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state/national Battalion/Pad Carolyn Ruffino is the only candidate with the experience to match the job. The record speaks for itself. Carolyn Ruffino is the only candidate who has experience as a prosecutor. Carolyn Ruffino’s experience is much more diversified and her legal career has been intensely devoted to serving Brazos County. Only Carolyn Ruffino’s experience can meet the needs of the County Court at Law. The Job The County Court at Law Judge presides over six different areas of the law: Carolyn Ruffino’: experience in these areas... JUVENILE ■ HBHRmb Entertains matters relating to detention hearings, adjudication hearings, disposition hearings, motions to revoke probation, certification hearings while always trying to balance the question of what is in the best interest of the child and of society through programs designed for treatment, training and rehabilitation of the child. All proceedings require an in depth knowledge of the Texas Family Code. Juvenile prosecutor in County Court at Law In over 300 cases filed, represented interests of the people of Brazos County in adjudication hearings to determine whether a child had broken the law in all types of offenses ranging from truancies to aggravated robberies Indisposition hearings, to determine what should be done with a child who had been found to have engaged in delinquent conduct or was in need of supervision In certification hearings, to determine if case should be transferred to district court In detention hearings, to determine where a child should temporarily stay In motions to revoke or modify conditions of prior probation Has thorough working knowledge and application ofjuvenlle law Approximately 300 court appearances in County Court at Law CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR Entertains hearings and trials for violations relating to assaults. DWIs. theft under $200.00, unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of marijuana under 2 oz., reckless conduct, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief under $200.00, sale of alcohol to minors, illegal sale of beer, public loudness, harassment, burglary of coin-operated machines, and traffic appeals. All proceedings require an in depth knowledge of the Texas Penal Code and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Assistant District Attorney for 2 l Ai years In over 500 cases, represented interests of the people of Brazos County relating to offenses ranging from criminal mischief over $200 to murder Appeared in court almost daily for 2'/2 years for hearings ranging from docket calls, pretrial hearings, trials, motions to revoke probation, bond hearings and grand jury hearings Has a thorough working knowledge of and applicability of criminal laws and Texas code of criminal procedure As chief prosecutor responsible for all cases filed in 272nd District Court, made court appearances daily ■■■PROBATE MATTERS Entertains all applications, petitions, and motions regarding probate of wills, administration of estates for those descendants without a will, hearings for the declaration of heirship and hearings regarding guardianships. All proceedings require an in depth knowledge of Texas Probate Code and Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. » As Assistant Trust Officer in the Trust Department of one of the areas leading banks, helped to manage and oversee the probating of wills, assets of estates and guardianships * Gained a good working knowledge of investment and financial markets • Advised relatives or representatives of a descendent’s estate regarding the application of probate laws • While in private practice of law, represented estates of descendents in approximately 15 cases in probating the will, collecting the assets, paying off debts and closing out the estates and in helping to appraise value of assets » Worked closely with real estate appraisers for estate planning and for preparation of tax returns * Has an in depth working knowledge of Texas Probate Laws and rules of civil procedure MENTAL ILLNESS Entertains all applications, petitions and motions regarding mental illness and incompetency hearings. All proceedings require an in depth knowledge of Texas Probate Code. Mental Health Code and Texas Code of Civil Procedure. Has represented interests of many clients with mental illness problems due to alcoholism, temporary insanity and insanity Worked with many mental health experts in Brazos County, Rusk State Hospital and Austin State Hospital regarding sanity or insanity in both civil and criminal cases Has an in depth working knowledge and application of mental health code and of probate code CONDEMNATION MATTERS Hears all condemnation suits and allows for the compensation for property taken as well as for all loss and damage resulting from the taking of any property in Brazos County. These proceedings require an in depth knowledge of real estate law and civil laws. Instructor for American College of Real Estate for 3 years and taught courses regarding real estate law as it relates to the buying and selling of real estate In private practice, represented many clients in helping them to plan the development of their estates and appraise the values of assets Worked closely with many real estate appraisers During past five years, has developed an in depth working knowledge of real estate law as it relates to ownership of land and to appraisals of real estate property CIVIL MATTERS mmimm Hears all controversies between individuals from $500.00 and up to $10,000.00 in value. These proceedings require an in depth knowledge of civil law and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. While in private practice of law, has handled over 300 cases involving matters between individuals ranging from the drafting of contracts, rental agreements, collection of rental fees, garnishments, wage disputes and destruction of property Has represented severed clients in contested matters for the enforcement of terms of contracts Has an in depth working knowledge of civil law and Texas Rules of Civil Procedure p858iy5 Ru ffino County Court at Law Judge Paid Pol. Adv. by the committee to elect Carolyn Ruffino. P.O. Box 3605. Bryan. Tx. 77805 Iranian claims deed fraudulei V\ United Press International HOUSTON — A wealthy Ira nian industrialist, who was arrested in 1979 by the Khomeini regime, is suing to void a deed which transferred his 10 acres of prime Houston land to another, unknown person. Faridoon Felfeli — who has homes in Long Island, N.Y., and London — says in his lawsuit that he did not sign the deed, that his name was forged and that he does not know “M. Sepahsalary," the person to whom the land was transferred. The land is for sale for be tween $5 million and $10 mil lion. However, no one has paid taxes on the land since 1976 and local tax collectors are planning to sue the owner of the contested land. In December 1979, someone paid the Harris County District Clerk $7 to record an allegedly phony deed transferring the ownership of the undeveloped property from Felfeli to Sepahsalary. Felfeli says in the suit he was “interned” in Iran in late 1979 after the U.S. Embassy was taken over by Iranian n and Americans wereb hostage. "It would thereforesi the only plausible for the existence of ibtiii deed is that some person,ij ing Mr. Felfeli's pm and knowing that neo leave Iran, forged andtt the deed inanattempti cate his property," tUbj says. Arnold Vickery, a I lawyer representing Fei scribed thecaseasamvst said there are no leads. "I don’t know if weld to the bottom of it," I said. He theorized, that someone with the KIb regime was behind tbtj transfer in an effort toa cate the land for the I government. Felfeli docs not belief what happened. According to FelfetiJ York lawyer John Ban client is well-off and nniiij ber of corporations, lull owned a steel mill thau t ion ah zed bv Khomeiri I MBA/LAV inform 8 ness, will and at ti through tickets w INDIA A: Year will Diwali fit just call will be s< MSC HOS Anyone A&M Sc available line for ; DEPART? day is ih< turn in ; Pavilion, vities Ol MSC Q1 TEE: Sip Neches I up for I Wilde rn< INTER-V wight Ed tauon an Rudder AGGIE AI Dance (c manders Admissic Fingerprint isn’t Tylenol suspects’ UNITED lowship Fount air INDIA A (Five of United Pres« International CHICAGO —The FBI found a full fingerprint on the box of the eighth known bottle of cyanide-laced Tylenol but au thorities said it did not match prints of any of the suspects in the seven cyanide Tylenol kill ings. The FBI did not reveal whose fingerprint was found on the box flap, but the woman who turned it in to authorities said she had opened the package out of curiosity. Linda Morgan, the so-called mystery woman who gave the latest bottle of tainted Extra Strength Tylenol capsules to police, said she also opened a capsule. She said Wednesday she was curious after hearing re ports about the poisonings. Morgan purchased the bottle Sept. 29, the first day some of the seven Chicago area poison victims died. The Chicago Sun-Times re ported Thursday FBI crime laboratory investigators said the print could not be matched to any of the suspects in the seven killings late last month. FBI officials in Washington said they were checking a finger print found on the flap of the ea Ixix of Tylenol Morga turned. Morgan provided sari her fingerprints to theF comparison with primsS on tne box. Her nusbanil Page County Circuil Lewis V. Morgan jr., also® . ... , t • r J • . » United Press provide his fingerprints, YORK - Seven people died wbolh: having abc took pills from five pajly cannot afT( , bottles. Three other tainitm. n unc i er , j lt , ties were discovered int tliion’s econoi tory testing. Balth center di Illinois Attorney G® Filty-thiee Tyrone Fahner,headofllM men . intervici force investigating theEl 0 . 1 'fi e health < <■ said testing of all botllesl 1 : 8 * 11 ' 5 financial rc in by consumers shouldb(l| ost important pleted by the end of the 1 T. t0 Live an Police continued the in® 1 '* 31 ' study la gation of Roger Arnoldj!!:^"- 6111 the r initially was questioned W”* ec()noil, ie case after a Jewel FoodSgP abortions, co-worker said Arnold® Meile Hoi white powdery substancel#y ( hologist ar home, along with booboiW^DICES, said to kill people. pmvey question ... ®nng a six-moi I he nationwide seardifftidy was maf i e tinned for James W. Le«Mth AdelphiVi his wife, Leann, alsocoii' 'Health Insuram suspects in the case, Le' ftei New York wanted on federal charge* “Because ol t writing a $1 million eswlconomy mmv iiU r ruing letter to the maker Dis< Comfortable Classics Our cotton flannel shirts are all of tightly-woven ,yarn- clyed fabric. We have a larye selection of these excellent Texas cool weather shirts. Mens * Women's sizes. WHOLE EARTH , PROVISION COMPAQ 108 Boyett 846-8794 ‘ (2 liter) $