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‘Whorehouse’ success
United Press International
HOUSTON — The closing Sun
day of “The Best Little Whorehouse
in Texas, ” after a year-long, $5 mil
lion run, will be mourned perhaps by
an even larger audience than
observed the passing of its inspira
tion, the legendary La Grange
brothel known as the Chicken
It is doubtful the original sex par
lor attracted more paying customers
in its colorful history than its musical
comedy namesake.
What Texans and the rest of the
nation have come to realize via the
New York, Houston and national
touring productions of the play is
that even in its forced closing, the
Chicken Ranch lives. Likewise, the
Tower Theater production of
“Whorehouse survives to play
another day as a second touring com
pany already booked for six months
from Florida to Nevada.
The Texas production is a success
story paralleled only by the con
tinued demand for tickets to the ori
ginal version of “Whorehouse” at the
46th Street Theatre on Broadway.
Hardly anyone thought legitimate
theater could stage a 12-month pro
duction in Houston and attract more
than 380,000 customers. Today,
hardly anyone doubts “Whore
house” could play to full houses inde
The decision to bring the show to
Texas in the first place and now to hit
the road belong solely to Stevie Phil
lips, its producer.
“Nobody could have talked me out
of it (a Houston production), but
most tried,” Phillips said. “They
assured me it would run no more
than three weeks. I thoughttfe
I was willing to
United P
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Official ices
hockey sign
Burning sites needed
for chemical disposal
United Press International
NEW YORK — It was just a
friendly message to the neighbors,
said the firefighters. But the higher-
ups were not amused, and Engine
Company 39 had to take down its
hockey sign Saturday.
The firehouse night crew was so
inspired by the U.S. Olympic hock
ey team’s victory over the Soviet
squad Friday night that they grab
bed a bedsheet and red paint, and
created a sign announcing: “U.S. 4,
Russians 3.”
United Press International
DALLAS— Government, indus
try and the public are eager to find a
safe way to destroy polychlorinated
biphenyls (RGBs), but the search has
taken far longer than anyone antici
A 1979 EPA directive known as
the May 31st Regulation banned the
manufacture, processing, distribu
tion and use of PCBs — highly toxic
chemicals identified as a cause of
cancer — other than in totally en
closed containers.
The regulation also stipulated as of
Bill Gunter, leader of the EPA’s
PCBs regulations team in Washing
ton, D.C., blamed the current stale
mate on the waste disposal industry’s
sparse interest in PCB incineration
and stiff local opposition to proposed
The sheet was proudly draped on
the front of the unit’s office — which
just happens to face the Russian mis
sion to the United Nations across the
“They are our neighbors,” said a
fireman who refused to give his
name. “It just seemed like a good
idea to acknowledge the fact that we
won. ”
The people directly across the
street had no comment.
“This morning there was a boss
around. He thought before there was
any controversy we should take it
down,’ the fireman-turned-
signpainter said.
Jan. 1, 1980, PCBs have to be des
troyed by incineration at extremely
high temperatures instead of simply
being trucked to specially monitored
landfills the EPA earlier approved.
EPA officials figured the seven-
month interval between the regula
tion’s issuance and the anti-dumping
clause would provide plenty of time
for private industry to develop PCB
incineration programs approved by
environmental officials.
It didn’t. There are no commercial
waste disposal plants in the country
authorized to burn PCBs, a compo
nent of oils and lubricants produced
in the 1940s and 1950s.
Energy Systems Co., a waste dis
posal firm in El Dorado, Ark., is the
closest to receiving EPA authoriza
tion to burn PCBs.
Analysis of a test burn completed
in October is incomplete. EPA
Southwest regional administrator
Adlene Harrison said if the test bum
was successful, ENSCO still has to
fulfill other EPA directives before it
gets authorization to bum.
Gunter said EPA officials are
aware of the problems created by the
dumping ban and may cancel it until
30 days after the first incinerator is
Siamese twins stable
for separation
United Press International
HOUSTON — No new medical
problems arose for critically ill tiny
Siamese twins Ivette and Ivonne
Morales during the weekend, mak
ing separation surgery more likely
early this week, a hospital official
said Sunday.
“Surgery is becoming more of a
possibility,” said Texas Children’s
Hospital administrator Pat Kiley.
“There’s been nothing we’ve seen
that has been a problem.”
Kiley said the condition of the 21-
day-old twins, who are joined at the
chest, had not changed.
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chance and I turned outtoberif;
Now, some of the samepeopil
the road show is premature inlie:
the local success. American cr
‘T’ve debated the question, j f ur survival,
said. “But I made the aedsioniH Stunned b
best interest of the company,■L arn bli n g to :
were very anxious to goontkeij ^ping a n eo
“They were not 100 percent^ p Ut the natior
ers. Not a lot of them had expeist [ivc industry b
doing long runs. Sitting down ill Double-dig
place and doing a show niglitt pled the natioi
night was novel for a lot offe ^aking it moi
wanted to re-excite them.” showroom at a
She said she would noth: m j c squeeze i:
prised if the show’s absence fag ou t 0 f the nev
whet the appetite ofTexanstosf “The indusi
and hasten its return to the la g 0 t to be inflat
possibly in a year. The overall 0 f j us t doing
cess of the play can’t be argneiHects us just
It has played to near capacib; S aid Jerry Da
ences on Broadway for almost:.Manager of S
years; was nominated forsevea Tulsa, Okla.
Awards; netted more than$liu: Actually, de
from each of its Broadway, Hoi hit retail car s;
and touring shows; is addini other businesr
second tour as an alreadyguaiar.- Jumping ini
financial success; and hasbeeuyear have dou
by Universal as a movie stamngjBiing an inve
Reynolds and Dolly Parton. — known in
costs. At the
“The charm of the show faced with hig
humor, ” said Phillips. "Regard: Home have b
the reviews, and they aren't; deep into hoc!
good, audiences have a worebuy a new car
time because they laugh all n#:.; “Let me pu
has a wonderful ear for the fee our total floor
Texas and conveys that in tf year was $14,1
logue. The first touringcompa $16,010,” sail
been so successful that even president anc
we’ve been, we’ve been i Marty R s ir
back.” suburb.
, Automobil
Hrts, two inc
rent on access
Mr the main si
losses in th<
■coming rec
Miarton Schc
^ ii,i j Helphia, has
Doctors were scheduled toKf Rational /
early today whether the twr k s ^ oc ij on p,
gained enough strength to wit! .p oen g es said
the rigors of the delicate sep^ngye,- befor
surgery. huge stoc
Physicians ruled out surger)« c j 1 are no t
ing the weekend in hopes the t jj ovvn to a m£
who weigh 7 pounds together fittest,
build up strength to cope witlpfit takes tl
operation. They have been : fi ea i er j us t to
tored around the clock in»lpH "The de
pediatrics intensive care unitq 0 es will adju
hospital, Kiley said. ifcven foreig
Kiley said if doctors decline being 1
attempt surgery, the operatioi
be performed by a team of sped
composed primarily of cardiod
lar experts. Abdominal sped
also will be likely to participate
Hospital officials have rehiid
speculate on the twins’ chance
survival, the complexity of tin
ned surgery or what organs tk
might share. An official states
said only that doctors had
mined that separation may be|
Born by Caesarean section ft
in San Juan, the twins soon sile
life-threatening heart
difficulties. They were flo*
Houston Thursday on an emef
jet flight arranged by Puerto!
Gov. Carlos Romero.
Anonymous donors haveli
paying the twins’ medical bl
cause their parents, Eladio, 31
Evelyn, 21, are unemployed.!
gical costs alone are estimatei
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