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movies on
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and prices. Movies subject to
change without notice. All list
ings are current through press
Campus Theater
Time Rider: This movie is of
the atypical science-fiction
genre. A motorcycle rider acci
dently gets sent oack in time to
the Old West. He combats the
bad guys and fights for the hand
of a fair maiden. PG.
MSC Aggie
.T irst Blood: Sylvester Stallone is
persecuted by the law for no appa
rent reason. Includes a lot of Rocky-
type violence. R. Friday and Satur
day at 7:30 in Rudder Theater.
Young Doctors in Love: Garry
Marshall, director of Happy Days,
takes his jab at soap operas and hos
pital shows. Michael Mckean stars.
R. Friday and Saturday at midnight
in Rudder Theater.
Diner: A warm and funny movie
about five men in their early twen
ties who hang out at the local diner,
where their lives center around foot
ball, sex, rock music, sex, girls and
sex. R. Sunday at 7:30 in Rudder
An that Jazz: The razzle-dazzle
autobiography of Bob Fosse, the
man responsible for Cabaret and
Lenny. Roy Scheider stars as Fosse's
character. R. Wednesday at 7:30 in
Rudder Theater.
MSC Cepheid
The Hobbit: In this animated
special, Bilbo the Hobbit leaves his
warm, safe Hobbit-hole to seek
adventure with thirteen dwarves
and the Wizard Gandalf. G. Thurs
day at 7:30 in 601 Rudder.
Plitt Cinema
vjandhi: The film traces 56 of the
79 years of Mahatma Gandhi's life.
Gandhi was a man from India
whose efforts on behalf of his peo
ple won him the designation of
"Great Soul." It's a must to see this
portrayal of a legend. PG. See re
view on page 3.
Th e Dark Crystal: Jim Henson
uses a new breed of Muppets in this
fantasy where strange creatures set
out on a noble quest in an alien
world. PG.
The Entity: In this horror
flick a woman thinks she is beings
possessed by a demon and no one
will believe her. Until it's too late. R.
Big Wednesday: Jan Michael
Vincent stars in this surfing movie
about a boy growing up in the six
ties. Can you dig it? PG. Friday and
Saturday at midnight.
Post Oak:
1 ootsie: Dustin Hoffman stars as
an unemployed actor who imper
sonates a woman to land an acting
job on a soap opera. He gets the job
and then the fun begins. PG.
Lords of Discipline: A secret
society of cadets take charge at a
military school to insure that no one
unfit will graduate from the school.
Goodbye Emmanuelle: Lovesick:
Another chapter in the steamy life of
Emmanuelle the sex queen. Gone
but not forgotten... X. Midnight.
Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Join Janet (Susan Sarandon) and
Brad as they experience numerous
interesting events after they meet
Frankenfurter, a transexual. R. Mid
Manor East
Th e Man From Snowy River:
Kirk Douglas stars in this western
about a boy suddenly alone in the
world who helps a girl struggling
with life. In Dolby Stereo. PG.
When a beautiful single
woman falls in love with her mar
ried psychiatrist, psychoanalysis
offers more than expected. Dudley
Moore and Elizabeth McGovern
star. PG.
48Hrs: This movie stars Nick
Nolte and Saturday Night Live's
Eddie Murphy in a comedy and
crime spoof. R.
Schulman Six
E.T.: An alien from a distant
planet is stranded on earth by his
mother ship and hidden by a small
boy. The two become good friends
and the boy helps the creature in his
quest to "phone home." PG.
bpring Fever Everyone gets a lit
tle restless when the winter blues
disappear and the sun begins to
shine. See the effects spring has on
the cast in this comedy. PG.
Without a Trace: A six-year old
boy disappears on the way to school
and his mother and the police try
frantically to find him. PG.
Videodrome: Deborah Harry, of
Blondie fame, turns her talents to
acting in this horror film about the
influence of T.V. on the nervous
system. Directed by David Craber-
ry, director of Scanners. You'll nev
er look at T.V. the same way again.
They Call Me Bruce: Margeaux
Hemmingway and Johnny Yume
star in this comedy spoof of the ka
rate film genre made popular by the
late Bruce Lee. PG.
Th e Year of Living Dangerous
ly: This romantic adventure, star
ring Mel Gibson, is set against the
background of war in Indonesia.
Skyway Twin
Th e Sting II: Jackie Gleason and
Mac Davis star in the sequel to the
Paul Newman/Robert Redford
gambling hit of years past. PG.
The Jerk: Steve Martin stars in
this comedy about the rise and fall of
a real nerd. R.
Everybody Gets It in the End:
A mild sex comedy shot on a
woman's derriere in blue jeans. PG.
Saturday the 14: A comedy spoof
on the blood and guts horror flicks.
Richard Benjamin and Paula Pre
ntiss star. PG.
At Ease
Editor Colette Hutchings
Assistant Editor Diane Yount
Staff Writers .... Ann Ramsbottom,
Carol Smith
Staff Assistants Daran Bishop,
Dana Smelser, Jan Swaner
Gandhi, the movie — review
by Gary Barker
The making of a beauty queen
by Pattie Schwierzke
MSC video dub goes cable
by Maureen Carmody
On the cover: Since the be
ginning of rock and roll (and
before that even) the radio
station has brought music,
commercials and endless jab
ber to American homes and
cars. At Ease takes a look at
the local stations and the
eccentric disc-jockey whose
job it is to continue broad
casting in that fine American
tradition. Tune in on pages
4, 8 and 9. Cover by Sergio
Galvez Thompson.