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Page 10 THE BATTALION TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1979 Two unions support walkout Order doesn’t deter teacher strike biggest yet in Chicago Drug bust National briefs [)^ United Press International OKLAHOMA CITY — A repre sentative of the Association of Class room Teachers said Monday the or ganization has not decided if it will seek to represent striking teachers at the bargaining table. Teachers acting under the banner of the American Federation of Teachers voted two weeks ago to strike for higher wages. They want a 12 percent raise. The school board has offered them 9 percent. Mary Hepp, ACT president, said the union still supports the current teachers’ strike. IBe§fc Dfeeo urn Io\win PRESENTS Ladies Week Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thurs. Unescorted girls get in FREE & First bar drink FREE Disco Dance Contest $750 TOTAL CASH PRIZES 1401 F.M. 2818 College Station, Texas (Behind K Mart in the Doux Chene Apts.) PHONE 693-2818 Hepp indicated Saturday the union rrtay seek to represent teachers in negotiating a contract with the school board, which has been ordered by three judges not to recognize the AFT. Hepp said ACT leaders “are ask ing our attorneys to analyze the situation as far as bargaining is con cerned.” Instructors have said they will form picket lines again Tuesday, despite Friday’s court order. The judges ordered the school district not to negotiate with the AFT and not to pay teachers for the period they are on strike. Superintendent Thomas Payzant said he hoped the court order would prompt teachers to go back to work. AFT Vice President Brenda Mar tin Sunday accused the school board of spending money to break the strike that could have been used to meet teachers’ demands. She said the board is “wasting money” paying substitutes '$50 a day, hiring security personnel, and paying attorneys. PORTSMOUTH, United Press International N. H. — Crews manned vacuum trucks and United Press International CHICAGO — Authorities who seized 30 pounds of heroin from a Texas man — the largest heroin sei zure in Illinois history — said the man may have been a courier for an international drug ring. Although actual value of the he roin will be determined from lab tests, today authorities estimate its street value may be as high as $30 million. Francisco Gonzalez Fernandez, 31, an illegal alien from Laredo, sur rendered Friday to U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Chicago police after he was stopped on the Stevenson Ex pressway. barges today to clean up a 10-mile stretch of the Piscataqua River, blackened by an estimated 15,000 gallons of tar-like industrial oil that leaked from a Liberian tanker. Coast Guard officials estimated the 613-foot “New Concord' dumped about 15,000 gallons of the sticky oil Saturday night into the river that divides New Hampshire and Maine. CHICAGO — The Labor Day holiday produced a final settlement to a seven-week strike by the International Union of Electrical Worli. ers against Westinghouse. Union members in Indiana and other states voted “overwhelm ingly” Sunday to ratify the new three-year contract, which will provide a raise of about 50 cents an hour in the first year. The tentative agreement, completed in bargaining at Pittsburg Thursday, also required the company to continue paying the ful contributions to worker pension programs. The issue was the main item of dispute in the strike that started July 15. Port Authc rport said • mirers wh< when iissair fligh THERE’S STILL TIME TO PREPARE Call Days Evenings & Weekends Educational Center TEST PREPARATION SPECIALISTS SINCE 1938 For Information About Other Centers In More Than 80 US Cities & Abroad Outside NY State CALL TOLL FREE: 800-223-1782 696-3196 707 Texas Ave. Suite 301C College Station 11300 N. Central Expy. Dallas, Tx. Thirty pounds of Mexican brown heroin and $100,000 cash were found by narcotics agents in two false gas tanks in Fernandez’s truck. Authorities said Saturday they be lieve Fernandez was a courier for an international smuggling ring and others probably will be arrested. His arrest capped a six-month sur veillance involving 20 investigators. ATLANTA — A dramatic decline in the number of measles cases reported so far this year has federal health officials predicting a record low for 1979. In its weekly morbidity and mortality report, the Atlanta-based Center for Disease Control said if known cases of measles “continue to decline at the current rate, the projected 1979 total will be be tween 13,000 and 14,000 reported cases, an all-time low for the United States.” The big drop apparently was the result of a national effort an nounced last year to try to eliminate the disease in America. The Dalai urinan att< homelanc add' igagements 44-year ms to parti >rvice wit joke at Si 'ednesday i Bond was set Saturday at $300,000, although Assistant U.S. Attorney John Sullivan asked it be raised to $1 million to keep Fernan dez from leaving the country. A magistrate will review Sullivan’s re quest at a preliminary hearing to day. Fernandez was being held Satur day on the temporary $300,000 bond but federal officials expected Fernandez to furnish the bond soon. Gramm opposes gas compromise United Press International WASHINGTON — One of the first orders of business when Con gress returns today from its month long recess is to devise — and enact — a compromise plan allowing Pres ident Carter to declare gasoline ra tioning in an emergency. TEXA6 A&M BOOKSTORE Both the House and Senateb approved a standby rationing li but a committee named to compromise between the two sions was unable to agree beforel recess. Rep. Phil Gramm, D-Texai Bryan/College Station, sponsor the strict “trigger” in both House committee earlier and conference committee now, said! week that if the conference conn wccp. nidi ii me euincicnec turn .■ . tee tampers with it, he will trytol O ave ' _ _ _ ^ _ _ 7 • 'I /inflow n./Yr in the Memorial Student Center Introducing the bill altogether. Gramm is a freshman «■ v r'. j gressman with no great clout ini j,. ' House — but he speaks for a si ? anr ‘!' able group of House members* kconcer s would not have voted for thert ing without making it a last-ra step. But sources on both the Hr and Senate committee staffs ReZDUSID : the SX och for the it, where ‘ Sunday they are hopeful langig SaiC ^ acceptable both to the Congress) 0 C1 > the White House can be vmt J ople from North Littl The main point of differenci over the trigger that would end the president to put rationing effect, but the staff members s there are many ways a comprou could be reached on the issue uumw uc itaunt:u un me issue". ^ . out risking the loss of any substanl • vvoi: INSTANT bloc of congressional support. During the recess, congresski staff members discussed rationi with White House aides andfot sou t° 3 COPYING C-63 SERVICE there is a possibility PresidentC la( ter would veto any rationing billi le included a strict trigger provision The House bill, for exampi would not allow rationing unl( there was a 20 percent shortage or threat of that shortage — ink supplies for 30 days. Opponents argued that American economy would bf chaos before rationing could bee clared under that restriction, I the House — in two separate efc — refused to pass a rationing! without that trigger. US United SEVVYOf e exiled : ■edinNew sl-ever tou at will inch 1th reincan lahayana bi I Lam lountain k it wa omraunists een living i has some Last sprin Hrk llm United LITTLE R Black Oal gh isic festival Jim “Dane Hangn ^cert-goers wrong. When eve fads,” M la * I call ke group le €3 Q © O BOTHER'S BOOKSTORE C Avoid the hassle with Lots of Free Parking! 340 Jersey What can you copy? The potential uses for cassette copies are endless. Here are just a few of the most common ap plications: lectures, seminars, languages labs, meetings, college classes, sermons, sales messages, weddings, interviews, talking letters, family events, relaxations, exercises, word-processing data, and computer programs. Fast: Copy a one-hour cassette in less than 2 minutes ...both sides! Copy simultaneously. 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