The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 20, 1980, Image 5

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w state U,! THE BATTALION Page! WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1980 Pa ■omes counttie Machetti, to limit 4 ' Aey are l V for the Pvilleandtj iClayton says $600,000 ampaign bribe is ‘bull’ Trial opens on Texas law blocking illegals’ schooling hey come,! > leave, I' United Press International AUSTIN — Speaker Bill Clayton id he dismissed as “bull” an under cover FBI agent’s suggestion of a potential $600,000 campaign contri- nterview bution for the speaker and his i an emoti friends. time she Si Clayton’s attorney in the Brilab andarticii (bribery-labor) investigation, vould havfl Charles Burton, confirmed to repor ters the $600,000 figure had been ; mentioned in conversations Nov. 8 asked htij between Clayton, undercover agent usinesswaslj Joseph Hauser and labor leader L. G. noticed y Moore of Deer Park, oat for their At that meeting, Moore left an en- Tvelope containing $5,000 in $100 | bills on Clayton’s desk as a political ver lip q®;p. k when shE contribution after Hauser had sought the speaker’s help in attaining a mul- timillion-dollar state insurance con tract for Prudential Insurance Co. Clayton said Hauser told him “something like if they got the con tract, they might have as much as $600,000 for the race for governor. “I might have said something like, ‘That would be fine’ or something like that. Burton said Hauser had suggested the $600,000 might be available for “Clayton and his friends” in ex change for the speaker’s help in obtaining the insurance contract. Clayton was not available Tuesday for further elaboration on the sugges tion of the $600,000 in contributions, and an employee in his office said the speaker would not be available to answer reporters’ questions. “His lawyer called and said flat out no more reporters,” the employee said. Clayton’s attorneys have repe atedly urged him to avoid comments to the news media concerning the allegations against him, but Clayton up to now has continued to make periodic statements about the Nov. 8 meeting involving himself, Moore and Hauser. Burton said Clayton’s aide. Rusty Kelley, had told Moore after the Nov. 8 meeting that the $5,000 in cash would have to be reported as a campaign contribution. The attorney said Moore replied something like, “Don’t do anything before you call me” or “Don’t report it before you call me.” Burton said Clayton was entrap ped by the FBI in an effort to make him appear guilty, and said the FBI has a taped recording of the meeting. “Hauser was planting incriminat ing remarks on the tape recorder that he knew was running” without the speaker saying anything improper, the attorney contended. Clayton is scheduled to appear in March before a Houston grand jury investigating the Brilab activities. across to troubled, me if the igto kill me ird it beat >ad I ean’tev 0 jailed continue to declined!;. ‘ tnd anyone if United Press International ‘ prison. AUSTIN — Twenty Iranians and ling thatmyi jjArabs continued their fast in the .‘r. It basn icountyjail Tuesday but three women reater depfe; arrested with the group last week s she want? Accepted personal bond and were linistn factf freed Monday. lenowwrfe “They’re prisoners by choice,” to tell said Craig Campbell, a jail adminis- • consciousrjfj trator. “On a Class B misdemeanor, nee and hi qt’s real easy to get bond.” able to artr|* The foreigners refused to accept ;aid when a» persoial bond when they were allowed to ftarrested last Wednesday and Thurs- should mesHday on charges of disrupting the peech of the former Iranian ambas- ador to the United Nations, Ferey- Iranians, fast, 3 Arabs bond on Baby dies after gas mix-up son contact! e staff. ’s she is “an | th ro> forconspii she calls h i ■tedonaldlk was proven 11 ill another : Jnited Press International liles awayn; SAN ANTONIO — A misconnec- I tion thd sent laughing gas instead of ve a lot to °^ ; oxygen coursing into a respirator at I m not afrak s‘Robert B. Green Hospital Tuesday k I should 1 was beng investigated in the death of a 5-veek-old girl. Offiuals said they also want to know whether the mix-up had affected any other patients. Johi Guest, associate director of the Bexar County Hospital District, said the investigation would con tinue until officials find out how the v Ctk nitrous oxide (laughing gas) was con nected to lines clearly marked for oxygen at the outpatient pediatric clinic. The irisconnection was disco vered after officials became suspi cious abmt the death of the baby, who war brought to the clinic last doun Hoveyda, on the University of Texas campus Jan. 31. Since they entered the jail, the 20 have subsisted on sugared tea and have refused all meals. “One meal we went ahead and served them but they refused it,” Campbell said. “We go ahead and ask them each meal. It’s kind of a waste to put food in there. ” Campbell said the foreigners have demanded they be kept together in the jail and separated from other prisoners. “They’re in two different areas,” the jail official said. “They want to be all together but we just don’t have the facilities.” The women, particularly, were unhappy at being housed with other females facing criminal charges and agreed to accept personal bond and be released Monday. “We thought we would be treated as political prisoners,” Lana Budeiri told reporters. “We didn’t kill any one. We aren’t prostitutes. Our case is political.” Budeiri, who was bom in Lufkin and raised in Kuwait, said the women feared they would contract diseases from the six American women who shared their jail cell. Wednesday suffering breathing problems. They said a death was rare at the outpatient facility. When the child’s respiratory prob lems worsened while at the clinic, a physician ordered oxygen resuscita tion to help her breathe, Guest said, and the girl died at 12:15 p.m. the same day. Hospital officials would not iden tify the dead girl because a lawsuit was likely to be filed and because the parents had not given their permis sion, according to Jeff Duffield, spokesman for the Bexar County Hospital District which operates the charity clinic. Guest said final results of an auto psy performed last Thursday will not be known for several weeks, but that the preliminary tests indicated the baby was suffering from viral pneumonia. Two other infants died at the same hospital over the past six weeks, but Duffield said the deaths occurred in a high-risk infant care section where death statistics are higher and ox ygen resuscitation is seldom used. “We asked to use other shower facilities because one of the (Amer ican) women has VD,” she said. “We were denied, so we haven’t had a shower in five days. We get along well with the American prisoners, but they have complained that we smell.” Campbell said he did not under stand the women’s objections to us ing the same shower facilities as another prisoner with venereal dis ease. “I don’t think that’s the way you get VD,” Campbell said. “Maybe they don’t teach that at UT.” fvpfnam&a Eddie Dominguez 66 Joe Arciniega 74 AS o ETTICAE Prescriptions Filled Glasses Repaired 216 N. MAIN BRYAN 822-6105 Mon.-Frl. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m.-l p.m. WOODSTOCK. CONDOMINIUMS Pnything less is just on apartment. u. The Woodstock condominiums and why they make sense today. 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University College Station, Texas 77840 846-5701 United Press International HOUSTON — Lawyers repre senting Mexican children in 17 school districts Tuesday opened a federal court attack on a Texas law forbidding state financial support for illegal aliens, effectively requiring they pay tuition or be excluded from public schools. Lawyer Peter Schey of the Nation al Center for Immigration Rights argued the 1975 law, which he said is unmatched in other border states, unconstitutionally discriminates against 110,000 poor alien children without benefiting Texas schools. “We take their (parents’) tax money and yet we exclude their chil dren from school,” Schey said in a trial-opening statement to U.S. Dis trict Judge Woodrow Seals, who will decide the case without a jury. “We’re dealing here with educa tion. Education has certainly been held to be one of the most important rights available to people in these United States.” Assistant Texas Attorney General Susan Dasher replied that the Sup reme Court has never held that non citizens have a constitutional right to deplete state resources by using free public schools. “No case has ever held that an illegal alien is entitled to the same benefits as a citizen of the United States, ” Dasher said. “The state has a right to protect its resources for the benefit of the people who are lawful ly there.” Schey argued state exclusion of non-tuition-paying illegals infringes on federal prerogative to control im migration and violates the Treaty of Buenos Aires in which American na tions promised free education for all children, alien or not. Schey said that, under the law, school principals and teachers with out legal training are making compli cated immigration law decisions that should be left to federal authorities. Dasher said the 4-year-old law does not absolutely exclude non- tuition-paying illegals but withholds state funds for them. She said local districts remain free to do as they wish. She also said the federal govern ment has failed to control illegal im migration, that the Buenos Aires protocol does not apply and that Mexico itself forbids free public edu cation of illegal alien children. She said 180,000 legal aliens and Mexican-American children unable to speak English already enjoy state sponsored bilingual schooling anc she said admitting illegals withou' tuition might destroy that program Dasher said, “The influx from the border is going to bankrupt borde schools. They already have such ■< low tax base.” WEDNESDAY 4 FOR 1 HAPPY HOUR ONLY AT THE STUDIO 1401 FM 2818 Come on out to the Doux Chene Complex! \L Li al >-4 ciat ►okii oft! ha' rou< ram ideli e n< 2nc< >nti< ' mo | , ne f- It’s magic you know HI If you want the real thing, not frozen or canned ... 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