The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, January 28, 1980, Image 6

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Page6 TV BATTALION MONy JANUARY 28, 1980 Sun Theatres 333 University 846-980f The only movie in town Double-Feature Every Week lO a.m.-2 Sun.-Thur*. 10 J*.m -3 *•.»»*. Fri.-S»t- No one under 18 Ladles Discount With I his Coupor. 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Writing in the New England Jour nal of Medicine, Professor William J. Curran and Dr. Ward Casscells said involvement of the medical profes sion in drug-induced deaths repre sents “a corruption and exploitation of the healing profession’s role in society. ” “The growing adoption of these programs raises serious ethical issues for American physicians about their continued and expanded parti cipation in state-ordered executions of human beings for crimes,” they said. Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho and New Mexico have adopted laws requiring THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN *************** W*ww WWW wwwwwwwww< ATTENTION vr I town fcalEl MSC Town Hall Option Pass holders! capital punishment by drug injec tions rather than electrocution or the gas chamber. Florida is considering such legislation. “If the medical profession refuses to cooperate with these laws then it would effectively nullify them since nurses and other health personnel can only act on the direction and under the supervision of physi cians,” Curran, an expert in medical law, said in an interview. “No medical practice act of any medical or allied health profession licenses its members to kill,” he said. Proponents of death by injection say it is less painful and less expen sive than the construction of a gas chamber and that capital punish ment statutes are less likely to be strufck down by the courts as cruel and unusual punishment. Curran and Casscells noted that physicians have historically played various role in executions. But un like other forms of capital punish ment, they said the “continuous in travenous injection” makes a doctor “an active participant a key human participant in the execution.” The article said the injections also violate the Hippocratic Oath which all physicians are sworn to uphold. The oath states in part: “I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judg ment but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anyone when asked to do so nor will I suggest such a course.” The article said physicians cannot escape their responsibilities to the oath by giving responsibility for pre paring and injecting the drugs to subordinates such as nurses. “There may be medical colleagues who genuinely disagree with some or all of the positions taken above,” it said. “Some will support capital pun ishment, and some will sanction va rious methods of quick relatively painless execution. 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Doctors have been present at and have had roles in official executions for cen turies.” However it said, “The medical presence at an execution gives the impression of moral sanction by the healing profession. To be both pre sent and performing a monitoring role is worse.” AScM researchers fight pests without chemical use By CATHY SAATHOFF Campus Reporter A group ofTexas A&M University researchers, working as part of a na tional effort, are looking for an en vironmentally safe, economical sys tem of crop pest control. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, led by Texas A&M’s Dr. Perry Adkisson, is looking for biological and cultural methods of keeping farm pests below crop damaging levels. “Minimizing pesticide usage will be very beneficial to man and anim als,” said Dr. James Cate, state dire ctor of IPM. At the 15 universities involved, 250 researchers are looking at not only the pests, but also the environ ment they live in. Texas A&M has 12 reserachers studying cotton; the overall project is concerned with alfalfa, apples and soybeans as well. Cate and his staff have been im porting natural enemies of the boll weevil from Mexico, hoping to find one that will help control that pest in the Brazos Valley. IPM seeks to minimize reliance on chemicals, because the drive for in creased farm production has led to increased pesticide usage, which places a heavy financial burden on the fanner as well as harming the environment. Heavy reliance on chemicals has backfired by killing the natural ene mies of some harmless insects, allowing them to become problems. Meanwhile, the original pests have become immune to the chemicals. “We want to use pesticides wise ly,” Cate said. He added that a few insects on crops are expected, but when the levels get dangerously high something must he done. By considering each pest in its ecological niches, the researchers hope to establish a program which will allow farmers to increase pro duction while cutting costs and con serving energy. “The central core strategy of the IPM is based on the ecology of the system,” Cate said. Cultural control involves timing of planting and harvesting. Also, har dier strains of plants are being de veloped, which will resist pests. Q) Barcelona Your place in the sun, Spacious Apartments with New Carpeting Security guard, well lighted parking areas, close to cam pus and shopping areas, on the shuttle bus route. 700 Dominik, College Station 693-0261 Texas Ave. BARCELONA Whataburger A&M Golf Course » IK »K St» pen 'ring sion, )eral IS niste n. stude mesti e mi ‘ocoi npos I'sdo pen in si : von!