The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 20, 1980, Image 14

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, t I 5 ' l c H i ti i vi ' ^ 1 tl , it ni i Page 14 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1980 Heiden wins third gold in l,000-metei5ie United Press International LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — Eric Heiden added the third notch to his gold medal belt Tuesday, winning the men s 1,000-meter speed skating event in an Olympic record time of 1:15.18 and giving the United States its fifth medal of the Winter Olym pics. All five American medals — three golds by Heiden and two by Leah Poulos Mueller — have come in speed skating. With a brisk wind blowing and the temperature a mild 30 degrees, Heiden, a pre-med student from Madison, Wis., went off first, paired with Canada’s Gaetan Boucher. Under the urging of the Olympic Oval crowd chanting, “Eric, Eric ”, Heiden took a step closer to an un precedented five gold medals in Winter Olympic competition. He goes after No. 4 Thursday in the 1,500-meter. ) Boucher finished in 1:16.68 to win the silver medal. Erode Roenning of Norway and Vladimir Lobanov of the Soviet Union tied for the bronze medal at 1:16.91. Leah Mueller’s husband, Peter, who won the event in the 1976 Olympics at Innsbruck, finished fifth in 1:17.11. Mueller was paired with Soviet Sergei Khlebnikov, who was considered a factor coming in, but was a disappointment at 1:17.96. Craig Kressler of Midland, Mich., the other American in the field, finished well behind at 1:18.37. Boucher, 22, of Charlesbourg, Quebec, has had the misfortune of living during Heiden’s reign of pow er skating. He has won virtually ev ery 1,000-meter silver medal speed skating has to offer this season — regularly finishing about one second behind Heiden. Heiden, 21, has said all along he isn’t all that concerned about win ning the five golds. “To tell you the truth, when peo ple say that (he’ll win five golds), it goes in one ear and out the other ear,” he said. “The big thing for me is that I want to skate well. And if I feel I’ve given 100 percent and some body beats me, I’m still happy with that because there’s nothing I can do. He’s the better skater. “If I win and I felt I haven’t done my best, I’d be pretty bummed out. ” Heiden has thus far been the brightest spot in an otherwise dismal American effort at the Winter Games. Prior to Tuesday, he had already won the 500-meter sprint and shattered the record in the 5,000-meter by more than 20 seconds. He is favored to win the 1,500 Thursday and the 10,000 tations, Saturday. Heiden’s three medals give him more Olympic golds than any Amer ican speed skater since the 1932 Games and he is the individual lead er in the Games this year. His fans, which include many young females, cheer loudly for him on every lap and the American flags seem to wave more enthusiastically when he competes. If he is ex periencing any added pressure be cause of the attention and the expec- he is trying to i^J U. S. Coach Dianne Htfc lieves that Heiden will m R creasingly difficult to adjijjl rent distances. By Okies lose bid on gridders United Press International Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have apparently lost their respective bids to sign Tulsa All-American line backer Jeff Leiding, who has announced he will attend the Uni versity of Texas. Leiding announced on a Tulsa television station late Tuesday he would sign with the Longhorns. Wednesday is the day bigh school seniors are to sign binding national letters of intent to play football. Youngstown, Ohio, quarterback Dan Cavanaugh has indicated he has vetoed the possibility of playing foot ball in Oklahoma and will sign with Pittsburgh, the Oklahoma Journal reported. Another top player, Jerome Led better of Muskogee, is reported to still be considering the University of Texas, the Journal said. Coweta tight end Ricky Bryan and Ardmore linebacker Thomas Benson reportedly have narrowed their choices to OU and OSU. Stillwater linebacker Jackie Shipp said he will announce today whether he will attend OU or UCLA. Pirate debates Astro trade United Press International HOUSTON — Bill Robinson will remain a Pittsburgh Pirate unless he wants to play for the Houston Astros under the terms of his present Pi rates contract, according to Astros’ President Tal Smith. Both Smith and Robinson, the righthanded slugger who believes he can start at first base for the Astros, appear willing to make the trade that would send pitcher Joaquin Andujar to the Pirates. “I’m still willing to go to Houston, but not under these circumstances,” Robinson said by phone from his New Jersey home. “We told them we would accept his 1980 contract and then assess his performance during the season,” Smith said. “But we are not going to renegotiate now. ” Pirates General Manager Harding Peterson has approved the deal. “I have no further plans to try to trade him,” Peterson said of Robinson. The Pirates part-time player would become a free agent after this season, and he sought to have the Astros guarantee any future con tract. Smith refused, saying, “This wasn’t a trade we simply had to make. We have about nine candi dates for first base and I’m sure we’ve already got people who can handle the position quite well.” Saints say no to ‘Hollywood’ United Press International NEW ORLEANS — Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, the ousted Dallas linebacker who is like a man without a country, has tried to con vince New Orleans coach Dick Nolan he is worth the No. 1 draft choice the Cowboys want for trading him. Nolan says he isn’t buying. “I don’t know what I have to do to get here,” Henderson said after a two-hour visit with Nolan. “Right now, the No. 1 draft choice seems to be the big thing holding up a deal. ” But Nolan said Monday that even though the Saints need plenty of de fensive help, they will not surrender anything close to a No. 1 for Hen derson. “A No. 1?” Nolan asked. “No, not from me. I know that he wants to play and he’s a fine athlete, but right now a No. 1 is out of the question.” Henderson was fired by Cowboy coach Tom Landry for mugging on the sidelines during a nationally tele vised loss to the Washington Red skins last season. Landry recently re fused to allow Henderson to rejoin the Cowboys. Henderson told Nolan during the meeting that he would be a great addition to the club. “I can play the flex defense. I know the flex defense well. This is the only team besides the Cowboys that plays the flex.” Nolan has hinted the Saints would begin negotiations at no higher than a No. 3 choice for Henderson. “He’s always had the ability,” Nolan said. “That’s never been the question. But whether or not he wants to devote himself to the job was the only question in my mind since the situation with Dallas came “It’s very difficult to I fhe Texas distances and be expected'!passed £ in every event, HolurasilBent ser of the European athlete [50 incre some of the Americans ara this sp ing in one or two events. [Ihe incre only one who is competii; pigher b events.” :M depai ough sti dc, vice WE I give! Decker s Qualify SLICED BACON <-"> 1*9. Decksr's Quality % M g\g\ LUNCH- all varieties ^ UV MEATS 12 oz. f>kg. ■ Fresh BEEF QQ LIVER ik. * * HOT *109 Rodeo Brand WHOLE HAM Boneless FREE! i-ik. rkj. BACON LINKS.. lb. R0PE0 MtHt e*o*n fr»« parektit if «k»l< »r k«V RODEO UP TO 1000 00 INSTANTLY! 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