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features Battalion/Pi March 3, Gift registries include more than china, silver United Press International NEW YORK — Wedding gift registries started as busi ness builders for jewelry and department stores in the 1930s. Nowadays, gift registries for weddings and other occa sions also can be % found in furniture stores, luggage shops, bookstores and even gourmet food and liquor shops and at least one major museum — the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. A gift registry is simply a store-operated clearinghouse through which couples can re cord the articles they would like, and gift-givers can use the list to match their purch ases to their taste and budgets. For shoppers looking for outof-the ordinary presents, she suggests: gift certificate to a class the newlyweds can take together. A start for a home library — an encyclopedia, a beauti ful art book or a lavish cook book. A telephone company gift certificate. A gift certificate for a meal at a fine restaurant. •Sa few bottles of good wine in a wine rack, or champagne. New look in bridal fashion Movies inspire designenii« cFeel the luxury . . . Warm water running through your hair. Cleansing. Massaging. Gentle suds rinsed out, leaving a soft, sweet scent. Now, the cut. Crisp. Precise. Fresh. Perfect. Feel the luxury at . . . 707 Texas Avenue 696-6933 Culpepper Plaza 693-0607 United Press International NEW YORK — A museum show, a movie and a television series have inspired new trends in bridal fashions for 1983. Gowns echoing costumes in the Metropolitan Museum’s cur rent “Belle Epoque” exhibition from the Edwardian era (1890- 1914), “Chariots of Fire” and “Brideshead Revisited” (1920s and 1930s) are making mild in roads into the popularity of the full-skirted, tight-waisted tradi tional wedding dress and the “Princess Di” look, bridal fashion experts say. Whether or not the new looks will have staying power remains to be seen. At least one manufac turer, Wally Wallace of New York, says the Lady Di look is dying after two seasons and the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Epoch) look is a flash in the pan. “It’s a trend only for those who hope it will be,” Wallace said. “It’s not for the bride. She First Presbyterian Church 1100 Carter Creek Parkway, Bryan 823-8073 Dr. Robert Leslie, Pastor Barbara Ridlen, DCE SUNDAY Worship at 8:30AM & 11:00AM Church School at 9:30 AM College Class at 9:30 AM (Bus from TAMU Krueger Dunn - 9:10 AM Northgate -9:15 AM Youth Meeting at 5:00 PM Nursery: All Events S!J! This Desk Can Reach Mach 2. Some desk jobs are more exciting than others. As a Navy pilot or flight officer, your desk can be a sophis ticated combination of supersonic jet air craft and advanced electronic equipment. But you can handle it. Because Navy flight training gives you the navigation, aerodynamics and other technical know-how you need. In return, Navy aviation demands something of you as an officer: Leadership. 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MG 9/82 1 Navy Officers Get Responsibility Fast. wants a strictly traditional gown, the old-fashioned look that has been so strong since the 1960s.” Another manufacturer, Lee Fein, president of Bridal Cou ture, sees the Belle Epoque as a strong influence in upcoming fall collections. He cited the Met museum’s show as “the source.” Fein said this was evidence of the swiftness of the fashion world to seize on a fresh styling. The show, organized by fashion czarina Diana Vreeland, has been open only since December 1982. Betty Deall, executive desig ner for Bridal Originals in St. Louis, says the Belle Epoque look has already raised the neck lines of many summer gowns halfway up the neck, created a bustle effect at the back of the skirt and inspired fuller cathed ral trains as long as five feet. “It’s a beautiful feminine look with lots of ruffles and a return to crisp fabrics such as taffeta and slipper satin,” said Miss Deall. “It’s more important than the dropped waist, unadorned ‘Chariots’ and ‘Brideshead’ look with emphasis on the bateau neckline. We’re seeing a glim mer of the 1920s look but it’s only been taken up by high fashion houses and the gowns tend to be very expensive.” To Barbara Tober, editor of Bride’s magazine, the blouson, flapperish look of the ’20s is not traditional enough for the taste of most brides. “It’s a minimal part of the market,” she said. “But the Belle Epoque look with its high neck line, flounced sleeves and skirt line, and the peplum or bustle effect with a longer train has much more impact. “Even the lavender spectrum, a favorite of the period, has lie- come the most popular color for bridesmaids’ gowns.” The importance of lace to Belle Epoque fashions was noted by Suzy Taylor,] editor of “Better Gardens Bride’! s.ud there are nmrt| adorned with Brussels, Point de Venise and! on the market this ever before. Some designers area over pastel Cliarmetael weave i repe) to introffl dimension of color' gowns. Men’s wedding fai peacock persuasion years, also have takeno ly Edwardian look. Thd and tailcoat in traditiog and particularly shades of gray are pan comeback, says Ron chairman of the An malwear Association. The notched collarj trimmed tuxedo (hi of the 1970s is givingi shawl-collared, untnnui ner suit in neutral colon! Record number of couples take big gamble in Vegas United Press International LAS VEGAS — While the re cession has many gambling re sorts singing the blues, couples are coming to Las Vegas in re cord numbers to try the biggest gamble of all — marriage. Last year was a banner year for weddings in Las Vegas, says Clark County clerk Loretta Bowman. A total of 57,702 mar riage licenses was issued by the county in 1982, up from 56,510 in 1981 and eclipsing the pre vious record of 57.14/ in 1980. County officials say the peak w'edding periods are early sum mer, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Asked if New Y’ear’s Eve celebrations led many| the altar in a less tk state, assistant countyd na Homsher said thaht ble, but many probably ried on the last dayoftii enjoy the benefits oft! tax rates granted man pies. lain do< ador re lf Aggi< |bd Pep HAPPY Join us for half price on mixed drinks and oysters on the half shell. Only at Pelican’s Wharf every Monday thru Friday 5 — 7 p.m. Enjoy Margaritas by the liter just S7.00. Getting wed in almost ridiculously sit couple must completei form giving homeaddn of birth, parents'placesi and previous marriage and pay S2 5 for a muxvi ficate. jrt IV ( HOUR. Mixed Drinks and Oysters * ‘half price does not include beer, wine, cognac or ice cream drinks licon’/ 2500 Texas Ave., 693-5113 At the civil matriagebuj block away, they paynB S25 — or $30 after 5 p.m.-® Unit exchange vows in a KkfcfA JGI ceremony performed inaP Paul 1 of fice by a deputy mi(e lor his commissioner. griinage _. . Memalai I he entire process, ind« icari paperwork and walk. i, n sa j ( | accomplished in halfan [ ] ie p () |, Lee Bearden, one of eiw* >'ulec puty marriage commisvljpual l has been performing riti»d °f c monies for 10 years. 1 native d said he sometimes fet p'^sts i ad vising a couple nottogi iof-v.” ried — but adds he hot«fhe vis tongue. Bbathol fy i Vati “I just remember tosm:ini tgovei be nice,” he said. th panic He has seen a few repeiW'uistas tomers during hisdecadeJ| n S pa job, and a great manyccwM 111 R come back to repeat thevi' n 10 their anniversary. “It’s a great excuse totif 8 s lu ir to Las Vegas,” he said, |i/ es l ) ' , iloned( MSC Black Awareness presents jnc SATURDAY, MARCH 5 8 pm - I am AGGIELAND INN on Ticke ||am Ai lended 1: ormer 1: lefcover f MSC tie Becke ■<) i esche shfe hopt date set I _ If [ h duled, n kkets tli f die cc tickets tl valid. He tickethol attend tl ground , Elassifiei a blacliReal... tie formal |pj^on Bate ... |i hat’s u $8.00/COUPLE : $5.50/SINGLE |. TICKETS AT I ainl y c MSC BOX OFFICE b , P erc showers. |ith win 25 mph. with a 5' dershow Jk Clot for Salt hancec m. MUSIC BY ELI ADAMS OF MAJIC 102