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Around town
Library to have Halloween contest
The Sterling C. Evans Library will be celebrating Hallo
ween tomorrow. Displays have been prepared by various
library divisions and departments for the Library Staf f Asso
ciation’s third annual Halloween display contest. This year,
library users will act as judges for the contest. After 10 a.m.
tomorrow, a ballot box will Ire set up in the card catalog area
on the first floor. The voting will continue until all ballots
have been used and the winners will be announced Friday
at the Library Staff Association’s Fall Party.
Orienteers place in Houston contest
Three members of the Texas A&rM Navy-Marine ROTC
Unit took honors at a recent Houston Orienteering Club
Tony Cannata of Company P-2 in the Corps of Cadets
took third place in the 15-18 year old age group. Mike
Krivdo, a U.S. Marine sargeant attending Texas A&M, took
first place in the over-21 year old age group. In the elite class.
Major Bob Fawcett, Marine Officer instructor with the
TAMU NROTC, took second place.
The two-day orienteering meet, which consisted of map
and compass courses set in the woods of Sam Houston Na
tional Forest, took place on Oct. 28-24 and drew over 200
competitors from as far away as New Mexico, Louisiana and
Kansas. Runners competed in various classes based on their
age and experience to navigate over a set course using a map
and compass and reach the finish line in the fastest time
The Texas A&M Health and Physical Education Depart
ment teaches a one hour course in orienteering each semes
ter and the Naval ROTC Unit sets up practice orienteering
in the local area for those who are interested.
Corps trip to Dallas this Saturday
Corps Commander Michael Holmes, of Grand Prairie, will
lead the corps through the streets of Dallas Saturday, on this
year’s first corps trip. The parade includes the Parson’s
Mounted Calvary and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and
will step off at 9 a.m. at the corner of Griffin and Young in
Dallas. The corps will march down Griffin, turn right at
Commerce and continue down Commerce to Harwood
where the units disband. Maj. Gen. Waymond C. Nutt
(USAF), commander of the San Antonio Air Logistics Cen
ter, will receive the salutes from a reviewing stand at Com
merce and Ervay.
TAMU book collectors win awards
Five Texas A&M students have won awards in the 10th
Annual Texas A&M University Students Book Collectors’
Allen Pecotte, a graduate student in range science, won
the $ 100 Charles Thurston Award for his collection of cultu
ral geography. Paul T. Schertz, a senior in mechanical en
gineering, won the $100 Robert Stewart Award for his col
lection, “Humanism in Western Philosophy of the Last 150
Years.” Marilyn R. Kok, a graduate student in English,
received the $100 Sid Cox Memorial Award for her collec
tion entitled, “A Collection of Books for Children by Au
thors Who Usually Write for Adults.” Beverly Ann Kreme-
nak, a graduate student in geography received the $100
Frontier America Corporation Fred White Jr. award for her
collection on geographic perspectives of Texas. John A.
Adams Jr., a graduate student in history, received a $25
honorable mention for his collection entitled “Hullabaloo,
Caneck, Caneck: TAMU in Print.”
The contest was sponsored by the Friends of the Texas
A&M Sterling C. Evans Library.
Engineering profs receive grant
Texas A&M University has been awarded a $28,000 gift
from the Halliburton Foundation, Inc., of Dallas, to be used
to reward three distinguished engineering faculty members
and aid placement office support at the University.
The engineering grant will supplement, through Awards
of Excellence, the salaries of Dr. L.S. “Skip” Fletcher, Dr.
John Lee and Prof. John E. “Jack” Flipse.
The Halliburton Company, which has such operating un
its as Brown & Root Inc., Imco Services and Otis Engineer
ing, is a Dallas-based international oil field services and
engineering construction organization.
If you have an announcement or interesting item to submit
for this column, come by The Battalion office in 216 Reed
McDonald or call Tracey Taylor at 845-2611.
Now you know
United Press International
ployee training increases pro
ductivity, improves employee
morale and reduces employee
obsolescence, say executives of
many top companies in the Un
ited States.
A recent survey by a South-
field training and communica
tions firm found 94 percent of
executives from 125 of the na
tion’s top firms also found the
leaders felt training plays an im
portant role in their firms’ fu
Most such training goes to
higher level employes, accord
ing to the Sandy Corp. study.
Ninety-eight percent of super
visory personel receive some
kind of training, compared with
only 75 percent of clerical and
other staff.
, B Anthropology asks
OFFICIAL NOTICE | fOT OWO ( 101 )c l i t 111C1
General Studies Program
by Tracy Johnston
Battalion Reporter
Texas A&M University
Students who plan to Pre-Register for the Spring
Semester in the General Studies Program are
URGED to pick up a Pre-registration Form in
Room 100 of Harrington Tower from Oct. 26 thru
Nov. 12.
submitted a proposal to the
Texas Goordinating Board for
higher education that officially
would create a department of
anthropology — splitting it from
the sociology department.
Dr. Vaughn Bryant, head of
the anthropology program, said
the program has been operating
on a departmental level since
“In essence, since 1975 the
only difference between our
anthropology program and a
department has been certain
types of recognition,” Bryant
said. “For example, a lot of our
mail still comes to sociology and
we don’t get a vote on the acade
mic council.”
In 1975, the lilieral arts dean
decided to split the sociology
and anthropology department
into two separate budget
accounts. This gave the anthro
pology program more freedom
over its curriculum. In 1976, the
anthropology program received
approval to offer a master's
The anthropology program
has 50 undergraduate students
and 65 graduate students along
with 12facultymei
use eight research
and have conducted
Teller 2
is Cash.
AGGIES... There's a Teller2 — pulse location near YOU. First
City's Convenient Banking Center is located at the corner of
Dominik and Puryear in College Station. How you can get the
cash you need, whenever you need it.
Boss Banker
Dough Boy
Ready Bank
Southwest Banking
First City National Bank of Bryan
Member FDIC
amounting to
$500,000 in the pastfaj
“One of the
really proud of at Tea
that we have what
very unique anthro|
ram," Bryant said. In
its uniquenessthathas
so nuicn attentionbotli
Iv and internationallv,'
Texas A&M is the
in Texas that offers
and conservation
"We have tried to
program grow by
that other regional
sc hools are not sti
Bryant said. “This is
place in Texas that stud:
get this material in thesti
Texas A&M was the h
cational institution intit|
to offer advanced
training in the area of
ter archaeology, dn
some of the wodi
.n c haeologists.
hoping to receive
within the next mooi|
is 2 inch c<
died in the 1
n of Dr. Kec
by Jane 1
Battalion R
years to offer a doct® ■ exas A&M l i
gree, Bryant said.
dsts are hoping ll
hormones that
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I) provide a wa;
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A pioneer in (he seaidMam e
development on Ne* B'Since newrolx
agriculture will speakotinfcortant to the
gins of Agriculture" Fnjsiolngical process,
601 Rudder Tower. ®e to disturb th
Dr. RichardS. Macwfcjurol the insec
rector of the RobertSJ Dr Larry L. Ret
Foundation for ArchafCbiefitomology, s;
Andover, Mass., will distal The research
work he conducted inf still theoretical
and South America duaktlnwh about ins
1960s and 1970s. mines, he said.
MacNeish has wrilttiMjw neurohor
archaeological article’blond sugar bala
books and has cofflalce, blood fat I
archaeological fields 'lein synthesis. A
more than 30 years, neurohormones a
He received his ba(®nlv two have be
master’s and doctoral Wiaracterized by
f rom the University of (J
during the 1940s.
His speech, sponsor#'
Texas A&M College of .1)
ture, archaeology progrs
Departments of Hi* heir structure is
Geography, will beginai: Once the slructur
and admission is free,
Brazos County
■“Our primary
find out what pro
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isolating the
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hg off the insect
DO NOT proceed to the parking
area surrounding the stadium
UNLESS you have a Blue Parking
Coupon in your possession!
Proce.d to Public Parking lots located on
the north side of Highway 114.
Watch for traffic directors on Highway 1M
and Spur 482 who will direct you to rood)
leading to the Public Parking areas.
Have exact change — three dollar bills—
which will eliminate change making and
speed entrance to the parking lots. The
charge for RV's or Mobile Homes is $6.00,
Anticipate how long it will take to drive to
the Stadium and leave 30-45 mingles
earlier than you think necessary.
Clip this ad including the map and take
with you for reference as you drive to the