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Page 12 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1979 Applications for the Following MSC Leadership Positions Now Being Accepted. MSC President - deadline January 26 MSC Council officers - deadline February 7 MSC Committee Chairmen - deadline February 21 Applications are available in Room 216 of the Memorial Student Center. Senate approves $2.5 million for superport off Gulf Coast United Press International AUSTIN — Senators voted 27-1 Tuesday to spend $2.5 million to continue state efforts to build a deepwater port for supertankers on the Texas coast. The Senate also voted unanim ously to ban use of trawls to catch redfish or speckled trout in coastal waters during Dec. 16-Jan. 28 to prevent overfishing of Gulf bays. The emergency superport ap propriation — which now goes to the House — is to be repaid if the project wins federal approval and the Texas Deepwater Port Authority is able to issue revenue bonds to raise $1.2 billion to finance actual construction. “Texas must have the capability of importing large quantities of oil,” said Sen. A. R. Schwartz, D-Galveston. “This (superport) is essential to the well being of the Texas economy.” Schwartz said backers of a plan to build a superport off the Louisiana coast have a federal license already but that facility will not meet the needs of Texas’ petrochemical com plex for imported oil. “We must have a deepwater port in Texas,” he said. “This is the best, the quickest, the most potential project to bring about that realitv.” In 1977 The Legislature appro priated $500,000 to set up the Deepwater Port Authority to take over efforts begun by a consortium of major oil companies in 1972. The Seadock consortium spent $22 mil lion and five years on the project but withdrew when Washington in sisted on license restrictions the oil companies felt were too severe. Schwartz said the port authority has spent most of the $500,000 and needs $2.5 million to cover costs of processing the license application in Washington and the bond issue. Each day’s delay adds $300,000 to the cost of constructing the port 26 miles south of Freeport, Schwartz said. Total costs have risen from Seadock’s estimated $659 million to the port authority’s estimate of $800 million. Schwartz said financing the project with tax free revenue bonds will allow a 20 percent reduction in tariffs on oil imported thrc port. The Galveston senator also] sored the bill to make it i catch redfish or speckled t trawls. Shippers use the t 44-day period each year. Schwartz said the fish conn and are sluggish during coldsj and that commercial using trawls are able to wiped entire fish population inanai ing the latter part of Decemlt early January. “This just keeps the wl population from being wipt during one quick freeze,! BUY, SELL, RENT, ANNOUNCE . Battalion Classified Pulls! SHIRTS + Woodstone Center 693-9308 907 Harvey Rd. (Hwy. 30) ‘'We Sell Shirts" Open 9-10 Great buys for runners. Franklin warm-ups. Now 15.88 Orig. 19.99. Men’s nylon warm-up suit by Franklin in fashion darks and stripe trim. L, XL only. Sporting goods. Soft acrylic warm-ups. Special 13.88 A special purchase. Men’s or women’s acrylic warm-up in great colors, tricolor stripes. M, L, XL. Men’s activewear. Sweatshirt. Special 6.99 A special purchase. Hooded zip-front sweatshirt is blended cotton/ polyester/rayon knit. In primary colors. M, L, XL. Check out our new collection of men’s activewear. 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Abortion amendmei predicted by 1980s fee I United Press International DALLAS — State anti-abortion leaders, claiming support lot cause was growing both in Texas and across the United States, day predicted a constitutional amendment outlawing all mi unnecessary abortions would be passed by Congress in the 1980s. Paulette Standefer, president of Texas Right to Life of Dalki, in a news conference that until a national anti-abortion law is her group would work to prohibit state tax money being abortions. “Since Jan. 22, 1973 (the date the U.S. Supreme Court down anti-abortion laws) we have seen disrepect for human life ifested to the extent that we have allowed the killing of over 6 unborn babies in the United States,” she said. “These 6 deaths are what motivates pro-life people.” Mrs. Standefer outlined five major bills Texas anti-aboi hope to see passed by the Legislature this session. They inch —A state resolution petitioning the Congress for a huim amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prohibit all cally unnecessary abortions; —Providing protection for infants born alive and premature result of abortion in the last 18 weeks of pregnancy; —Prohibiting state and local tax moneys to fund medicall) necessary abortions; —Prohibiting the state from contracting medical insurance age for state employees that pays for medically unnecessary tions; —Legislation that would protect women who have abortions “unethical and deceptive” abortion practices. 1 Strike problems mount in Englanl Nt4 AGBR'S s^ C/ 107 Dominik College Station 3312 S. College Bryan Values All Week Long Monday, Jan. 29 - TACO 44c Tuesday, Jan. 30 - BURRITO 44c Wednesday, Jan. 31 - CHALUPA 44c Thursday, Feb. 1 - CHILI CON QUESO 79c Friday, Feb. 2 - TACO BURGER 54c Have a Super Week! United Press International LONDON — Garbage piled up in London’s streets, hospitals turned away patients and thousands of children were locked out of school today as public service workers stepped up a wave of strikes aimed at winning pay increases of up to 40 percent. “It is time to stop the rot,” de clared Prime Minister James Cal laghan, who was trying to cut the raise demands down to something more in line with his 5 percent anti inflation ceiling. Unions representing hospital workers, ambulance drivers, street cleaners and thousands of other public service workers across Brit ain made it plain they wanted much more. Union officials bargaining for Britain’s 1.5 million blue collar pub lic service workers demanded a minimum wage of $120 a week — an increase of $40 for the lowest-paid. Despite Callaghan’s appeal to unions to “stop the rot” in Britain’s industrial relations, there was no sign of an early breakthroiJ.<< other labor disputes. Work was disrupted in I schools and cemeteries, Ini pool, hundreds of bodies Ml stored because of awalkoutbi diggers. Man refusj raise, prei" gl,or lower wag V Cafeteria V Now Better Than Ever. You Will Be Pleased With These Carefully Prepared and Taste Tempting Foods. Each Daily Special Only $1.79 Plus Tax. “Open Daily” Dining: 11 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.—4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. MONDAY EVENING SPECIAL Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy Whipped Potatoes Your Choice of One Vegetable Roll or Corn Bread and Butter Coffee or Tea TUESDAY EVENING SPECIAL Mexican Fiesta Dinner Two Cheese and Onion Enchiladas w/chili Mexican Rice Patio Style Pinto Beans Tostadas Coffee or Tea One Corn Bread and Butter WEDNESDAY EVENING SPECIAL Chicken Fried Steak w/cream Gravy Whipped Potatoes and Choice of one other Vegetable . Roll or Corn Bread and Butter Coffee or Tea THURSDAY EVENING SPECIAL Italian Candle Light Spaghetti Dinner (|( nn )S) SERVED WITH SPICED MEAT BALLS AND SAUCE Parmesan Cheese - Tossed Green Salad Choice of Salad Dressing - Hot Garlic Bread Tea or Coffee FRIDAY EVENING SPECIAL BREADED FISH FILET w/TARTAR SAUCE Cole Slaw Hush Puppies Choice of one vegetable Roll or Corn Bread & Butter Tea or Coffee SATURDAY NOON and EVENING SPECIAL Chicken & Dumplings Tossed Salad Choice of one vegetable Roll or Corn Bread & Butter Tea or Coffee SUNDAY SPECIAL NOON and EVENING ROAST TURKEY DINNER Served with Cranberry Sauce Combread Dressing Roll or Corn Bread - Butter - Coffee or Tea Giblet Gravy And your choice of any One vegetable United Press Internaliom LONDON — With mil British workers on strike dei more pay, a Manchestei houseman demanded p raise be cut because he afford the full increase. Tony Warburton, 22, week raise. But he asked his slice $2 off the raise becaus* him $1.56 over the official limit and his family lost mo) $16 a week in welfare bene- “It’s a crazy world when afford to accept a pay W Warburton told reporters, “I would be better offonth But I have the right to worl least I can hold my head up I have earned my weeks The cut meant Warbur^l squeak back below the oft erty line and claim income ments and other benefits ft and two children. “I’m no scrounger but at* the raise meant that I just ft afford to keep my family, '' ton said. ei Unitei lOUSK sets, ab mer se; Girl earns badges in cub scout troop, wins ‘bone he ad pri gam< cts impi pball se pit 2,501 lid for g lc Ms saic ati indivi United Press Intemati® 51 DALLAS — Andrea W Wantagh, N.Y., went thn Cub Scouts, earning badges, and since the Cufj allow girls, that’s an a^’ ment worthy of special me> Bonehead Club of Dallas ft On Friday, Andrea j the “Bonehead of the Year >1 recognition of outstanding guided or accidental"' ment. “Andrea, who joined ft town Girl Scouts when ftj years old, found herself*' troop when lack of in left' the other girls in the town c to be disbanded,’’ thecita 1 * “Undaunted, she joined 1 Scouts. “Earning 11 of its ISmed 1 and rising to Webelo (rank 330, she did what every n® her age wants to do — gft and be a part of construct activity. “It wasn’t until after ft 1 ment’ from Cub Scou 11 learned the Cub Scouts do' girls.” UHE GRA ■C TEXAS GHT DAI OF SEW IE TAUC SECRET JURATION! 3NT G/ MAK 33 Un 7