The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, March 04, 1983, Image 17

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Guide Bright " " ” Movie: Proclaims Navarone" Libre People” "Young Hitchhiker's Water" " ” "Little 1 O 00 Evening Wrestling At Heart" Guide Best Of America Those Mo" American ” ” At The Pledge Brk. ” ” Midnight Rocks Amazing Trail JL £430 Improv The ” Special R&B Animals 700 Movie: " Judys Movie Express Club Movie "Arthur Olympic hopefuls profiled are Har vey Nitz (cycling), Susan Nattrass (trapshooting), Bob Roggy (javelin throw) and Dave Laut (shot put). 1:30 0 OUTDOOR LIFE Former linebacker Dick Butkus fishes for marlin with his 13-year-old son Ricky in the waters off Walter’s Cay. © CROSS-COUNTRY SKI SCHOOL “Turning And Review” The step, skating and parallel turns are demonstrated. (R) 2:00 O O © NCAA BASKETBALL Southwest Conference Wild Card Game O © SPORTSBEAT 2:30 O © PBA BOWLING Live cov erage of the $110,000 Cleveland Open (from Buckeye Lanes in Cleveland, Ohio). 3:30 0 © SPORTS SATURDAY Scheduled: same-day coverage of the men’s World Cup Downhill ski race (from Aspen, Colo.); coverage of the Phoenix International 10- Kilometer Road Race. 4:00 0 © PGA GOLF “Honda Inverrary Classic” Live coverage of the third round (from Lauderhill, Fla.). O © WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS Scheduled: World Wrist-Wrestling (from Petaluma, Calif.); live cover age of the Florida Derby (from Gulf Stream Park in Hallandale, Fla.); World Open Pocket Billiard Cham pionship (from New York. N.Y.). © SUPERSOCCER 5:30 O GUY LEWIS EVENING 9:00 CBN COLLEGE BASKETBALL USC vs. Washington State 10:30 © WRESTLING 12:00 0 WRESTLING Sunday movies MORNING 6:00 © ★Vi “Blonde Dynamite” (1949) Bowery Boys, Adele Jer- gens. The Boys are kept busy when they organize an escort agency. 9:30 0 ★★ “Beware My Lovely” (1952) Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan. A widow’s life is threatened when she discovers that the handyman she hired is mentally unstable. © ★★ “Tarzan And The Green Goddess” (1938) Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett), Ula Holt. Tarzan tries to confiscate an ancient May an relic which holds a secret for mula that unscrupulous people are seeking. 11:00© ★★Vi “The Adventures Of Frontier Freemont” (1976) Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle. A farmer of the 1830s encounters danger and the threat of wild animals in his search for a simple life in the mountains. 11:10 0 ★Vi “Heart Of The Rock ies” (1937) Bob Livingston, Ray Corrigan. The Three Mesquiteers try to halt a family’s shady meth ods of rounding up cattle. AFTERNOON 12:30© ★★’/a “Here Come The Girls” (1953) Bob Hope, Arlene Dahl. Following a threat on the life of a show’s star performer, a song-and-dance man fills in as a decoy to trap the killer. 1:00© ★★Vi “Pancho Villa” (1972) Telly Savalas, Clint Walker. The notorious Mexican outlaw leads a band of rebels in a daring attack upon a small American bor der town. 2:00© ★★★ “Summer And Smoke” (1961) Geraldine Page, Laurence Harvey. Unsuccessful in her attempts to make a handsome doctor love her, a spinster begins a shameful life. 2:30 0 ★★★ “Wasn’t That A Time” (1981) Documentary. The careers of the folk group The Weavers are traced, focusing on their blacklisting during the McCarthy era and highlighted by their reunion concert in Carnegie Hall. 3:00© ★★Vi “Kashmiri Run” (1969) Pernell Roberts, Alexandra Bastedo. A girl and two men flee to the Kashmiri border to avoid capture by a Chinese-Communist detachment. 4:00 CBN ★★ “Along The Navajo Trail” (1945) Roy Rogers, George “Gabby” Hayes. A cowboy saves the day by capturing the killers of continued on page 10