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    Monday, March 28,1983/The
Battalion/Page 3
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nternational Week begins
{Foreign Ags exhibit pride
by Melissa Adair
Battalion Staff
you have ever wondered
tpeople from Nigeria eat or
1 people from India dress,
this week’s International
kis for you.
The first event of Interna-
alWeek, which is sponsored
the International Students
ething aboii Nation, is an exhibit of
off and
y. If a u
d taking^
n - There’s j
m’t know of
a goes to
>od things;
economy u
> where
>ok at Prats
es from each country on the
n floor of the Memorial Stu-
it Center. The tables will be
orated with posters, paint-
,clothing and art work from
students’ country.
The displays will be in the
MSC from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
today and Tuesday.
The second event planned is
an international food fair sche
duled for Wednesday at 6:30
p.m. on the second floor of the
MSC. More than 132 interna
tional dishes will be prepared by
students from all over the world.
Everything from Nigeria’s Moi
Moi to Crepes from France will
be served.
The third event, the fashion
and talent show, will be Thurs
day at 8 p.m. in Rudder Audi
torium. The show will include a
parade of traditional folk dress
from more than 50 countries.
The talent show will follow the
fashion show. Nineteen groups
will perform routines ranging
from Indian folk dances to
Egyptian belly dancing.
Tickets for the food fair, ta
lent show and fashion show are
available in the MSC Box Office
for $8. One ticket covers all
three events.
International Student Advis
er Tina Watkins said there
should be a large turnout for all
the events this year.
“There is a lot involved in
doing this, and it has gone well
so far,” Watkins said.
The international students
take a great deal of pride in pre
senting international week, she
said, and they usually gain some
new friendships as well.
“The main thing I’ve noticed
is that after International Week
they (the international students)
know everyone better,” Watkins
said. “It’s a great way for them to
meet people.”
The events are genuine, Wat
kins said, because the students
have lived in the countries they
represent. Therefore, they
know what the culture really is
Aggie Blood Drive
to begin April 4
ury investigates deaths
United Press International
ALVESTON — Prosecutors
e reopened a grand jury in-
igation into the Autumn
s nursing home deaths case
testimony from the former
linistrator of the Texas City
’aul Smith, administrator of
Autumn Hills nursing home
exasCity injune 1978,testi-
Friday before a Galveston
nty grand jury for nearly
rosecutors said Smith’s testi-
y kicked off a new grand
investigation into allega-
s that eight patients died
n neglect at the Texas City
ing home between 1977
Autumns Hills Convalescent
iter Inc. and eight of its em
cees were indicted on mur-
charges in the deaths of at
t eight patients, but the in-
iments were dimissed on a
ideality in July 1982.
The corporation agreed in
December to plead no contest to
a lesser charge of involuntary
manslaughter but later with
drew the plea after District
Attorney Mike Guarino asked
that the plea bargain be voided
and the Houston-based corpor
ation be found guilty of the
Prosecutors have said new
murder indictments will be
sought in the case.
Smith, who said he was em
ployed by Autumn Hills for ab
out 16 years until taking another
nursing home job last year, said
his grand jury appearance was
the first time prosecutors had
questioned him in the case.
Roy Minton, attorney for Au
tumn Hills, and two other
lawyers conferred with Smith
outside the grand jury room
throughout Smith’s testimony.
Lawyers cannot accompany
clients before the grand jury.
Guarino, special Assistant
Attorney General David Marks
— who previously headed the
investigation of Autumn Hills —
and Jim Vollers, a former Court
of Criminal Appeals judge who
has been hired by Galveston
County to assist in the case, also
were present during the grand
jury session.
Minton said he expects no ac
tion from the grand jury cur
rently in session and further ac
cused prosecutors of grand jury
abuse for requiring the panel to
id the la
falsified reports.
A 5-year-old internal report
from the Texas Department of
Human Resources alleges that
from March 1976 to April 1978,
the Autumn Hills nursing home
in Texas City repeatedly was
staffed below the state standard
of one licensed or registered
nurse for every 15 patients.
For 14 days, there was neither
a licensed nor registered nurse
at the facility, the report claims.
by Patrice Koranek
Battalion Staff
Texas A&M students and fa
culty can give a little of them
selves and win by donating to the
Aggie Blood Drive scheduled
for April 4 through April 7.
The clubs or organizations
that have the most people donat
ing blood during the drive can
win prizes, said Linda Thomas,
Student Government chairman
of the blood drive. To be eligible
for prizes, organizations must,
register sometime before April
Most groups should receive
letters this week containing con
test rules and registration forms,
Thomas said. Additional forms
are available in 216 MSC or 216
Animal Pavilion. Regi
forms should be turned i
of these two offices by April 4.
Each year, many smaller
organizations which have a high
percentage of blood donors end
up losing the contest to larger
groups, Thomas said. To help
s pn
;d ii
presented in two categories this
year: large groups, 100 or more
members, and small groups,
under 100 members. The size of
the group should be designated
on the registration form.
At least 20 pints of blood must
be donated by an organization to
qualify for the contest, Thomas
said, and kegs of beer will be
given as prizes.
Last semester, the Aggie
Band won first place in the con
test, and the Aggie Alliance, a
health and physical education
club, placed second. Thomas
said many of the Corps groups
have rivalries among themselves
for the contest prizes.
The blood drive is sponsored
every semester by Student Gov
ernment, Wadley Central Blood
Bank, and two service organiza
tions, Alpha Phi Omega and
Omega Phi Alpha.
in to one
last day of its
or re
meet beyon
A new grand jury will be
empaneled next month, and
most of the evidence in the case
is expected to be presented
that panel.
Meanwhile, Guarino and
Attorney General Jim Mattox
confirmed the state can no lon
ger seek to recover $63,000 in
Medicaid funds allegedly
obtained by the Autumn Hills
nursing home chain through
Get a Piz’ za
UNfTOlF&fWffi I
‘redeemable Tues. Mar. 29*
For Student Body President
*Void in Cain Hall
Tokyo Steak House
Aggie Special
Chicken Fried Steak
Other Daily Specials
Visit our new Aloha Club
Clyde Dove at the piano Fri. & Sat
Happy Hour V2 price drinks
$3 95
10-12 M-F
Oyster Bar Coming Soon!
Mon.-Sat. 5-12
Sun. 5-10
Tokyo Steak House
Texas Ave. 846-5711
e on devol
on and
ve to putu 1
ning things
Monday, March 28
8 p.m. #401 Rudder
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