The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, December 17, 1980, Image 3

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enson named
dean emeritus
I Dr. Fred J. Benson, who retired
—■ 31 after 43 years of service with
leTexas A&M University System,
Lbeen designated dean emeritus
GfTexas A&M’s College of En-
y Spring.
[ The title was formally bestowed
on Benson by the Board of Regents at
/ho thm^,H e< l uest ofDr - C , harIes H - Sam -
S on, the University s acting presi-
and Dr. Frank W.R. Hubert,
ea chother,[jCljcellor of the Texas A&M
1(1 nadrecei.. L s t em .
t of town, IF Benson served as dean of en-
My left, sC-tineering from 1957 until 1978,
when he was promoted to vice presi-
ad forg,." dent for engineering and non-
iewable resources. He assumed
Iposition of deputy chancellor for
s later,
'g semester
back to seal
i. In Marti,iJ
lidn’t stop at}1
m, “How’reJ
er, a
Engineering in April.
Benson has served as director of
both the Texas Transportation Insti
tute and the Texas Engineering Ex
periment Station. He continues to
serve as vice president of the Texas
A&M University Research Founda
He has received the Disting
uished Service Award from the
Highway Research Board and the
Tasker H. Bliss Award from the
American Society of Military En
gineers. He is an honorary member
of the American Society of Civil En
gineers and holds an honorary Doc
tor of Engineering degree from
Kansas State University, where he
received his bachelor’s degree in
civil engineering in 1935.
■In’t really tj
and Ml
■ where E#i|
response. El
Prosecution says
officer ‘willing’
United Press International
SAN ANTONIO — A federal prosecutor Monday said former Dade
unty, Fla., policeman Charles Veverka willingly participated in the
nspiracy to conceal the beating death of a black man last year.
In closing arguments in Veverka’s civil rights violation trial, Assis-
I, taut U.S. Attorney Brian McDonald said Veverka’s contention that he
e . 1 keen ordered to falsify reports about Arthur McDuffie’s death was
istmas 1 wash I "Obedience to such an order would not be a valid defense,” McDo-
'ternoon p; nald said.
:ed a hitai | The prosecutor said Veverka was a “willing participant” in the
leenhitwMtr lovmip, which he called a “partnership for criminal purposes.”
anyone lod ; | Vever ^ a testified his superior “ordered” him to file favorable reports
not mentioning the severity of the beating McDuffie suffered but
M< Donald said a statement Veverka gave investigators Dec. 26, 1979,
;niorecoaffi..p SC( j ^ wor( j s “talked, advised, suggested but never the word
■ Defense attorney Denis Dean rested his case Monday at 9:45 p.m.,
iimmediately after the jury was seated for the day.
$ girls killed in chase
on 145, 7others hurt
1 United Press International
I DALLAS — Three teen-age girls
were killed and seven people injured
early Tuesday in a furious police
chase going the wrong direction on
an interstate highway.
| The chase began about 2:20 a.m.
when two police officers were check
ing a report on a shooting in a bar
U pking lot. Two suspects split up in
different cars and the officers, joined
hy another police car, pursued, with
one of the men being captured im-
I The other suspect, identified as
Kearney Earl Nash, 33, led the other
officers, who by then had been
3 lined by two more police cars, to
np Interstate 45. Police spokeswoman
Vicki Eiker said Nash made a U-turn
more jobs
| NL Industries, Inc., which pro
duces threaded tubing and casing
jWtonections for the oil and gas indus-
has announced plans for a $34
inillion second-phase expansion of its
Bryan facility.
| The expansion of the Bryan plant
Pi house six additional production
lines and will increase its annual
nding capacity two and one-half
es, from 44,000 to 110,000 tons of
ing and casing annually. The in-
ias ed production is scheduled to
Jgin in the second quarter of 1981.
I The initial $22 million Bryan plant
pgan operation in May of this year
pd is located on a 137-acre site.
I Bryan-College Station Chamber
KCommerce industrial division
^ice-president R. L. Peacock said the
•ansion is expected to add another
wO employees to the local work
ie we jp",
i the supF
,at donaW 1 ®!
icific usej ;
o represen?
Ivjnks. 0
rning ‘
pOLlC' 1
as w*:
V" 1 ' 1 Tit H" 1
ititlede d5» i
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‘I Farmers accuse Carter of favoritism after cheap
• sale in 1977of government peanut oil to compan}
United Press International
DALLAS — A Dallas federal grand jury is
looking at possible links between an alleged
attempt to corner the peanut oil market in
1977 and a giant Atlanta-based agribusiness
cooperative that leases peanut warehouse faci
lities owned by President Carter and his
The disclosure in the Dallas Morning News
Tuesday was followed by a few days of accusa
tions by peanut growers and shellers in Geor
gia that Carter and Sen. Herman Talmadge,
D-Ga., were backing a special loan program
which could drive out competition against the
cooperative, Gold Kist, Inc.
The News said it was told by three witnes
ses who appeared before the grand jury that
they have been questioned extensively to de
termine if the sale of 78.1 million pounds of
government-subsidized peanut oil three years
ago resulted in “a financial plum” for Gold
tpeanut oil to company
Gold Kist leases the Plains, Ga., warehouse
facilities of the Carter family under an arrange
ment worked out by attorney Charles Kirbo,
presidential adviser and trustee for the ware-
... The peanut oil, which
could have been resold
on the market for larger
profits, may have been a
“financial plum ” to
sweeten the (Carter
family) warehouse lease
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a
Nov. 3, 1977, transaction that shook the
peanut oil industry, sold the entire govern
ment inventory of peanut oil to Camilla Cotton
Oil Co. of Camilla, Ga., at a price below mar
ket value. The transaction cost taxpayers an
estimated $40 million in lost reveneue, a
US DA audit shows.
One day later, the oil was resold to Dallas-
based snack food giant Frito Lay, Inc., for
1-cent-per-pound profit. The $16.7 million for
the purchase was advanced to Camilla Cotton
Oil by Pepsico, Inc., the parent corporation of
Frito Lay.
Documents obtained by the News indi
cated 2.4 million pounds of the oil were sold
back to Camilla by Frito Lay, and the remain
der was sold to Opelousas Oil Mills, Inc., a
division of LouAna Foods, Inc., in Opelousas,
Records show that LouAna later sold 7.5
million pounds of the oil to Gold Kist.
The sale to Gold Kist came after Gold Kist
had leased the financially beleaguered Carter
warehouse facility. One top US DA official,
who asked not to be identified, said the grand
jury is trying to determine if the peanut oil,
which could have been resold on the market
for larger profits, may have been a “financial
plum” to sweeten the warehouse lease agree
Members of the peanut industry said they
were surprised to see any interest by a firm in
leasing the financially troubled Carter ware
houses, and they were even more surprised at
the amount that Gold Kist, a Fortune 500 firm,
agreed to pay.
Dr. Sidney Reagan, general counsel for the
Southwestern Peanut Shellers Association in
Dallas, called the proposal “nothing more than
a going-away present from President Carter. ”
He said it would mean the government would
be carrying Gold Kist’s inventory risk.
on the highway and fled in the direc
tion of oncoming traffic.
Nash swerved to miss an oncom
ing car but one of the pursuing patrol
cars crashed into it, injuring two
officers and three people in the
oncoming car. All five were taken to
Parkland Memorial Hospital and
were in fair condition.
Nash continued on the highway,
crashing into another vehicle, killing
three girls, ages 18, 17 and 14. A
fourth passenger was hospitalized in
good condition.
Nash was hospitalized in fair con
dition. Police were considering
three counts of involuntary man
slaughter and charges of evading
arrest, speeding and marijuana pos
session against him.
New alcohol
unit to open
A number of key state officials are
expected to be on hand at Texas
A&M University Thursday when the
Texas Agricultural Experiment Sta
tion will officially begin operation of
a new alcohol distillation unit.
An experimental permit for the
unit was granted recently for re
search on making alcohol from agri
cultural biomass and farm by
products. The new alcohol fermenta
tion and distillation equipment was
acquired through a recent grant from
the Texas Energy and Natural Re
sources Advisory Council and Ex
periment Station resources, Dr.
Neville P. Clarke, director of the ex
periment station, said.
The demonstration of the new
alcohol unit is set for 2 p.m.
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