The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, September 02, 1986, Image 12

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    Page 12/The Battalion/Tuesday, September 2, 1986
Drivers opposed to
speed limit change
NEW YORK (AP) — A major
ity of Americans frequently drive
faster than 55 mph on highways,
but most oppose changing the na
tionwide speed limit, according to
a Media General-Associated Press
Eighty-five percent of the
1,365 adults in the nationwide
telephone poll said they had ex
ceeded the federally-mandated
55 mph speed limit, and 56 per
cent of them said they did so at
least half of the time, according to
the poll.
Nevertheless, 54 percent of the
respondents opposed changing
the 55 mph speed limit, which
was mandated by Gongress in
1974 and is facing increasing op
position. Forty-four percent said
the limit should be increased, 1
percent said it should be de
creased, and 1 percent wasn’t
Not surprisingly, slower driv
ers were more likely than faster
drivers to oppose changing the
highway speed limit. Eight in 10
of those who rarely exceeded 55
mph opposed a change, while the
speeders were evenly split on the
In the West, where long, empty
stretches of highway seem endless
at 55 mph, a 56 percent majority
favored increasing the speed
limit. Only 35 percent of Eastern
ers, 39 percent of Midwesterners
and 47 percent of Southerners fa
vored an increase.
The 55 mph speed limit was
imposed as a fuel conservation
measure following the Middle
East oil embargo. But with sup
plies plentiful and prices low,
there has been an increased ef
fort to have it repealed.
Earlier this month, President
Reagan endorsed “in principle”
the repeal of the nation’s 55 mph
speed limit to allow states to set
their own speed laws.
Supporters of the speed limit
cite safety reasons for keeping the
speed limit at 55 mph.
Respondents in the Media
General-Associated Press poll in
cluded a random, scientific sam
pling of 1,365 adults across the
country June 20-28.
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International Airport’s worst air di
Sixteen houses burned, 10 of
them destroyed by flames and/or
falling wreckage.
Fire Battalion Ghief Gordon Pear
son said damage was estimated at
S2.7 million. A sheriff’s spokesman
said 10 residents, five firefighters
and a deputy received minor inju
Greg Golvett of the coroner’s of
fice said at a command post in Cerri
tos, 20 miles southeast of Los An
geles, “There’s no confirmed (dead)
on the ground. It’s just too much of
a mess . . . We’re talking bits and
pieces of everything.”
Los Angeles County Sheriff Sher
man Block, on his First tour of the
scene Monday, said, “It’s complete
devastation. Until you see it, it’s hard
to visualize what the level of destruc
tion was.”
Michael Riddle, a coroner’s senior
investigator, said, “Two or three
weeks down the road, we’ll probably
have a judge declare some of these
(missing) people dead, whether we
prove them dead or not. Our biggest
hassle will be to find out how many
people were in the houses and sepa
rate the ones who were home from
the passengers.”
Investigators from the National
Transportation Safety Board recov
ered the jetliner’s cockpit voice re
corder, N FSB spokesman Ira Fur
man said.
The voice recorder will be tested
in Washington, “and if it's func
tioning they’ll assemble a team to lis
ten to it,” Furman said.
The flight data recorder was re
covered Monday in the rubble of a
house that was destroyed, said Capt.
Gam Oversby of the Los Angeles
County Sherif f's Departments.
Lauber said he understood that
when the crash occurred, the jet was
in the Los Angeles airport’s Termi
nal Control Area, or TCA, at an el
evation of 6,000 to 7,000 feet. He
said no aircraft is supposed to enter
the area without specific dead
f rom approach controllers
The NTSB was Irving iolq
“whether the small plane was
TCA," Lauber said, addingtta
m\ understanding they werem
touch with anyone” to obtainilt|
quired permission.
n ere 6
hilt' of
The Federal Aviation Adm®
tion said earlier the smallermfi
living under visual flight rufe
was not under direct radio conn ^ |. jS ( ve.i/
._£e in
Mavor Tom Bradley said
terrible tragedy will, 1 trust,pn
a thorough examination by tw
eral government of how future
aii collisions can be prevented.
(continued from page 1)
termine the citizenship of two other
passengers listed as traveling with
Aeromexico’s chief spokesman,
Enrique Gutierrez, said seven teams
of Mexican technicians and inspec
tors went to Washington and Los
Angeles to assist the National Trans
portation Safety Board and Federal
Aviation Administration in the in
One team was to help identify vic
tims’ remains, which were being sent
to the University of Southern Cali
fornia, Gutierrez said. Once identi
fied, the bodies of Mexican victims
will be returned home, lie said.
The head of Aeromexico’s na
tional employees’ union, in a
statement carried bv the Excelsior
national news wire, said investigators
must determine if California flight
controllers treated the Aeromexico
plane with the same care “that the
government of Mexico (guarantees)
to planes of whatever nationality."
Reyes, however, said there was in-
sullicient information vet to assign
ed offs
neiv fu
er in a c
how th
1 he n.
jjn< hunch
,oi: siana,
faion Co
the United States of this fouititli that r;
for hohhv' living." Reves said
telephone interview.
pf depre
Ig an oil
There is a new phenomenon in
“It can be verv riskv because; jpi'TOs
is in that area (Southern Calif' was pi
such tremendous congestion,,
add to that these men who lib; Ij^ 1 ^ iat a
out and 11 v their planes, and the jif in / t ’ rne
ten do not have full knowlrt; »<: becaii'
the i uies of the air lanes,”hesai
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