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riters choose college 11-America team THE BATTALION Page 13 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1980 TANK IMPNAIIARA by Jeff Millar & Bill Hinds fence belit stared bacti) otheneUrJ ; h on pigsW United Press International LAHOMA CITY — Georgia, jeni Cal, Pittsburgh, UCLA urdue placed two players each e Football Writers Association ’s 37th annual All- t r ica team announced Tuesday. Lresenting nationally top rank- leorgia were placekicker Rex Lon and running back Hers- Walker, the first freshman ever bed by the football writers, who been picking All-America since 1944. luthern Cal placed offensive na n Keith Van Home and defen- uddledunii the firstRonnie Lott on the writers’ itunnedAiK an( ] Pittsburgh’s players were inginreturMjsive end Hugh Green and he little b; 5 j ve lineman Mark May. ed up, u , , ,1 ]LA’s choices were defensive • ue lookei ^ en gasley, who made the team he third time, and running back sighed. It* ;man McNeil. Purdue honorees the record-setting combination larterback Mark Hermann and ver Dave Young. ng team at ial, only it , a miseral rug investii d and listle t gray side d again. May and Van Home were among seven interior linemen eligible to win the Outland Award, to be announced Sunday, which goes to the center, guard or tackle judged by the football writers to be the out standing interior lineman in the na tion. The Football Writers Association of America’s 37th annual All- America team, listing position, name and school: Offense: Receiver — Ken Margerum, Stanford. Receiver— Dave Young, Purdue. Center — John Scully, Notre Dame. Lineman — Nick Eyre, Brigham Young. Lineman — Mark May, Pitt sburgh. Lineman — Louis Oubre, Okla homa. Lineman — Keith Van Horne, Southern Cal. Quarterback — Mark Hermann, Purdue. Running back — Freeman McNeil, UCLA. Running back — George Rogers, South Carolnia. Running back — Herschel Wal ker, Georgia. Defense: Lineman — Hugh Green, Pitt sburgh. Lineman — E.J. Junior, Alabama. Lineman — Derrie Nelson, Neb raska. Lineman — Kenneth Sims, Texas. Lineman — Jose Taylor, Houston. Linebacker — David Little, Florida. Linebacker — Mike Singletary, Baylor. Linebacker — Lawrence Taylor, North Carolina. Back — Ken Easley, UCLA. Back — Ronnie Lott, Southern Cal. Back — John Simmons, Southern Methodist. Specialists: Punter — Rohn Stark, Florida State. Placekicker — Rex Robinson, Georgia. Series players take home record purses in payoff hildren com fort Little in Kyle Fit! J eral Ricet ” Thp Am l United Press International ® [TIE ROCK, Ark. — Letters and cards from kegies Eld: an< ^ s we ll' wis h ers — especially children — have ^ d comfort former University of Arkansas and St. Cardinal kicker Steve Little, who was paralyzed lonth in an automobile accident. J wife, Cindy, said Monday her husband had re- coachesff fi° xes an( d boxes” of letters since the accident In top of; P aral V zed fe° m shoulders down. He was United Press International NEW YORK — The winning Phi ladelphia Phillies and losing Kansas City Royals shared the richest World Series’ pot in history and both teams came away with record purses. Each of the 33 members of the Phillies who were voted full shares will receive $34,693.18, according to the official figures released Monday by the baseball commissioner’s office. This eclipses the previous high of $31,236:99 which went to members of the New York Yankees in 1978. The Royals voted only 26 full shares, and they come away with $32,211.95 each, far surpassing the previous record for a losing share of $25,483.21 awarded the Los Angeles Dodgers, also in 1978. The Houston Astros, who lost a five-game playoff to Philadelphia in the National League playoffs, voted 28 full sh ares, amounting to $13,465.29 apiece. Until 1969, not even the World Series’ champion re ceived as much. The Yankees, losers to Kansas City in the American League playoffs, di vided 30 full shares amounting to $12,570.59. SWEDEN'S ^^COOL WEATHER FAVORITES^ • Hot Sandwiches & Hamburgers • French Onion Soup & Quiche Lorraine • Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea • Hot Apple, Hot Carmel, Hot Fudge Sundaes Culpepper Plaza • College Station iri rM'inriririnrii'H-n-m % nr eyes stan my head I* Id Sunday from a St. Louis Hospital to Little Rock, il he will undergo therapy. lildren recognize immediately what he has left,” C „ Blrs. Little. “One little boy wrote, ‘You can think, s were tired I i i i » » II can see, you can near and you can kiss. You ve got a Aiiroup offourth graders wrote saying they believed umble on 1 | ac fe s The love and concern these people pour out rds out for! I incredible. ” , r „ rl A few mill fe appeared happy, content and full of hope ■getting her husband checked into the Arkansas rl ••tilfl lilitation ! nst * tute > saying she was confident he 1 • rehabilitate himself beyond what doctors believe ne impress . . lie, 24, was paralyzed when he lost control of his \ . i . x Kot par a rainiV‘L'rarw=»rl Qf T.rmic anrl block the p pact car on a rain-slickened St. Louis street and , led into a road sign, toui hdov f sa ‘ d she understood his medical condition 0 , “ rtors had predicted he would never walk again — theRice? ldedfaithin a “very eal, very healing God” and the support offered by both friends and strangers could provide the therapy he needs to recover. A tape-recorded message from Little, who apparently was in high spirits, was played for reporters. It was very upbeat and cheerful and made it clear Little was happy to be back in Arkansas. “Hello Arkansas sports fans, this is Steve Little lying in bed here from the hospital, wishing I could be out there with you today,” he said on the tape. “I would just like to pass along a few words to you — that I couldn’t wait to get back to the great state of Arkansas. Hopefully I’ll be out of the hospital real soon and continue on to whatever I want to do. Hopefully, that will be football again, but until that time comes, I’m really not that much worried about it. I just wanted to tell you people that ya’ll were great, that I love ya’ll and I’m glad I’m back home.” Little underwent numerous tests and X-rays Monday. Dr. John Bowker, a University of Arkansas professor in orthopedics and medical director of the rehabilitation center, said the first major goal would be to mend the bones in his neck — preferably without surgery — but therapy would begin immediately to improve the abili ties he retained. Bowker could not set a time frame, but said Little would be released on an outpatient status as soon as he was able to travel back and forth from his suburban Little Rock home. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ * HEY SENIORS! * * * * * * * { t * * * * * Get your elephant t-shirts for Elephant Walk (Mon. Nov. 24) On Sale in the MSC, Nov. 17-22 9 a.m.-4 p.m. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * the twof | | £ •11 indry; need Rosen I Will QO players fitii __ a ,ile outside: lost-game and shooll mentum i i nttyquick) what S best •c J. / United Press International structu nt United Press International LLAS — The front office folk call the shots for the Dallas oys are proud of the fact that second Super Bowl title was dth a team that was almost tot- ebuilt from the club that won rst one. I'l Dallas should happen to win v/l* rd Super Bowl crown this year uething against which the odds the next® airly large — the Cowboys J 0 ‘ in 1 . s , d ou do it with yet another swer all * it totally rebuilt club. i d ' a “ s , e fe*' 8 particular unit is shy ijUi P 6 ™ 1106 when it comes to the raded, ures of the playoffs, coach Tom aas two y ry feels the next few weeks are ncinnati 1ant to the development of the i deman nt Cowboys. • care still proving ourselves ev- ^ 0 • i Jk j e n, we ste P on dle field,” Land- erinsise , id Tuesday. “This team is not ■emam =tween ^ ll be 33 Det apofthe same players what we 0n w kh before. We don’t go on - , x P e nence. Each time you have should ac i again and prove that you can ' ■ next set r y ich brings us to the fact that s , Pfys its last three games ' Oakland, Los Angeles and elphia — all legitimate con dor the Super Bowl this year. iu play top contenders in last games and beat two of them, h'd be fortunate and United Press International HOUSTON — General Manager Al Rosen says he will protect the “in terests” of the Houston Astros play ers as he negotiates contracts with six players drafted by the team. The impact of Rosen’s concern re mains to be seen as he goes after Dave Winfield, Don Sutton, Rusty Staub and three other free agents. Such concern was not a factor when the Astros signed Nolan Ryan to a $l-million-a-year contract last winter. As of Friday afternoon, Rosen said he was close to setting up meetings with agents of pitcher Sutton, catch er Darrell Porter and defensive spe cialist Dave Roberts. He seemed concerned the draft’s plum, slugger Winfield, might not hear his offer. As if making an appeal, Rosen said, “It would be hard for me to believe Dave Winfield will not ex plore all the possibilities.” Before owner John McMullen bought the Astros in July, 1979, the team had one of the lowest salary structures for its players in the Major Leagues and they had signed only .one free agent. Last winter McMullen overrode objections of since fired General Manager Tal Smith to sign free agent Ryan to a three-year, $l-million-a- year contract. Smith argued such a contract was not necessary and that it would throw his salary structure out of balance. 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We sem \ n p 1 We fi- We did things half that gave our de- If ence It was a step for- "steadnfL s j e PP in g for - ^ ea u of backwards we will be iU j!j.. t } Unlc it was a significant Sunda y (against A lagaij a " d oo Thanksgiving %r Wp k Seattle ) we will show is n av . e gained confidence. B u . read Prediction on it. It < >- Q D H c/j I Q §1 >ns ns ars 10-4:0 >- Q D h £ Q i > Q D H if) I Q i las t Q k T p culc non on it. It ; e shown on the football STUDY ABROAD FAIR Thursday, November 20, 1980 RM 206MSC 12 pm ~ 2pm the international student exchange program For undergraduates at TAMU. Costs the same as one year at TAMU. Study abroad for one academic year on a reciprocal program funded by congress. /.ggUcantSfinust^^e ^ergraduate student enrolled at TAMU. 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