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WF r '‘ AY, FEBRUARY 27, 1980
Car hotline
helps stop
lemon sales
City Staff
Buying a used car, often consi
dered the lemon of the automobile
world, is becoming safer due to the
Department of Transportation’s auto
safety hotline.
The hotline’s purpose is to supply
recall information about any motor
vehicle sold in the United States. If a
car was recalled for a safety defect,
the information is entered into a
computer. Operators stalf the hot
line from 6:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and
given the vehicle’s make, model and
year, they can immediately give any
defect or recall information to poten
tial buyers.
This information includes auto
mobiles, trucks and motorcycles;
domestic and foreign vehicles, and
accesories like tires.
Also, the hotline staff welcomes
consumer calls to report any safety-
related problem with a vehicle. A
form will be sent to the complainant
which asks for the vehicle’s make,
model and year and the exact prob
lem. This information is also fed into
the computer.
The hotline began as an experi
ment in October 1975, with only four
operators. It is now permanently
funded and has 10-13 operators staf
fing it. Operator Deborah Mazyck
said the phones ring continously,
averaging about several hundred
calls a day. After hours calls are
answered by a tape recorder enabl
ing callers to leave a message.
The hotline is toll-free to callers in
the continental United States and
the telephone number is 800-424-
Flood pleads
guilty, but
says he’s not
United Press International
WASHINGTON — Former Rep.
Daniel Flood, D-Pa., still maintain
ing his innocence, but saying he is
physicially and mentally unable to
defend himself, pleaded guilty Tues
day to a misdemeanor conspiracy
count to avoid a bribery retrial.
U.S. District Judge Oliver Gasch
promptly let the 76-year-old Flood
off without a jail term, bringing to an
end the 17-month-old case.
As part of a plea bargaining agree
ment reached last Friday, prosecu
tors filed a new misdemeanor charge
alleging Flood violated federal cam
paign laws in taking payoffs from five
persons, and dropped an 11-count
conspiracy, bribery, and perjury in
Begging the judge not to impose a
jail term, defense lawyer Axel
Kleiboemer told the court: “He is an
old man, ravaged by the effects of his
age. He is used up, your honor.”
Kleiboemer said Flood, once the
powerful chairman of a House
appropriations subcommittee, spent
more than $150,000 in the first year
of his defense and is now deeply in
“Enough is enough. Let him go in
peace, and don’t subject him to any
further indignity,” Kleiboemer said.
The judge imposed no fine.
Flood, who has been hospitalized
repeatedly since his first trial ended
in a hung jury, appeared shaky and
was allowed to sit while the sentence
was imposed. But before entering
his plea, he told the judge in a brief
statement, “I am not guilty of each
and every element-of W
made by the government. J
] have decided to plead J
cause of consultation wittifl
neys that I might I
trial of some of the i
Speaking to reporter?sfcajg'
hearing room, Floodsaid'flr
have done from the veiyfaiBfej
with all my heart that I ht JR!
ted any criminal offense,”*
Kleiboemer, stressingflM;
dining condition, said4W|'
gressinan’s life expectancijl®
“four to eight years.” HeajH
had been subject to greatinJp
the lengthy prosecution.
Flood’s declining contiiR
forced hint to resign Jan, 31^1
congressional seat hehadkM*
Life term
given to
United Press International
HOUSTON — A man has been
sentenced to life in prison in the re
peated rape of a 16-year-old girl who
was beaten, dumped from a ear
naked, maced and shot in the knee
before her attackers fled.
Steven Arlie Creech, 22, was the
second man given a life sentence in
the rape Oct. 9. Gary Dean Reno,
28, who lived with Creech, was con
victed and sentenced earlier.
Prosecutors said Creech and Reno
abducted the girl from a sidewalk,
pulled her into the car, raped her
repeatedly, beat her, dumped her in
a roadside ditch, sprayed her with
chemical mace and shot her in the
Creech and Reno also are charged
in the Sept. 19 rape of a 19-year-old
woman on her honeymoon in Gal
veston. Police charge the two broke
into a hotel room, tied up the hus
band and raped his wife in his pre
The two also are charged with
attempted murder of a police officer
they shot while he pursued them af
ter the Oct. 9 rape.
U.S. urged
to tap lands
for energy
United Press International
States must develop energy poten
tial on federally owned lands if it is to
meet its future energy* needs, Rail
road Commission Chariman John
Poerner said Tuesday.
Poerner said oil and gas will con
tinue to provide more than half of the
fre world’s energy through the end of
this century, but he said the nation
must mount an extensive effort at
conservation and development of
domestic energy resources.
He renewed his recommendation
for development of a “bullet train”
connecting San Antonio, Houston
and Dallas-Fort Worth and for de
regulation of oil and gas prices to
encourage exploration.
“We must make better use offeder
-al lands,” Poerner said in a speech
prepared for a luncheon of the Rot
ary Club.
“About half of all known remaining
energy reserves in this nation are on
federal land, yet fully 60 percent of
the on-land federal estate has been
formally closed or severely restricted
to exploration and development for
ecological reasons.”
Poerner said the federal lands
should be “leased, explored, drilled
and produced, but in harmony with
other ecologically desirable uses. ”
The chairman of the agency which
regulates oil and gas production in
Texas said the most valuable contri
bution the federal government could
make to the energy problem would
be to encourage a healthy climate in
which the free market system could
Search for
Texas family
United Press Intrnational
TAOS, N.M. — Civil Air Patrol
search planes Tuesday backtracked
over areas searched previously for a
missing plane carrying five members
of a Texas family.
“We re going over the area again
because the changing winds we’ve
had might have moved snow and un
covered the aircraft, if it is up there
somewhere,” said Lt. Steve Satchwll
of the CAP.
The plane, piloted by Dr. Robert
Russell of the Dallas suburb of Mes
quite, disappeared Thursday on a
flight from Amarillo to Durango,
Colo. On board were Russell’s wife,
Bertha, two sons, Brian and Chris,
and a daughter, Gina.
Search operations were inter
rupted Monday with the crash of one
of the CAP search planes. The plane,
a single-engine T’34 trainer, crashed
at the 12,200 foot level on the side of
13,161-foot Wheeler Peak, New
Mexico’s highest mountain. Both
men on board survived the crash and
were airlifted to an Albuquerque
The missing plane was last spotted
on radar in the Taos-Red River area.
The plane’s flight path would have
taken it across New Mexico’s highest
mountain range, which had been hit
by a series of snow storms during the
past two weeks.
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