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Page 10 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1980 job at Mem United Pres* International LUBBOCK, Texas — Rex Dockery, the sandy- haired Texas Tech football coach who won the plaudits of his peers as a rookie coach three years ago, resigned Tuesday to become head coach at Memphis State University. Dockery, 38, said he had notified MSU officials of his decision only minutes before he made his public announcement at the Letterman’s Lounge, over looking Jones Stadium. “It’s a hard decision to make —- extremely hard. I felt like, at this time, it was the best thing for my family’s future. I felt like the most important thing is you kind of go by your heart. And l felt like that's what you got to go by in life. That’s how I’ve always made decisions,’’ he said. Dockery will take over a Memphis State football program that suffered through a 2-9 campaign in 1980 as an independent. “I understand the program is way down, and I feel like life’s partly challenges. That’s the way it is. A lot of coaches worry about scheduling, but all schedules are hard. Nothing’s easy,” he said. The Cleveland, Tenn., native and University of Tennessee graduate said he would begin recruiting immediately upon his arrival in Memphis Thursday night. Dockery said he will leave Texas Tech with re grets, but he indicated the MSU offer was not the first to come his way in three years as the Red Raiders head coach. He was asked what the most crucial factors were in prompting his decision to leave Tech, where his 15-16-2 record over three years had drawn fire from some fans and alumni. JL — • 'v “It’s hard to say. I was contacted earlier, a while back, and l just wasn’t interested (in another coaching job). I think it’s hard to say why, rather than I was directed that way and that’s the reason I did it. ” Dockery said he expects to take some of his assis tant coaches from Tech with him to Memphis, but “I haven't had time to sit down and visit with them yet. ” Tech Athletic Director John Conley declined to speculate on possible replacements for Dockery, J>ut rushed from the news conference to attend a “re lated” meeting. Asked if he could say how many candidates there were for the job, Conley said, “How many coaches are there in die United States?” In a telephone interview earlier in the day, Dock ery told the Memphis Press-Scimitar, “Some of my friends may think I’m crazy for doing this, but I have a gut feeling about Memphis State. There’s some thing about it,” he said. He said he planned to “go north, to the big cities, and recruit some quality players.” The newspaper reported Dockery will earn about $85,000 a year at Memphis State, $40,000 of that coming from a television contract. Dockery also told the newspaper his MSU recruit ing budget would be raised from $80,000 to $100,000 a year, and his assistants could expect at least $20,000 a year. The newspaper also said MSU officials told Dock ery they would build him a new home and furnish two new cars. Dockerv was voted “Southwest Conference Coach of the Year” in 1978, after his talent-short Red Raiders had posted a 7-4 record and downed conference champion Houston 22-21. TANK iFNAMARA by Jeff Millar & Bill hi Texas high school playoffs United Press International Three Texas high school football championship playoffs this weekend will determine the final class cham pions for the 1980 football season. The schedule for the games is as fol lows: Class AAAAA Final Odessa Permian vs. Port Arthur Jef ferson, 2 p.m. Saturday, Texas Sta dium, Irving Class AAA Final Pittsburg vs. Van Vleck, 8 p.m. Fri day, Kyle Field, College Station. Class AA Final Pilot Point vs. Tidehaven, 8 p.m. Friday, Temple Versatile Winfield signs contract for $13 million United Press International NEW YORK — Dave Winfield’s least-publicized gift — his versatility — could wind up being the factor that helps the New York Yankees the most. “He can play any outfield posi tion,” manager Gene Michael said of Winfield, who Monday resolved his free agent status by agreeing to a 10-year, $13-million contract with the Yankees. “And I know he can hit anywhere. The way he runs, he could even bat leadoff. “He’ll probably hit in the RBI positions, either third, fourth, or fifth. If he’s an RBI man, he’s going to get his RBI. It doesn’t matter where he hits in the order. I think that’s overrated anyway. I just know we re going to have someone hitting in front of him and someone hitting behind him.” The likelihood of protection in the order was just one of the factors that influenced Winfield to sign with the Yankees. Another was their winning tradition, and still another was the chance to help his fond for under privileged youngsters. He says money was not the primary concern. Winfield’s ability to play all three outfield positions could help the Yankees with one dilemma, namely, what to do with a pair of glamorous, slugging, right fielders. A fellow named Reggie Jackson is the other. The acquisition also raised the possibility that owner George Stein- brenner, noted for thinking big, might try for a super outfield by trad ing for Boston center fielder Fred Lynn. Jackson, who has played right field on ^nd off since signing with the Yankees in 1977, welcomed Winfield and indicated he could help. “I think it’s super,” said Jackson. “I say any time you can afford a play er of his kind of talent, you get him.” As for Winfield, he appeared un worried where he would play. “They’ll find a spot for me,” said Winfield. “Left field is a position that would probably be looked into for me.” Winfield, 29, a native of St. Paul, Minn., played eight years with the Padres, amassing a . 284 average with 154 home runs and 626 RBI. He has also appeared in four consecutive All-Star games beginning in 1977 and his best year was in 1979, when he led the National League with 118 RBI and hit 34 homers with a .308 average. 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Open from 8 a.m. - midnight, seven days/week. MALE: Room 173 East kyle - located at the south end of the hallway by the new racquetball courts. Open from 8 a.m. - midnight, seven day s/week. Room 104A G. Rollie White - located off of present male students locker room with private entrance and facilities. This room is located in the same locker room in which the clothes and towels are issued. However, this locker room will be open until 6:30 p.m. only on Monday - Friday. If you wish to rent a locker in one of these new locker rooms or renew your present locker, please come by the Intramural- Recreational Sports Office (159 East Kyle) and indicate your prefer ence. The changeover from the existing staff locker room in G. Rollie will take place on Tuesday, January 13. The IM-REC SPORTS DEPT, hopes that you will enjoy and take advantage of these new facilities. We also hope the changeover will not cause you any inconvenience. The IM-Rec Sports Dept, and McDonalds® Wish You A.. . Fall Intramural Wrap-Up The last three Intramural events of the semester wound up last week with champions being named in Racquetball Doubles, Table Tennis Singles and Soccer. Mike Hare and Dick Edwards won the Men’s A Racquetball competition by defeating Mike Denton and J. P. Flynt. The Men’s Class B wasjwon by Pete Sulik and Darrell Kelsoe. In the Women’s divisions, Mar go Bell and Debrah Harris de feated Jo Beth Greebon and Sue Covell to win Class B, while Vicki Whorton and Frannie Madison topped Trish Hintzel and Terry Muniz in Class A competition. In Table Tennis, Mike Bearow and Rand Levy defeated Ray Bal- lenfield and Joe Musumeci in the Class A division. Lincoln Kruse and Peter Kruse won Class B by defeating Son Nguyen and Nam Le. Donna Imy and Melissa Koldus captured the Women’s Table Ten nis title while David Baggett and Donna Skaggs took Co-Rec A hon ors. They defeated Sandy and Kel ly Conley and Mary Hise and Bruce Laborde, respectively. Diane Enstes and Bobby Soepangkat victory over Martin Vela and Mary Strawls won them the Co-Rec Class B title. Soccer action was completed on Sunday with seven champions be ing named in the various divisions. Men’s champions were Schlitz, Angstrom and Space Group in Classes A, B, and C, respectively. Class Co-Rec champs in Classes A and B were the Harlequin and the Strikers. Women’s champs were the Krueger Kicks and Legett in A and B respectively. These three sports wrap up the fall intramural calendar. Our con gratulations go to not only these winner but all winners and partici pants of another successfvd fall program. Acknowledgments This ad is sponsored by your local McDonald’s® Restaurants at University Drive and Manor East Mall. Photos by David Hurst. Stories by John Bramblett. Late entries will be accepted^ space is available in Intramura ketball. These entries will be m between Monday, January Thursday, January 22. If you ^ yet entered your team, besuretotf advantage of this second opening % Holiday Hours S DeWare Fieldhouse, C. Rollie White Coliseum and Je J 55 Pool wil be operating under an abbreviated schedue 'SjjH upcoming semester break. The following schedule wi Dec. 20 - Tan. 4* 11 Dec. 20 - Jan. 4* DeWare G. Rollie Pool Jan. 5 - Jan. DeWare G. Rollie Pool Jan. 12 - Jan. 18 10 a.m. - 6 p m. Closed Noon - 2 p m. 4 p.m. - midnight (Mf) 8 a.m. - midnight s & ) 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. (* - 10a.m.-8 P .mjS&S) Noon - 2 p.m. (Mj) 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. MT 1p.m. -5 p.m. (S&S) DeWare and Pool will be same as Jan. 5 - H- ^ pi G. Rollie 4 p.m. - midnight 8 a.m.-. midnight ( S& 1 *A11 facilities will be closed on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1. ■ ....MERRY CHRISTMAS! ‘Be Our Gui the Ta wnrrfr-rrrrwrtftrtwrt o rrffflflMIIM—BaWMBM Martin Vella is our McDonald’s- ~~ - week. Although Martin’s team lost in the T finals, he is still entitled to a B.O.G. card ft local McDonald’s®.