The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 29, 1982, Image 6

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    to CS parking problem
by Brian Boyer
Battalion Reporter
A plan to contract a towing
service to discourage parking on
major streets was discussed by
the College Station City Council
Thursday night.
Some no-parking /ones
already have tow-away zone
notices posted, City Manager
North Bardell said. Until a tow
ing service is contracted by the
city, however, offending vehi
cles will merely be ticketed, lie
Brazos County
Bardell said that illegal park
ing is a problem near shopping
centers and apartment com
plexes that do not provide con
venient or adequate parking for
tenents. The plan is designed
especially to discourage parking
in fire lanes, he said.
Along some streets, illegally
parked cars force shuttle buses
to stop in traffic, Bardell said.
Requiring offending motorists
to pay a towing fee in addition to
a traffic citation should discour
age illegal parking, he said.
“Given the amount of money
it costs to build a major street, it
shouldn’t be used as a parking
lot,” Mayor Gary Halter said.
“You can build a parking lot a
whole lot cheaper than you can a
major thoroughfare,” he said.
Halter said that he would like
to eliminate parking along
Jersey Street, which he said is
being used as a parking lot by
motorists without a Texas A&rM
parking permit.
Other business before tbe
council included a budget re
quest of $10,650 to help finance
the Bryan/College Station Clean
Community System. The coun
cil approved the request, which
must be matched by Bra/os
County and the City of Bryan to
meet the Clean Community Sys
tem’s $51,950 budget. The Col
lege Station City Council also
passed a resolution approving
the organization’s bylaws.
In other business, a proclama
tion designating the first Mon
day in November as Teacher
Appreciation Day was signed by
The council approved an
ordinance establishing a licens
ing procedure for grave services
before adjourning to a closed
session to discuss land acquisi
tion and personnel.
Lots of fdces
A landscape design class in the Architecture
Building carved to its hearts desire. Left to right,
Harry Dawson, Phil Solaman, Amy Wilson, Steve
Landry and Julie Coleman
they consider to be the best
s attorney ge
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me Court to ove
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iutiori of “Cam
jaald Clark
■estnan in the ,
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Halloween p<
E United Press Int
Group sells ho
United Rre»» International
AUSTIN — A group of resi
dents who launched a campaign
to keep the historic Driskill
Hotel from l>eing torn down 12
years ago has sold the last re
maining interest in the proper
Driskill Hotel Corp. in
terest in the downtown hotel
property was sold to Laral
Hotels for $750,000, Driskill
president Clint Small )r., said
Mutation Agency
ire:.' es to vem
rom elementary
|gh textbooks, sa>
■rmation that ca
1 loked.
Ben. Betty Am
Vonh. Wednesdt
tate education c
pymon Bynum to
ision he made las
But a group oUfiBlymm) ordere
dents banded toget mpoks under cot
the late architect MaBstate to elimin
launched a “Save IktBs to sexually
campaign and sotaB^es from tin
subscriptions for sivpdes four throui
hotel. LM rs - Andujar, 1
More than 600 groaBcting a Senate
dividualssignedupf Bbn Public Hea
share issue, and moi Injstudy on VI),
were individuals kiH
shares or less.
Small said the corporation’s
632 stockholders will receive a
liquidating dividend equivalent
to $9 a share. A reserve will be
held to cover future tax liability
and other expenses.
Small said the corporation
decided to sell its interest “be
cause its purpose has been
achieved in saving the Driskill.”
Laral, headed by Larry Sup-
nick, acquired controlling in
terest in the historic landmark
two years ago and made major
improvements in it.
The Driskill, which has pro
vided lodging and a watering
hole for politicians since 1886,
was closed in 1969, and it
appeared it woidd he torn down.
The hotel reopem
with Braniff Intern
then active in the hodW
7"" foimc
I wo years later ilt(«
lion sold the hotel (oBrB
I Cl,lined an interesl B United Press InU
earnings. Laralbon. 7 ^7 ^ m . ;ui
from Braniff in 1980.Bg h ‘ s ex-wife
gad in his apartm
When The OrisM Thursday. St
in 1886 bv cattle ^| ec,ed cause of
Driskill, it was hailedlP va r d Toesc h,
the mostluxurioushoi#* 1 Wednesday :
the Mississippi River. B tln g death of
B Day Loesch.
Numerous gubernift' oesc h was to aj
augural halls have betiB'ict Uourt 1 hu
the hotel, and duringBshment phase
i t was headquarter
White House presscotfB
visits by former Presi L] Larry Miller C
don Bailies Johnson. Swede Hanson an
ically receive a no 1c
that pays you 15%
When famous bowler Don
Carter invited 23 Kingpins to
the First Lite Beer Bowling
Tournament, it seemed like a
great idea.
It was the guys who drink
Lite Beer from Miller
because it tastes great,
against the guys who
drink it because it’s less
filling. And once again,
the All-Stars proved
they’re in a league by
After a lot of pins
(and quite a few Lite
Beers) went down and
the smoke finally
cleared, the score was
tied, with only one man left to go.
Rodney Dangerfield.
All he needed to win it was one
pin. Aklutzsituation. Rodney, in
topform,gotthesameamount of
pins as he gets respect. None.
Teammate Ben Davidson felt
Rodney deserved a break, or
at least a fracture. Billy Martin
didn’t argue with that. Jim
Honochick couldn’t believe his
eyes. Neither could Marv
So the First Lite Beer
Bowling Tournament
ended in a draw. And
the argument over the
best thing about Lite
\ was left unsettled.
1 But there was one
thing everyone agreed
B on. It was truly every
thing you always
wanted in a bowling
tournament. And less.
ill I
Formal attire for any size manoi!
CALL 693-0947
| ^ ^
From left to right: Bubba Smith, Dick Butkos, Frank Robinson, Jim Honochick, Ray Nitschke, Ben Davidson, Don Carter, Billy Martin, Matt Snell,
Rodney Dangerfield, John Madden, Mickey Spillane, Lee Meredith, Buck Buchanan, Marv Throneberry, Tommy Heinsohn, Boog Powell, Rodney
Marsh, Steve Mizerak, Deacon Jones, Boom Boom Geoffrion, and Dick Williams, c 1982 Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
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