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mummmm Page 8 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1979 CFull JV(ocm dvdfts c^L unicjuc $\ioj>j)z jor JTnc wares iwju> i 'Stained 6 jr” Poe/* ^ Wap 'Sft/ve'i^ &ea/Ae / i ^etoe/e'ip m S . JO -SZP Aar. 9-1:00 693-3667 Crowded room problems over Ciyy> ^ Ci^ll> 4103 S. TEXAS AVE. Bryan Place Bldg. Suite 208 846-5018 Saturdays by Appointment 10% DISCOUNT ON STYLES OR MERCHANDISE WITH THIS AD x»c By RICHARD OLIVER Battalion Reporter Rooms have been found for about 80 male students who were housed in study carrels and three-to-a-room last semester. “Right now there’s no problem,” said Ron Sasse, associate director of student affairs. “We put all the guys where they wanted to go. They all got their first choice.” The overcrowding last fall was due to more returning men, fewer men canceling room reservations and more freshmen signing up for residence halls. “In the past, there have been more people canceling room reser vations than we expected,” Sasse said, “but last year it was the other way around. I don’t know if it’s a trend or not.” Sasse said he expects the University will face more overcrowding problems next fall, but he feels the problem won’t be as tough to handle. “We ll do the same thing again,” he said, “but now that we’ve faced the situation once, the job won’t be as tough next time. We ll be ready for it.” Bryan Darwin, who lived in a study carrel during the fall, said he had no hard feelings because of the situation. “It was enjoyable,” he said. “The room was a lot bigger than the other rooms, and noise was no problem. It was interesting and I enjoyed it.” Darwin also said he thought the problem was handled well, con sidering the situation. “I felt they could have settled the problem before it happened,” he said, “but once they saw what happened, I feel they handled it really well. ” In order to combat the problem of overcrowding, Sasse said pre cautions will be taken. “This is a problem that’s with us every semester, particularly in the fall,” he said, “because this is when most people will be entering. It’s a tough problem, so we have to try and make a closer estimate of the people coming in along with the spaces we have available.” ipipipipipipr^r^ipip^ipipip^ip^pipipipip^rSip gtE vu w w w w w w vu w vu w «u tm tru w iai w u u tru i * & * * CLASS OF ’81 BALL # February 10, MSC Ballroom, 8 p.m. & * 4$. Tickets $5/couple at Rudder * * ‘A Right of Winter Enchantment 1*9 * * * * * * * * EORTUNC COOKIES CHIKese aeSTJUJKJlNT WEDNESDAY EVENING SPECIAL TWO FREE Egg rolls with each dinner 1313 S. College Ave. Brycm, Texas 822-7661 (present this coupon) By L Bui While Te By CATHY TERREL!| Battalion Reporter dents ant Sterl ^f will mo’ Northgate area dorm > J^iiture ai and Corps of Cadet memt® [sent buil find it easier to their laumin [y additic the addition of two new self-, Various st laundry stations on campus, jts a day c The new facilities, which; im Beard r last week, are located in th u a n will v\ Services Building across fon u six or band hall and in the basemen Jer to com old hospital building. Iee ks, Jim The laundries are an exteisfi said, service provided in the cu with Ron Vandiver of Fahiit] Services in Bryan. Fabrit Services, along with 30ottieJ and national firms, bidfortltj ice in spring of 1977. There are 40 washers dryers at the Dorm Services and 20 washers and 10 dryers Old Hospital station. It i cents to use the washers cents for the dryers. We’ve do moves or rington ' MSC BAS and pe AMU SI presen AKE SA Engine Open collars, open doors, open minds. There’s no place for technological careers like TI. People join TI for love of technol ogy. They stay for a lot of reasons. There are no artificial barriers to your initiativeat Texas Instruments. Everybody’s on a first-name basis, even up to the president of the company. There are titles at TI and differ ences in responsibility, of course. But when it comes to communica tion, everybody has the same rank. New employees don't start at the bottom of a pecking order, because there isn’t one. If you get a good idea your first week on the job, you sound off. And you get listened to. On the other hand, if you’d like to ask some questions of the head of the department, you ask. And you get answers. TI has deliberately removed all You can interview with Texas Instruments. Talk to your choice of divisions and cities, including Consumer Products-Abilene, Equipment Group, Science Services, Houston, Austin, Semiconduc tor, Temple and Facilities. Information Session January 29 All students are cordially invited to attend an Mike Amoruso, a freshman geology major, tries the new washers and dryers in the basement of the old hospital build ing. The new machines have made it more convenient for residents on the northwest side of campus. - Battalion photo by Hurlie Collier The old hospital station isq I hours and the dorm services! | is open from 6:30 a m. to! daily. “We have been eonsiderii project for some time, even we signed the contract, V said. “Many students were disssB with the laundry service asi:| 1 ' completely agree with studesB Scanne because of the limitations ofi^CT SPE and the price of the service J cussed had to charge there was just son for many students to be service.” Vandiver estimates 450 students on the service semester. It is not necessanl on the service to use tlf| facilities. “We are a retail operationJ to be on campus,” Vandr plained, “a student does noth| be on the laundry service to use of our other facilities, si our over-the-counter cleaning ice. ILLEL Buildii UDEN cancie; Scienc Engim Moody by Eel BASKET) ton at IASKET1 Rollie JIM BARRETT’S HAIRSTYLING Back to School Special Shampoo Haircut Styling Reg. $ 10 00 with this coupon $2.00 Off By Appointment only Call 822-5131 MSC GR 1 Legali: CIA report saf AMU s: MSC. China capable!methoi of modernizatiteESHiv LAKEVIEW CLUB impediments to progress. All the way to neckties, if you please. This ceremony-free atmosphere is most conducive to a free ex change of ideas. That is its purpose. Standard corporate status sym bols are also missing at TI. By design. Offices are functional, not fancy. There are beautiful courtyards, patios, and plantings. There are recreational facilities recognized as the best in industry. But ali these things are for everybody. At Texas Instruments, personal rewards come in the form of re spect and advancement. Every body is evaluated regularly. There are no “missing persons.” Texas Instruments has been called one of the best-managed companies in the country. For TI people, it’s a move-up environment. There's no place like it. Send for the 34-page picture story of TI people, places, and opportunities. And send us your resume in confidence to George Berryman, I 1 o Texas Instruments 1 N COR PO R AT E. D An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F TI Interviews on Campus January 30 & 31 information session on Jan. 29 from noon-5:30 PM in Room 206, MSC. There will also be a slide show on that date from 7-9 PM in Room 206, MSC and on the 30th in 301T Rudder Tower. These presentations will be particularly informa tive to those students who will be interviewing with TI on Jan. 30 & 31. 3 Miles N. on Tabor Road Saturday Night: Leon Raush & The Texas Panthers From 9-1 p.m. STAMPEDE DANCE Every Thursday Night $2.00 per person All Brands, Cold Beer 45 Cents 8-12 Zachr> United Press Internaliond RniriPf WASHINGTON - ( J “t “seems able” to resolve its foi t ble difficulties and carryo RATION dramatic modernization progi | ~ n ?? c< ways that permit gains in con I tr tion and allow investment 11 p dustrial growth, a new CIA TENNIS: says. ; > n Bea Issued shortly before Cl Deputy Premier Teng Hsiao | ter ^ arrival in the United States Si 1 p uc j c j t the unclassified analysis! | CIA’s National Foreign Asses I Center said, however, theprdl facing Teng and the post-Mat i ership are immense. cuivt -r It indicated Peking will be ■ vv with labor plan” which ends in 1985. 8 a Ski But because of the flexibil b noma determination shown by tit TENNIS leadership, the report cond Beaur “the 10-year plan is bbely H ^qqj£ successful first step towan' i nS p e , modernization of China s eccUft j will b bor problems and M; ^ rs1 /- ion throughout its H I 0t midnic Shaw. 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