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Tuesday July 9, 1985/The Battalion/Page 3 "ATF AlSn I OCAI , Jt\ A Em* / ml mJL/ JLrfV*/ What’s up Tuesday oriag a blood drive at Our Sa~ noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday I STUDENT GOVERNMENT: is sponsoring a book exchange in 214 Pavilion through Tuesday. iC GROVE 85: presents at 8:30 pan at The : Grove. Admission is $1 with a student ID and $1.50 for non-students. SO-OP ASSOCIATON: sign up for this weekend’s rafting and tubing trip to New Braunfels in die Co-op office. |/feats for What's Up shouid be submitted to The Battalion, 216 Reed McDonald, no less than three days prior to de sired publication date. [rain from Houston to coast restored Faculty Senate passes scholarship guidelines By KAREN BLOCH Suitt Writer The Texas A&M Faculty Senate approved. Monday University guidelines that would determine what scholarships can be called com petitive academic scholarships. House Bill 1147, the bill calling for a tuition increase at Texas col leges and universities, states that “a student who holds a competitive aca demic scholarship of at least, $200 for the academic year or summer for which the student is enrolled and who is ... a nonresident ... is enti tled to pay the lees and charges re quired of Texas residents . . . The University Scholarship Com mittee developed specific criteria to be used when determining if a non resident recipient of a scholarship qualifies for tne lower tuition rate. Guidelines approved by the Sen ate are that: A sufficient number of appli cants including Texas residents must be given equal consideration to in sure competition for the scholarship. The 'same criteria are used in judging both resident and nonresi dent applicants for the scholarship. Promotion of academic excel lence must be the primary consider ation in awarding the scholarship. Selection of the recipients, which are made by a collegiate or de partmental scholarship committee, must be forwarded to the University Scholarship Committee for approval of the waiver. An outside donor may he consulted by the collegiate or de partmental scholarship committee for input, but the outside donor may not make the final selection. A fourth recommendation by the University Scholarship Committee did not meet the Senate’s approval. Senators said the stipulation that “international student recipients must not have entered a Texas col lege or university prior to June 19, 1979” was prejudiced and without reason. If after the awarding of compet itive academic scholarships it is de termined that the above guidelines have not been followed, students re ceiving the scholarships may lose their waiver from nonresident tu ition. i Associated Press HOUSTON — It’s been 20 years I ||ce the passenger train running from Houston to Galveston was put l| Hsleep by the Gulf Freeway, out MW plans are calling for the rail jervice to pull out this fall. ■That's when Franklin Denson has Hleduled his Texas Limited rail car tervice to begin. j Denson says he isn’t daunted by the demise of passenger trains be- llUse his service isn’t designed to gjlnpete with cars. Instead, the Ifixas Limited will be a rolling mu- |eum piece designed strictly for en tertainment. 'OineonetHphe diesel-electric engines will ’°P‘ e «§Ull vintage Pullman, dining and -d wayliltlclijb cars refitted for active service ildn’tl from the display yard at Galveston’s transportation museum, Denson said. Museum director Phil Hewitt ad mits to a slight case of nerves about putting his exhibits back into active service. Hewitt says that the Limited will carry people right into his mu seum and display the cars in the best possible way. He calls the line a “rolling adver tisement ” for the museum. The train ride between the two cities will run on the existing Santa Fe line and is expected to take about two hours, Denson said. The investment banker says he’s been negotiating for two years to get his dream on track. He has yet to set the cost of the train ride. Democrats raising funds for District 1 runoff Associated Press AUSTIN — The big guns of the state Democratic Party traveled across Texas Monday to preach unity and sell Jim Chapman as northeast Texas’ next congressman. The targeted price tag was $100,000. U.S. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, Gov. Mark White and Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby hoped to help Chapman raise this sum at stops in Dallas, Aus tin and Houston. Chapman, a former Hopkins County district attorney, meets Re publican Ed Hargett in an Aug. 3 runoff to determine who will replace Democrat Sam B. Hall in Congress. Hall resigned to become a federal judge. Hargett, an electrical engineer, was the starting quarterback for Texas A&M in its 1968 Cotton Bowl win. Bentsen said there is “no ques tion” that Hargett and the GOP would outspend Chapman. Hargett, the only Republican con tender, used a campaign chest of $750,000 to help garner 42 percent of the vote in the election while Chapman, who ran second with 30 percent, spent about $250,000. Chapman said he would spend about the same in the runoff. The Democrat will be “adequately funded, certainly not the kind of ? old-fast t* being it >ld dayst work, an and brilx overdid id becam asked fo of illegiti gumshoa compared ». Besides, ; in even money they have,” Bentsen said, ref erring to the Republicans. White said northeast Texans need Chapman in Congress, not a Republican who would spend his time “worrying about what the (Rea gan) administration wants Congress to do.” While some observers have pegged the runoff as a test of GOP strength in the traditionally conser vative Democratic area, Bentsen said he thinks “it’s just one race.” Chapman agreed, predicting a turnout of about 20 percent, making it “perhaps a little presumptuous to say it is any type of signal as to whether realignment has occurred.” esale Diamonds!! s of weap-l — or nof ling?" :tors can'i ; building Jit go oui veai me Hurl Leopold tr Smith n Bloch, ry Qslin, Pearson Leopold assavoy, ,•1 Clark, illmeyer r Bailey, ■ Casper iciis/Mper A&M an< ' ) S e of * airily rep- rs, ficulU spaperl or ,/n cksser riday d ur ' uliduy a,l “ , 7.5pe rS (' ir:ir M UcDoiiM ■itidn, 1* 2630. M- X 77343 Buy A Diamond Get a free $1000 U.S. Treasury Bond! Wholesale Direct To The Public! Direct from our Diamond Cutter!! 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