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How to find that perfect bouquet
Fresh-cut i
s or
fabric buds?
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Floral arrangements at a wed
ding — are they fresh-cut or
fabric replicas?
Some brides today choose
fabric over fresh. As florist
Pete Raymond looks at it, “A
bride sees it as a gift to her
attendants. She, too, can keep
her bouquet.”
Fabric flowers — common
ly called silk flowers because at
first they were made of silk —
look just like the fresh-cut
kind, but last and can be
arranged as easily as fresh
They have no scent, of
“You can buy scented flow
ers,” Raymond said, “but the
fragrance is not true — it’s like
those room deodorizers.”
Raymond also said fabric
flowers don’t weigh as much
as the fresh-cut ones. “A
dozen roses tends to get
Many arrangements of fab
ric flowers are on the wall of
the bridal selection room of
ing from a white satin u ui u el-
la. Fhey look so real ojilv a
touch reveals thev are fabric .
Over the years more com
panies have begun producing
fabric flowers, Raymond said.,
“They used to be more < x
fabric flowers allow a bride
to choose any flower she wants
anv time of year. With fresh-
cut flowers, Raymond said,
some may be unavailable or
difficult to obtain out of
A December bride who
wants a seasonal wedding
stands a better chance of using
fabric poinsfettias in her
arrangements than live ones,
he said. When their stems are
cut, a milky liquid escapes and
the flowers wilt, he noted.
Color is also no problem
with fabric blossoms. A florist
can dye or tint them to match
the bride’s color scheme.
“You can spray them and
they hold the colors so well,”
Raymond said.
Fie said popular colors to
day are mauve and wine — the
mauve ranging anywhere
from a pink to a purply wine,
and wine is a deep purple.
Raymond’s personal pre
ference is fresh-cut flowers
because they add “something
special” to the wedding. But
he has found that he has to go
with the wishes of the bride.
“They’re (fabric flowers)
starting to catch on,” he said,
estimating that fabric flowers
are used in about 10 percent
of weddings. “You’ve got to go
with the times. I just hope the
silk flowers never overtake the
fresh flowers.”
He sees one advantage for
himself. If he’s swamped with
orders, he can make fabric
arrangements several weeks
ahead of time. Fresh-cut
arrangements are made the
night before or the morning
of the wedding.
Fabric flowers are used for
bridal party bouquets,
boutonnieres, pew markers
and at the reception.
“We do everything except
the altar pieces,” Raymond
said. “Altar pieces are large
and showy and you can get
into a lot of money. And who
wants to keep it anyway?”
An economy-minded bride
who can arrange flowers her
self can buy kits at a craft store
to make her own floral pieces.
Raymond said some brides
who buy kits find them hard
to use and end up taking them
to a florist.
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If you’re entering college or are already
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March 3
Where to go
for that fun
United Press International
The perfect honeymoon re
sort? It all depends on the cou
ple. There are as many different
kinds of people getting married
as there are different kinds of
Some locations are tried-and-
true favorites; others are rela
tively new in the honeymoon
More things to do tkly
Caribbean islands—ratcK|
er parties, Governor'»,
train ride. And somevt4
package buys for iii
<5 Florida and California —
Consistently logging more hon
eymoon arrivals than any other
states, each represents great
variety in type of destination
and range of accommodations.
California has San Diego, Los
Angeles and San Francisco, the
northern ranchlands, Monterey
and Carmel for atmosphere, the
beaches and Disneyland.
Florida has Miami and the
beach, a great spring-summer
honeymoon value; tne sunny
Keys, Palm Beach, the country-
club sports enclaves — Marco Is
land, Amelia, Boca Raton, all
sorts of shorelines and Disney
World, whose Epcot Center may
give it a slight edge this year.
he Poconos — It’s easy for
blase Eastern types to laugh off
Pennsylvania’s Poconos, but
never mind. Despite the heart-
shaped bathtub jokes, young
honeymooners stiU love the idea
of a super-luxurious place
whose latest skylit triplex suites
have deep carpets, glass floors, a
round bed and your own round
swimming pool.
Barbados — Sp
scenery, both serene
beaches, lingering
memories of great houscl
<^ue churches and histonl
sues. Wide choice of bf
sea sports, good restauraj
nightlife. Honeymoon^
housing ranges from 1
seaside apartments tolmJ
Bermuda — Still gr
with lots of fresh, cfo
charm and traditions. If
not after neon dazzle or
nightlife, it won’t disa
^3 The Bahamas — 1
honeymooners who real
to rest up after the weddi
love the Out Islands wii
laissez-faire attitude. At
Bahamas are only 30 mir
an hour’s flight fromFk
l-This co
last yea
^3 Virgin Islands —l ■
British — Reliable vJ; ,
great sailing, accessibility,*^ >
an ^ a , C , h c\r • iseisnu,
The U.S. Virgin Islanc^ 1() mos ,
organized sports fad
f goTf, diving; shopping
aw removes duties fron
Hawaii — It still means alo
ha and romance, especially on
Maui and the Kona Coast. More
and more couples are arranging
to be married at sunset on the
beach. Hotel social and catering
staffs and local wedding special
ists can make arrangements with
as little as a day’s notice. Hotel
advisory services are free and
local specialists will arrange for
necessary papers, site, minister,
flower leis, champagne and even
supply two witnesses, for about
Ml he list \
amilv. life e
Ion and 1)
■■'don hea
(T'itv Insti
ieirch and I
1 Mexico — It still holds that
old South of the Border ro
mance and warmth, and the lure
of foreign flavor. The devalued
C eso continues to mean genuine
Canada — Especially the
French-accented cities like
Quebec and Montreal. And the
Laurentians, the Rockies’ Na
tional Park country, British Col
umbia, Toronto and Niagara
Falls. The Canadian side is
beautifully manicured and hon
eymoon certificates are in En
glish and French. The 80-cent
Canadian dollar means more for
your money, especially in the
Maritimes — Nova Scotia and
Prince Edward Island.
ferent categories of tak
luxuries); and crewed i
boat operations.
The British Virgins
lovely, laid-back way iv lts forme
them. Honeymooners an Hires idem
corned and never crowdefayettesvilk
British islands also encofl Th e i r j,
wedding-honeymoons b' ^L impor
viding a special licensefoi^jp | )a( .k
r «^nts Kbu Tell I
Their bareboat (sail-yoti ove ”
charter fleet is the biggesiHf h e list-
Caribbean. H_ j ()Ve
iplct for e;i
Europe — For anyontH—A sens
can master theair-faresituHness.
the continuing strengthcH— Hon
U.S. dollar makes F viiout
great buy — especially fl; houghts ar
plans in the countryside. I Doing
Tahiti - The p vhn are re
watch, especially from the®
Coast. It is cheaper thanij
pieople think if you usepa|
planning, and the outlvitl
lands beyond Papeete aril
Paradise. 1
Jamaica — It always has
been lush, beautiful and roman
tic. Now the good feeling is back.
Of course, this list
plete. Honeymooners
want to choose EleuthenP^
sports, beaches; the Abacow
Exumas for sailing; or A#
and San Salvador for divir|
Harbour Island is small,H
and has one of the world's* m
beautiful beaches. On the*
land side, Paradise Island^
to have most going fork F
T raining
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Houston, Ttexas 77002
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the Institute
for Paralegal
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