose to make their homes in the city. In the meantime, Krassovska danced as a prima ballerina with the London Festival Ballet and was a guest dancer with several other com panies. She served as artistic adviser 1960s and danced small i some of last season’s produr. eluding “The Nutcracker Talin also danced in Eun ing as director of the No Hai kness Ballet most rear.■ mentoes of his longdanceai tanging from large oil parrB si i ibbled ballet outlines - | house in McKinney, a corw about 25 miles north of Dalai J Krassovska lives in a hoa doubles as accomodations dancing school on a quietsKiL not far from downtown Dabs ■ A portrait of the dance I voting woman hangs above; 1 * iicas of the Nutracker overtfl place. “At that time 1 was real yo.j I was always dancing at dial ter (Alexandra) Danilova an!! icia) Markova,” she said. In its heyday, the BalletRt Monte Carlo featured starsDs and Markova and choreojn! Massine and George Balanctej Talin said working wilti chine is the thing he re® most from his Ballet Russeda»| “He was the most sane, nesslike person, I would sar ballet," he said, The Ballet Russe dancecos* which faded in the late 1^1 credited with giving balleii j standing in America by intr® ' the famous European stars as I. senting innovative ballets,iSi Agnes De Mille's “Rodeo. 11 I But Krassovska said rnemte not realize at the time they of a new chapter of ballet nisttf commit Coble, monks Texas / theater, pate in I Cobh tended was tin mem at ested in Whet Univers was de- said the profout abbey c tided h< He, a come m the mor year tin may be success! begin ai monastt finishin that, th tenure, will take Cobh nal stej Septein the abb suppres lived in but in 1 NORTH 846-3761 Campus, N&E of Campus, Westwood, LaBriss SOUTH 696-0231 South of campus, S.W. Pkwy, Hwy30, Emerald Forest/Raintree, Southwood Valley CHANELLO’S Order two 12” pizzas and the off of equal or lesser value will cos only -OR- Order two 16” pizzas and theo« of equal or lesser value will cos only -OR- Order two 20” pizzas and the on of equal or lesser value will cos only et yv Coupon Includes approprate taxes. Not valid with any other special off VOID 10 Sept. 86 Mi Halida^ V / t.;«' 1 . c. ; ' . v;(Vn. :