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THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 9, 1980 Page 3 state a nal wis it Cong ssmen, i ratei ■nts of • This; ion on | deled o ith the nal pol :e for ing tha lie qua tics be< forts tepubl this w ans of reacti s aretl ? of outi iptimis e cam] e may I when s is no Nuclear waste ban requested by Clements United Press International AUSTIN — Calling methods of storing nuclear waste at Todd Ship- yard’s temporary site on Pelican Is land “an absolutely deplorable situ- tion,” Gov. Bill Clements has re quested a ban on further shipments of nuclear waste until the site is deaned up. The government requested the ban in a letter Monday to state Health Commissioner, Dr. Robert Bernstein, suggesting that Todd be directed to clean up conditions at the island site north of Galvtston Island and to begin shipments of waste to out-of-state permanent dsposal sites without delay. He asked Bernstein tolirect Todd to “receive no additional shipments of radioactive waste of any form” and to remove immediately all nuclear waste material in storage for more than a year. Clements asked that he ban re main in effect until the Galveston facility comes into full compliance with the terms of its licerse and state regulations. The governor said Todd Shipyards management officials admitted to a representative of his energy office Friday that the operation currently is in violation of its license issued by the state Department of Health. The governor expressed alarm the Todd facility has more than 11,000 drums of nuclear waste on hand — some of which have been in storage for several years, although the license governing the site states that no drum shall be stored for more than one year. He said the facility also stores ab out 345,000 gallons of cooling water from a nuclear reactor in Sacramen to, Calif., and has been storing water from an Arkansas nuclear reactor since 1976. “This is an abosultely deplorable situation, and one which must be rectified immediately, the governor said. Clements also asked Bernstein to begin an early review of all storage sites operating in Texas. “The proper handling of our low- level nuclear wastes is absolutely essential in order to assure that our medical facilities in Texas can con tinue to provide life-saving services through nuclear diagnoses and ther apy,” Clements wrote Dr. Bern stein. “Low-level nuclear equipment used by industry in Texas is also cri tically important to our economy,” fie wrote. Having recognized the economic and health necessity of nuclear technology in Texas, I be lieve we should strengthen our waste disposal program to protect to the maximum extent possible the public health and safety.” Something lor Everyone Oil rig collapses off Galveston coast; no injuries or pollution reported United Press International GALVESTON — An offshore oil rig preparing to drill a test well lost support in “one or two of its three legs” and collapsed into the Gulf of Mexico before dawn Tuesday. The 35crew members evacuated without injury. Coast Guard spokesman Laurel McMarlin said the exploration rig Triton II, owned by Western Oceanic Inc. of Houston, collapsed 70 miles southeast of Galveston ab out 5 a.m. The jack-up rig, a 250-foot-long barge-like platform with three crank- down legs, had been raised 5 feet above the waves to test its footing on the seafloor when it collapsed into 175-foot-deep water. A Western spokesman said the rig fell such a short distance that the crew was able to evacuate “using normal evacuation systems” without Carter speech angers athiests United Press International AUSTIN — Directors of American Atheists have approved a resolution to severely and publicly criticize President Carter for what the group - lied his “unjustifiable intrusion of a Ntant appeal to religious prejudice n his Jan. 4 address to the nation. In that speech, Carter referred to the Russian invasion of Afganistan as a deliberate effort of a powerful atheist government to subjugate a Muslim people.” The atheists contended on Monday that Carter does not make deroga tory references to the Shiite Muslim religion when commenting on the ( Ayatollah Khomeini, and demanded be stop referring to the Russians as atheists. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, presi dent of the atheist group, said use of the reference is offensive to atheists, who she said now comprise about 23 to 27 percent of the U.S. population. The group demanded that Carter publicly apologize to American atheists for the reference. jumping or falling into the 58-degree water. McMarlin said there were no in juries and no reported pollution. The rig was reported with one end awash but still partially supported by its legs. “We believe one or two «f its three legs went through the ocean floor causing the starboard coner of the rig to tip slightly into thewater,” a Western spokesman said. Western Oceanic president James Huie said the rig, under »ntract to McMoran Co., had been noved into the area shortly before the collapse and was being tested for Sart-up of exploration drilling when the col lapse occurred. Huie said the crew had lowered the legs to the seafloor andjlcked the rig slightly above the waves to test its footing. Normal drilling height is 25 feet or higher. He said the crew was pumping seawater ballast aboard to increase the rig’s weight gradually when the collapse occurred. “We put a lot of weight on there with seawater to be sure the bottom will bear the weight,” Huie said. “During this, one of the legs appa rently broke through the sea floor or something else happened.” He said “weather was not a fac tor,” but the exact cause remained under investigation. He said, however, that the procedures being followed were designed to minimize the risk of loss from such an occurr ence. “Really, what you could say hap pened is exactly what was designed to happen,” Huie said. “We had no injury and no loss oflife and the rig is not submerged. It is still being sup ported by the legs. Huie said divers would be re quired to determine the damage to the fully-insured rig. He said he did not know whether it could be re paired on the site or would have to be moved. 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