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Check theaters for specific times and prices. Movies subject to change without notice. All list ings are current through press time. Campus Theater 846-6512 Airplane II: The Sequel: Robert Hays takes to the air again in a se quel to the hit comedy. It's not as funny as the original, but it has its moments. PG. Centerspread Girls: The title tells all in this XXX flick. Midnight. MSC Aggie Cinema 845-1515 Airplane: Robert Hayes stars in this hilarious spoof of the Airport movies of the seventies. See what really happens in the cockpit of an airplane. R. Friday and Saturday at 7:30 in Rudder Theater. Caddyshack: This movie takes a wild irreverent swing at country club life. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase are the same zany men they were on Saturday Night Live and as always Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. R. Friday and Saturday at 9:00 in Rudder Theatre. IVIonty Python Live at the Hol lywood Bowl: Britain's most popular comedians bring a little bit of their humor to the states to test it on the Americans. And it works. R. Friday and Saturday midnight in Rudder Theater. Diva: In this French film, Diva is an opera-intoxicated 18-year-old mail carrier, who becomes entang led in a web of murder, intrigue, and passion. R. Sunday at 7:30 in Rudder Theater. on tap Fiddler on the Roof: This specta cular movie is adapted from one of Broadway's best loved musicals. The film is the celebration of a peo ple's survival and the importance of tradition. G. Wednesday at 7:30 in Rudder Theater. MSC Cepheid Variable: 845-1515 DIaderunner: Harrison Ford plays a mercenary in a future metro polis. His job is to hunt down and destroy four escaped Replicants — artificially created humans. Rutger Hauer plays the dangerous leader of the Replicants who does all in his power to help them escape and sur vive the world that is hostile toward them. PG. Thursday at 7:30 and 10. Plitt Cinema i&n 846-6714 Th e Dark Crystal: This is a fan tasy using a new breed of Jim Hen son's Muppets. The flick is about an alien world where strange creatures set out on a noble quest. PG. The Toy: A comedy starring Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason. It is about a rich man who hires a poor man to be a plaything for his spoiled son. PG. Manor East 823-8300 The Man From Snowy River: Kirk Douglas stars in this western about a boy suddenly alone in the world who helps a struggling girl. In Dolby Stereo. PG. Xime Rider: This movie is about a champion off-road racer. All in Dol by Stereo. PG. Kiss Me Goodbye: In this com edy, Sally Field plays a widow who's planning to remarry — de spite the appearance of her first hus band's ghost. Jeff Bridges is the new husband to be; James Caan is the ghost. PG. Xhe Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: First the Whorehouse pap ers, then the play and now the movie. All of course are about one of the greatest Texas traditions — The Chicken Ranch and its ultimate downfall. Midnight. R. Post Oak: 764-0616 Tootsie: Dustin Hoffman stars as an unemployed actor who imper sonates a woman to land an acting job on a soap opera. PG. E.T.: An alien from a distant planet is stranded on earth by his mother ship and hidden by a small boy. They learn from each other. Bring Reeses' Pieces to munch on for special effects. PG. 4sHrs: This movie stars Nick Nolle in a comedy and crime spoof. R. Schulman Six 775-2468 First Blood: This flick stars the ever-popular Sylvester Stallone as a man persecuted by the law for no apparent reason. Includes a lot of Rocky-type violence. R. Ator: Miles O'Keefe is the virile hero in this sword and sorcery epic. PG. Best Friends: Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn are scriptwriters who decide to get married because they have so much fun living together. But, it's never the same after the wedding. PG. Still of the Night: Roy Scheider plays a psychiatrist in love with a mysterious woman, played by Meryl Streep, who may or may not be a killer. PG. Th e Verdict: Paul Newman plays a washed-up Boston lawyer gets a chance to redeem himself during a hih-stakes malpractice suit. R. Savannah Smiles: This movie is about a little girl who makes a lot of people happy. PG. Skyway Twin Drive-In 822-3300 .losed for remodeling. At Ease Editor Colette Hutchings Assistant Editor Diane Yount Staff Assistants Dana Smelser Jan Swaner At Ease will consider any items submitted for publication, although the decision to publish lies solely with the editor. Dead line is 5 p. m. the Friday before publication. Entertainment on campus by Battalion staff i Interesting diet tips by Kathy Breard Cold weather warm-ups by Diane Yount 3 4 4 On the cover: You've prob ably been wondering which of the hundreds of movies currently showing are worth seeing. The ever-on-the-ball Battalion staff has generous ly spent $3, $4, and $5 to preview and review a slew of new movies. Check pages 8 and 9 for the very biased opinions of our staff. Cover art t>y Pam Starasinic. s V