The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, March 03, 1983, Image 17

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    Have Ybu Seen These Men?
Jerry (Une Main Man) Dyer.
Known to go to any length
to see that every customer
leaves his stores with the
lowest price and the big
gest smile.
Mark (When I'm Able) Ven
ables. Noted price slasher
and hotel room trasher.
Vows to make every cus
tomer a deal.
Mike (lota) Grzzzzizznik. Ap
prehended while trying to
clean someone's head with
an Allsop. Unfortunately it
was not their cassette head.
James (Watt's going on?)
Marraro. Once belonged to
a band of roving , non-dis
counters. Therapy at Dyer
totally reformed him.
Marcus (D.) Cupp. Once
dated a poster girl. Kept her
folded up in his wallet. Now
he thinks all girls have
creased foreheads.
The search is on for a group of men believed to be
responsible for a daring and dastardly daylight debacle,
in which thousands of dollars of name brand audio equip
ment was taken from manufacturers.
Law enforcement sources state that the caper com
menced in broad daylight. "They struck while we were on
a lunch break,” said one manufacturer. "Since we've been
hit seven years in a row, we planned on this and hired
extra security. But the fake-nose-and-glasses routine
tripped us up."
The suspects are reportedly the Dyer Dealers, who
stage this sort of thing once a year to protest the high
prices of their competition. According to several manufac
turers, the Dealers managed to garner only the newest
and best of their inventory.
In a telephone interview made from their northeast San
Antonio hideout, Jerry "The Man" Dyer said, "We didn't
take the Dyer trucks for fear of being recognized. Unfor
tunately, one manufacturer saw the Dyer magnetized sign
on the side of our purple Gremlin and gave chase."
Dyer added that gang members from across Texas had
arrived to split up the loot. He said, "We've divided it
among our 21 Texas hideouts and we're planning to sell it
to the public at truly criminal prices!''
. When asked what their penalty would be, a local
official said, "We're going to make sure that these guys
don't make a profit. They'll make just enough to keep the
lights on!" He added that he had planned to throw the
book at the Dyer gang but recanted when he saw their
speaker prices. "I guess we're all sentenced to a weekend
of incredible stereo prices!"
This is a "hot" deck. Hitachi's DE-22
has soft-touch controls, metal capa
bility, and LED readout for $99.
There should've been one of these in
the paddywagonl Clarion's 5300
has auto reverse, music search, and
metal tape playing capability.
^ Clarion
j.; o
n im C'
Thirty five watts per channel, digital
display, and Nikko's circuit breaker
protection made the NR-520 one of
the first pieces lifted in the robbery!
How's this for a luxury deck? The KS-R5 has
auto reverse, 5 station presets, Dolby* B,
music scan, metal tape compatibility and the
same power as its big brother.
JVC *249
Nikko's ND-600 is the ultimate
steal! Features include LED readout,
solenoid controls, timer input
and more!
We're still reeling from this one—the
Akai GX77D 7-inch reel machine is
just $549! a.— ' am
AKAI $549
Qz commodore
Whatta heist! They even got the
Commodore VIC-20 home com
puter. Games, finance, ancL more
for $139!
Tailor your jailhouse sounds with
the Clarion 100EQB booster-equal
izer. A five-band EQ and 22 watts
per channel of clean power.
Filch a pair of 2033's by Jensen. 100
watt capacity and your get-away
car will be a sound studio!
These little babies can make music
in your home or car. The Visonik
4000's are incredible and illegal at
$89 each!
You want more bass? You got it—
these Sony XSL20 subwoofers will
have you rocking!
913 Harvey Rd.
(Woodstone Shopping Center)
College Station
3601 E. 29th - Bryan
Unreal! The JBL 4312's at $299 each!
You haven't heart better sound in
years—clarity, music detail, and 200
watt capability!
What a steal! The Infinity RS-8 is a
two-way 100-watt speaker with the
famous EMIT™ tweeter. The Infinity
people are weeping over this one!
Crime does pay! Save over $110 on
each JBL R123 speaker. The R123 is
3-way and can take 125 watts
of power.
The Dyer gang shanghaied the
SS-12's by SoundSource and so can
you for just $89 each!
Loudspeakers by Bose*
Make a little music in your hideout
with the Bose Studiocraft 3's. The 3's
handle 90 watts each!
Clean up your act with the Allsop 3.
This little goody cleans the tape
head, capstan, and pinch roller.
$12 88
Here's a videogame control from the
people who made audio care
famous. The Pointmaster fits Com
modore, Atari, and Intellivision,
among others.
All your videotape needs are over
now—the RKO T-120 VHS tape is
the highest quality chrome.
TDK SA-C90 at a ridiculously low
price! If they were any cheaper we'd
have to give you money to take 'em!
S19 88
The best buy on a personal tape
player is here—Besser MX 7 for only
* TM Dolby L«b«
AM power ratings minimum RMS bottt channels
driven into 8 ohms from 20 to 20.000Hz