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orld THE BATTALION Page 7 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1980 atin jet hijacked | 1 United Press International I MEXICO CITY -A hijacked Colombian jetliner land- 111V ij today in Mexico City on the fourth stop of what was L Vi y IL]a spectacular attempt to disrupt a Latin American J L^ m jt honoring the George Washington of South |e possible,, Jneri ca ’ . anufactu re 1: The Boeing 727 Avianca Airlines jet, with 59 hostage «. * Bangers and eight crew members, touched down at schnoUyf pto Juarez International Airport after a three-hour rtiaryfi] lidit from Panama City, Panama. >utpubli r Federal Judicial Police and Mexico City officers kept search ^ | leporter 5 and photographers away from the jetliner, NeoCh filled about a mile from the international flight termin- d Charten Rafter it landed in thick fog. lUm., i^l Rut airport officials said air traffic was normal early 'desmansa«] ;i u ^ i 1.1 . i . P,y a s most holiday season travelers were oblivious to Jpdrama going on outside the bustling terminal. ^Twelve leftist guerrillas seized the jetliner, initially OOOoT"T carrying 137 people, in an attempt to break up a Latin ent le C American summit honoring Simon Bolive, sometimes dallecl the George Washington of South America. . j c L ■ 1 .Armed with hand grenades, the guerrillas took off 9 to ^"fy f rom Panama City for Mexico City with 59 male '■nmercial operations j aerloK ; snian saii 5res s statem® cess could.» on hostages and eight crew members aboard an Avianca Boeing 727, leaving behind a scattered trail of passen gers, Panamanian officials said. The hijackers, who seized the jet on a domestic flight orginating in Bogota, released a total of 78 passengers in their three stops — seven in Santa Marta, Colombia, 47 in Barranquilla and 24 in Panama City. The armed guerrillas, identified as members of the April 19th movement, which conducted the spectacular Dominican Embassy takeover last February, apparently issued no demands, other than fuel, food and navigation maps. The hijackers seized the Boeing 727 destined for Pereira, a town in west central Colombia, and forced the crew to land in Santa Marta, 40 miles northeast of Bar ranquilla. Next, the hijackers were flown to Ernesto Cortizo Airport in Barranquilla, where the airliner was refueled and resupplied in return for the release of 47 passen gers, mostly women and children. The craft then put down in Panama City where au thorities negotiated with the hijackers at Panama’s Tucuman International Airport. Earthquake-damaged hospital collapses on patients in Italy United Press International NAPLES, Italy — A 400-year-old hospital building damaged by last month’s major earthquake collapsed early Monday, burying about a dozen elderly patients under the rubble, police said. The hospital, housed in the for mer Bourbon Royal Palace in the center of the city, collapsed Without warning in the predawn hours. Officials said about a dozen elder ly patients, many of them in their 80s, were covered by the rubble. Several nuns who worked in the “Hospice of the Poor,” housed in the collapsed palace wing, were also buried. Three elderly patients were pul led out of the rubble in satisfactory condition shortly after the collapse, police said. The noise of the collapse caused quake had hit the city. Fire department and army rescue teams rushed to the building but said The latest earthquake tragedy came a day after the government commissioner in charge of disaster relief operations accused the Mafia and common profiteers of taking advantage of the earthquake and carrying out massive fraud in the Naples area. panic in the neighborhood, with resi dents running from their apartment buildings in fear that another major J make (lie at Chairman Hua appears out Beatles unknown Hu Yaobang likely successor of China’s party boss China S00S T iPTUlOTl ays 'arter said, ¥11 is. rt) but becatifj '■l used in nil 'line. United Press International PEKING — Mao Tsetung’s hand picked successor, Communist Party Chairman HuaGuofeng, has submit ted his resignation, unconfirmed re- I ports — which Chinese officials re- f*fPV iiised to deny — said Tuesday. I l VI The official refusal to deny the report was the strongest indication that Hua was on his way out as the head of the party, the job be- Sueathed to him by the late Chair- fjan Mao. ike handswiid Huahas a!ready g ivenu P the gov - ... , eminent premiership in a power struggle with China’s strongman, Deng Xiaoping. is a wondeimThe report of Hua’s resignation as time of the it party chief came as his most likely also was asy:f'>c cessor . Secretary General Hu eportedreiMhiTaobang, announced a total repudia- Carterswoi# bon of Mao’s 1966-76 Cultural Re- ouse early iii begin rede®! *ters. 1 called me vela did not sayij 'artersaid, "ll id about them e for us all! ntry and cott IVC this year United Press International aidshehadsenti CAIRO, Egypt — U.S. Middle East envoy Sol Lino- aJbumoftle' witz told President Anwar Sadat Monday that Ronald Reagan s new administration will play the role of “full with a laugh It partner” in peace-making under the Camp David for- for Christmas mula. ooked muclsf lAfterward, Linowitz said Sadat had pledged coopera- ; to cook,'she tion with the Reagan forces in seeking Middle East r daughter, hipeace. Sadat said he gave Linowitz messages for Reagan and , accompanifi President Carter as well as Israeli Prime Minister ason,6,aiidS# Menachem Begin, who the envoy will see later this l-foot Douglas li-week. th century VicbRSadat and Linowitz made brief statements to repor- ise, hats, fans I tors after they met for 70 minutes at the presidential ace, trimmirif 'Nile-side Barrages resthouse 15 miles north of Cairo. I “I conveyed to President Sadat a message from Presi- d to have at dent Carter and I was able to assure him on behalf of itmas,” Mrs t President-elect Reagan that when he is in office, Presi her two g»i' : volution, during which Hua rose from obscurity to eventually head both the government and the party. “It is the unanimous view of our party that the decade between 1966 and 1976 of the so-called Cultural Revolution was a period of catas trophe,’’ the likely successor Hu told a Greek Communist newspaper Sun day. “Nothing was correct or positive during these 10 years. The whole thing was negative.” Unconfirmed reports said Hua, 61, has already submitted his res ignation to the party secretariat be cause of irreconcilable differences with the ruling pragmatists led by Vice Chairman Deng. When asked about the reports, a spokesman of the information de partment of the Foreign Ministry re plied, “We don’t know about it.” When told his reply fell short of a denial, the spokesman repeated his answer. Vice Foreign Minister Han Nian- long told reporters Saturday Hua still was chairman and denied rumors that he had been arrested. Asked whether Hua would soon be replaced, he said he didn’t know. Observers speculated Hua might have submitted his resignation, but the Central Committee has not yet approved it. Analysts said that the reference by Hu — who has been handling the affairs of the party — to unanimity in the repudiation of the Cultural Re- voluion indicated the Deng-led pragmatists have clinched a victory over Mao loyalists, and that Hua might have resigned after losing the debate. United Press International PEKING — Millions of Chinese heard about the Beatles for the first time Tuesday in a news program showing memorial meetings in hon or of John Lennon. Viewers, around China’s esti mated five million television sets tuned in to the Central Television Station’s evening news, were treated to several minutes of film on mass gatherings in Liverpool, home town of the Beatles, and at New York’s Central Park to commemorate Lennon. Segments of some of Lennon’s songs were played on the program. The commentator introducing the Beatles to the Chinese viewers — most of whom have never heard of the pop group — said Lennon put poetry to song and expressed the dis content of young people of his gener ation. China was virtually closed to the outside world at the time the Beatles reached the peak of their popularity. China’s young people of the 1960s were more concerned with Cultural Revolution than with rock music. they could not begin searching for bodies until the arrival of a special team to protect the area from weakened walls. The latest earthquake tragedy came a day after the government commissioner in charge of disaster relief operations accused the Mafia STORAGE U - LOCK - IT 10 x 20 - $25 693-2339 and common profiteers of taking advantage of the earthquake and car rying out massive fraud in the Naples area. Relief Commissioner Giuseppe Zamberletti threatened Sunday to force into exile Mafia bosses running a network of fraud throughout the earthquake zone, following the arriv al of an eight-member U.S. delega tion sent to determine how to spend $50 million in aid. The group was led by Italian- American businessman Jeno Pauluc- ci and included U.S. Reps. Mario Biaggi and Geraldine Ferraro, both D-N.Y., and Silvio Conte, R-Mass., as well as New York Lt. Gov. Mario Cuomo; Robert Georgine, Building and Construction Trade Union pres ident; Benjamin Palumbo, director of government relations for Philip Morris Inc., and Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Democratic Party chief. AUTO INSURANCE FOR AGGIES: Call: George Webb Farmers Insurance Group [3400 S. College 823-8051 Mid-East peace talk cooperation promised by Reagan and Sadat AGGIES! Dou^ aF. Jewe rv dent-elect Reagan will support the Camp David pro cess, and that there will be no change in the process without the consent of Egypt and Israel,” Linowitz said. “I was once again impressed by the committment and dedication of President Sadat and his assurance that he is deeply devoted to do what he can to move toward (Palestinian) autonomy in negotiations, recognizing that we are engaged in what is the only viable path to com prehensive peace in the Middle East.” Sadat said he asked Linowitz “to convey three mes sages: one to President Carter, the second to President Reagan and the third to Prime Minister Begin.” He said nothing about the contents. 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