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national Court United Press International WASHINGTON — The Sup- eme Court Monday agreed to ronsider what a father has to arove to gain custody of his out- wedlock child. The justices will hear an appeal man from a state court ruling that a Nebraska man’s custody of his baby daughter vvas not in the child’s “best in- :erest.’’ At issue is what a father must ihow legally to avoid having a unwed father case child taken away by the state and put up for adoption. The case was brought to court by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Donald Kirkpatrick, whose re lationship with a Texas woman resulted in the birth of baby in January 1981. Kirkpatrick, offered to marry the mother but she refused. The mother opposed Kirk patrick taking custody. Under Texas law, a biological father of a child born out of wedlock is not a “legal” parent until a court en ters a legitimization order. A father m,ust prove that the legiti mization would be in the child’s “best interest.” Kirkpatrick’s lawyers said the court ruling was contrary to state law which requires ending a parent-child relationship only when the father is found unfit. Mothers of illegitimate chil dren are not required to meet the “best interest” test. ALE Computer makes decisions Va to Vs off ail Fall & Winter Fashions targe Rack % Oft New help in life’s choices jtor's note: 1 ~\part serie mof the L’n ■ Antonio nt. and tht ping to shaj l SA athletics United Press International PALO ALTO, Calif. — Two young computer entrepreneurs are marketing what they say is the first software package enabl ing the user to pick apart some of life’s tougher problems, sort through the choices and make the best move. “Rank Master,” which retails for $ 195, was designed and mar keted by Gary Retelny, 24, who now lives in Nicaragua, and Chuck Esserman, 23, of Bethes- da, Md. It takes into consideration in tangibles like the quality of life and the weather, along with quantitative data like cost of liv ing and proximity to business centers, in deciding such things as where to go to college or where to start a new business. “It lets you make qualitative decisions — decisions based on your gut feeling — and there’s no other program on the market that lets you do that,” says Re telny. “Suppose you have a home computer and you’re trying to decide where your children Now you know United Press International Smoking a couple ofhigh- nicotine cigarettes can depress male sexual response. In a study done by Florida State University psychologist Richard Hagen, male subjects were tested after they had smoked either two low or two high-nicotine cigarettes, or, in a control group after they had eaten candy bars, Science Digest reports. The men were then shown erotic movies. Sexual response, as measured by penile diameter or heart rate, decreased in those who had smoked the high- nicotine cigarettes. Hagen does not presently know the basis of this phenomenon but he is con tinuing his studies. He is particu larly interested in finding out whether long-term smoking has a similar effect. should go to college,” he said. “You consider where the school is located, how the weather is, what it costs, what kind of music program it has. The program compares schools based on the criteria you have fed into it, and it comes up with the decision you would make.” “Rank Master” is said to be applicable to complex questions that require consideration of many factors and have many possible solutions. It assembles the user’s considerations in order of priority. “Most people who get to four or five factors lose track of what they’re doing and become very inconsistent,” Retelny said. “When you have 10 important factors and 10 choices, there’s nobody in this world who can figure all that out.” The software comes with a 30- page step-by-step instruction manual. The computer asks the user to rank criteria in import ance and the degree to which i: by John Batlalii &N ANTC one factor is more import head has than another. ■niversity it s not forcing you tuitojiio, doesn something you don’t mean pf knows a a conversation with a M t h e baskt nuijii. Retelm Mid. AndB nst . ( mi\<■ model also checks youronB t0 urnam tency. If you say weathem c h“ a t Easter important than money,aujlgut p ( | ( i ter you say money is mortrt a team wl portant than weather, their--, a basketba will tell you where you arebei^/n’f have inconsistent. Then youhau i, ls i the A option of correcting the i: k s especi; sistency. or going ahea(hii; ne court, consistent data. §j| also does Retelny and Esserman. shouldn’t met as students at Stanfotdlj^ua, a te; versity, took 18 months lo llvby only t velop the program, stilttlBesn’t knt company — called ExempiBcPthe-ear! Software — and put ‘Rank!uld n ’ t bare! ter’ on the market. to such tea: “The model gives yoi j^i sity of 1 scratch sheet to figure out:} pouston ji portant decisions,” Retelnv»t Eddy’: “This software is going lose/e done just example and open a whokBsecond v< field.” He feats be< pressive if f jiting limita :>lonsiderat The lecture series continues! 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