The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 30, 1978, Image 6

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Page 6 THE BATTALION THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1978 Op^n 10am-9pm CJVIOTHER MATURE Closed Sunday 693-2899 HOME OF NUTRITION Culpepper Plaza 1605 Texas Ave. South JUICE BAR smoothies frozen yogurt sandwiches-juices Natural Vitamins* Foods‘Cosmetics PLITT Southern UNIVERSITY SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER 846-6714 & 846-1151 Phantom of the Paradise MIDNIGHT Friday and Saturday All Seats $1.25 TICKETS GO ON SALE AT 10:30 HiiMiiiiiiiimrTTtm-jj MANOR EAST 3 THEATRES FIRST TIME IN BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION IN DOLBY STEREO Cult members return to U.S. ELBj g c >OKS’ WttVISJONIfCHNiaXOR- Oltri WANNER EROS a%CKrflaioLson Skyway Twin 822-3300 " NEST—7:11 “HEAVEN CAN WAIF’ fim “THIEVES” EAST - 7:11 “600DBYE 6INL” MS “OH, 600” Campus >us 846-6512 COLLEGE STATION CHEECH & CHONGS UP IN SMOKE I PHT SAT. MIDNIGHT ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW United Press International GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Elderly members of the People’s Temple who missed the mass suicide ceremony where 909 fellow cultists drank a cyanide-laced po tion, are returning to the United States to tell their story to the FBI and the world. They were scheduled to board Pan American Flight 228, leaving Georgetown for New York, where it was due to arrive Wednesday eve ning. Behind them, they were leaving a jungle settlement turned-ghost town and the Guyanese government apparently was having trouble de ciding what to do wth the 3,000- acre, multimillion-dollar commune where the Rev. Jim Jones ordered the suicide communion 10 days ago. The cabinet met all day Tuesday and when Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham emerged from the session, he would say only, "The Cabinet discussed the future of Jonestown and a statement will be issued shortly. Teams have already begun an inventory of Jones!) assets.” Government sources said j| cabinet was expected to coinim|| the military to exploit thecoi as an agricultural station vest the crops of beans, bananas, pineapples, oranges other tropical fruit hangingii| the trees After they get to New Yoif elderly followers of Jones reporj have agreed to go to Chariest* Force Base, S.C., for debris FBI agents investigating the of Rep. Leo J. Ryan, D-Cal Temple fanatics. Only one of them — all are 60 years of age — was presn Jonestown at the time of the suicide. Hyacinth Thrush, while her fellow cultists [ themselves with a purple qi brew, she slept peacefully inle bin. The others to be repatriated! been staying at the sulu € Lamaha Garden headquartend sect in Georgetown. They were Raymond Coil I 62; Madeline Brooks, 73;(i Young, 78; Alberay Saterwhs and Marion Campbell, 6U their hometowns was unavailaii CINEMA II-^'■i" THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL iiiir ■I fh«'\ SillVf\« Mill Ml Miguel de Peana, 84, hasifc | returned to the United State too slept through the massam U.S. officials accounted(t survivors of the sect in Gm the time of the suicides; —Forty-six are under hm rest at Lamaha Cardens as poti material witnesses in the m * * * * * * * * -K * * * * FRI.-SAT. MIDNIGHT MARK HAMIIX who you loved in “Star Wars” i * * * * * * * £ * { * * * t * * * * * * Junio enthu his he n I Mur l The re esearche low requ trial of Steven Beikman, a<w I slitting the throats of sect men Sharon Amos and her thr« he heart dren. Ihown b — Beikman and Larry La were under arrest. Laytoi charged with five counts dm Increase in the deaths of Ryan, threnjfvessels i men and a cult defector. Iieart. Th — De Peana was already: Irolong t United States. I — Monica Bagby and Tm [Texas Ad Bogue were still hospitalized Medicine gunshot wounds sustainedi; piac prob Ryan incident. moctorati —The remaining 29, thepns years ago survivors of the suicide, were Georgetown hotel Police also were keeping guard on three young Dies scribed as dangerous Jonesloyi He sai< he effect lerves fre :o Texas Sympr Tim and Mike Carter, 28 aK lerves ir and Mike Prokes, 32, They claimed the communt noving t surer — Maria Katsaris, who also Jones’ mistress — sent through the jungle with a suit xidy acti full of currency destined foi Soviet Embassy. The money was confiscali Guyanese police who sa: Mood su] amounted to $500,000. Tim Carter said he estimatet $3 million. A Soviet Embasssy spoh said Tuesday, “The Soviet! has nothing to do with the Pei gion of t MSC AGGIE CINEMA Temple, a purely Americanu zation. The first contact we had when they were invited toaci show earlier this year.” trie United states Dy^.UUtlt the crisis. Police said at least 5,000 women and children frontal of more than 30 boats have ma to slip past patrol boats and land in recent weeks, hundtfJ them Tuesday. They desli their boats to avoid being p back out to sea, they said. Authorities said pocke# stranded refugees were wail the states of Kelantan, Tret Pahang and Johore to be the camps. Shafie said Tuesday night flux of Vietnamese was “well the level of tolerance” for and hinted that unless the States stepped in their govei ustment: beat at peeding tones San When blockage of the he is greatly By re; nerves h fakes pla The blor vessels v would have to crack down r Tickets On Sale 45 Minutes Before Movie Sun Theatres STAHLEY KJJBRICK T^AN 0’HEALJ : MARI£A c BER£NS0N o Shelley Duvall Sissy Spacek Janice Rule Merry Christmas *FREE MOVIE* The Bishop’s Wife starring Cary Grant Loretta Young David Niven Friday December 1 8 p.m. Rudder Theater Saturday December 2 8 p.m. Rudder Theater Tuesday December 5 8 p.m. Rudder Theater 333 University 846 The only movie in town Double-Feature Every Week Open 10 a.m.-2 a.m. Mon.-Sat. 12 Noon - 12 Midnight Sun No one under 18 Escorted Ladies Free BOOK STORE & 25c PEEP SHOWS We Buy All Book: WE NEED TWICE AS MANY USED s' BOOKS BECAUi OF OUR NEW STOf IN CULPEPPER PLAZA Bring your out-of-date books, with your new books & we’ll make you an offer on all your books (including paperbooks). 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