The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 12, 1979, Image 3

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THE BATTALION Page 3 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1979 Turtles and lizards join snake in glass in MSC A gopher snake tries to scale the slick side of his aquarium in the Memorial Student Center. He does not flicker his tongue to demonstrate his reaction to being penned up in glass; rather, he is gathering information. The tongue constantly tastes its environment, and may help in picking up vibrations, which the snake primarily feels through his skull. It also helps determine smell, temperature and taste. Snakes cannot hear normal soundwaves, but have good eyesight. Thus, the humble snake needs his multi-talented tongue. This slim slitherer shares an exhibit with four other snakes, a yellow mud turtle, and two ar madillo lizards. The collection of cold-blooded creatures is being presented by the Texas A&M Herpetological Society. iiiiif ’ # ’i, t. - HISMHMBnHmI Battalion photo by Colin Crombie Women in combat, volunteer army hit by ex-general United Press International HONOLULU — Retired Gen. William Westmoreland says women don’t have the stamina for combat and thinks the volunteer armed services method is “a failure. ’ Westmoreland, who was the United States’ commander during the Vietnam War, said in comments during a discussion with executives of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Fri day that he was told by a battalion chief women were tough in the first two days of difficult field exercises but “collapsed on the third day.” Westmoreland called the all volunteer armed services “a failure’ and said the experiment was result ing in an army of “the under privileged.” He added it was forcing “a substantial dip into the zomen pool” to fill manpower needs. Sale! Sassoon Satin Jeans 60% °ff c l$e utmost in Jme Ladies c^Appartl MANOR EAST MAUL shot iday y of lary, dice itive alter ding imi- d Hassle-Free, OSA to merge By LORI SHULER Battalion Reporter Negotions of a merger of Hassle-Free and the Off-Campus Student Association, two groups that represent the 22,000 students living off campus, began Thursday night when executives of the two organiza tions met to discuss their proposals. Meetings will continue to be held Thursday nights at 7 p.m. in room 138 of the Memorial Student Center until all details of the merger are ironed out and the groups prepare a joint constitution for the new organization. The idea of a merger was initiated last semester by various mem bers of the two groups and their adviser, Glenna Witt, student de velopment coordinator, because of the overlap of services provided by each group. Hassle-Free chairman Mike Pettus said while the two groups have the same purpose — that of providing services for off campus stu dents — they have different meanings. Hassle Free, whose office is located in Puryear Hall lounge, was started six years ago and is a community-based organization, a mediator between off campus students and the city and apartment complexes. Pettus said they are more a “grass roots” organization than OSA. They stress that their representatives in all apartment complexes get to know the managers and the other students and help them work together. OSA, however, is more of an education-information type organiza tion, Bruce Martin, vice-president of programs for OSA said. OSA was established two years ago and has a cubicle in the Student Pro grams Office of the MSC. Martin said OSA is oriented toward involvement between the community and the University and is interested in “drawing students back to the University.” “Both organizations are badly needed and with the merger we could have more output,” said Pettus. “Why have two separate or ganizations when we could have one and be stronger?” Martin also expressed a desire to unite the best qualitites of both organizations. Witt said a representative body of all off-campus stu dents has the potential of being very powerful and effective because so many students live off campus. While the representatives of both Hassle Free and OSA who were present at the meeting considered their basic differences an advan tage to a new organization, they had different opinions concerning its structure. Hassle-Free’s officers are elected internally while OSA has a school-wide election for the president, secretary and treasurer. Both groups wanted to retain their election method but decided on a com promise of the two methods. Details of the compromise and the subsequent final structure of the new organization were not completed at the meeting. Other areas yet to be decided on include selection and number of represetatives, a name for the organization and the use of commit tees. jlksp GIVE AN AGGIE MEMORY TO YOUR VALENTINE! OLE SARGE handcast in Pewter exclusively for the Curiosity Shop. Culpepper Plaza in College Station THE MANSARD HOUSE ITS NEW!! ITS DIFFERENT! AND WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR NAME! WIN $ 100 CASH in the Change our name contest! (no obligation to enter) YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC?? ENLARGED DANCE FLOOR?? WE’VE GOT IT! Casual Atmosphere Bar Drinks $ 1 25 Every Night Bottled Beer 75c SPECIAL Frozen Margaritas $ 1 00 all night COME CHECK OUT OUR NEW DISCOTEQUE AND GAME ROOM AND GET BACK INTO PARTYING!!! POOL TOURNAMENTS EVERY MONDAY NIGHT AT 7:00 P.M. Mon.-Thurs. 4-12 Fri.-Sat. 4-1