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Page 10 THE BATTALION THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1978 HAMLIN TIRE CENTER Monarch i-Ws TIRES We sell shocks, reliable batteries, Pirelli, Road King, Monarch, Summit on off road and more tires, front end alignment, and computerized spin balancing on all wheels. 'Where family pride makes a difference" tire 1700 Texas Ave. Ray Hamlin 713-779-2181 Mark Hamlin Police respected in Japan, U.S. offended by authority United Press International NEW YORK — There are pro portionately 10 times the number of murders in the United States as there are in Japan, 13 times the number of rapes, 208 times the rob beries. Why? David H. Bayley, a University of Denver professor who is a staff con sultant to the National Commission on the Prevention of Violence, was one of several experts who sought to answer the question at a recent meeting of Japanese and U.S. police officials. While Americans tend to become offended when confronted by au thority, the Japanese are more likely, as the adage goes, to “bend like a willow.” Or, as Bayley put it. “In Japan, the criminal justice sys tem is efficient because the people obey and respect law and author ity.” Bayley cited key statistics. Last year, the FBI reported the violent crime rate in the United States was 466.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, up from 160.9 in 1960. In Japan, it was 65.7, down from 188.8 in 1960, ac cording to Japan s National Police Agency. “The most remarkable aspect is the close relationship between the Japanese police and the general citizenry,” said Patrick V. Murphy, president of the Police Foundation, a nonprofit body with headquarters in Washington. “The Japanese seem to respect WALTFEST SUN. DEC. 3 AT Q-HUTS 3 P.M. TIL 10 P.M. LADIES $1.00 GENTS $3.00 FOR YOUR SAUSAGE AND DRINK. 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He cited three studies which, he said, dem onstrate there must be better police-citizen cooperation in the U.S. if the police are to accomplish their mission. — A National Victimization Sur vey showed three out of four U.S. crimes are not even reported to the police. — A response time study in Kan sas City concluded that, no matter how fast police respond to a crime report, delays in calling them gen erally make immediate apprehen sion of a suspect impossible. — A Rand Corp. study of the in vestigative process found that when cases are solved, it is most often be cause a citizen tells the police who did it. Murphy had some ideas on how U.S. police might make use of Japanese police methods. Japanese police, he said, are de ployed to fixed, small geographic areas. They have a small “patch” to be responsible for and a specific group of people to serve. “Though each American officer has ten times more area to cover than a Japanese counterpart,” he said, “there is no reason why fixed posts, manned by officers on foot, cannot serve densely populated urban areas with high levels of crime. ” Japanese police officers are required to survey their community periodically, contacting each home, noting who lives there, learning neighborhood problems, and giving advice on self-protection measures. “An early (police) foundation ex periment in San Diego,” Murphy noted, “found that training patrol of ficers to prepare written reports de scribing their beats, the people who live there, the problems they face and the steps which they plan to take as police officers to address those problems, gave them a greater awareness of their beats and a greater appreciation of the impor tance of community interaction.” Japanese police use neighborhood groups and citizen organizations as major forces in crime prevention. Half a million homes in Tokyo serve as distribution centers for crime prevention literature. Talking pet macaw abducted United Press International CAMPBELL, Calif. — If a scarlet macaw wobbles up to you and sh outs “Hello! I’m a red chicken!” con tact the authorities. And if you’re not sure, offer the bird a cracker. If the lines are re peated, call Brenda Albrecht, who raised Casey from a baby. The exotic-looking bird was miss ing Tuesday from its usual perch at the Dolphin Pet Store owned by Al brecht. She said she noticed some thing was wrong when Casey wob bled and fell off a perch a few times early in the day. “I believe someone came in and tranquilized her early in the day,” Albrecht said. “That way the bird could be taken later without causing a disturbance. ' The Macaw also says, “Hi! Marge,” the name of its former perch mate. Her head, breast and back are brilliant red, her wings are blue and yellow, her cheeks are white, and her black-tipped beak is ivory col ored. Definitely not a red chicken. Albrecht says Casey wasn’t for sale but was valued at about $2,000. She says Casey doesn’t fancy being handled, either by friends or stran gers. “She was an exceptional bird and my personal pet,” said Albrecht, whose main worry is that the macaw doesn’t end up in somebody’s pie. FOOTBALL FIESTA SPECIAL Buy a Fiesta Dinner with soft drink or tea for only $2.95 Regular $3.70 Good Monday thru Thursday At the following locations: 1816 Texas Ave., Bryan, 823-8930 And our newest location: 907 Hwy. 30, College Station (Woodstone Shopping Center) 693-2484 OFF one coupon per customer, please what’s up? Thursday YELL PRACTICE: There will be a yell practice at Kyle Fielddum; football practice at 5 p.m. There will lie another yell practiced 7:30 p.m. in the Grove. AGGIE PLAYERS: “J.B.,” a Pulitzer Prise-winning play based on Job in the Bible, will be presented in Rudder Forum at 8 p.m. fle play, which will run through Saturday, is co-produced by Players and the Theater Arts Section. Tickets, available at P Box Office, are $3 general admission and $2 for TAMU students GREAT ISSUES: Presents Robert Cohen, who will speak os “Academic Freedom in Eastern Europe,” at 12:30 p.m. inroon 701, Rudder Tower. PLANT SCIENCES SEMINAR: Neil Turner will speak on “Roled Turgor Maintenance in Drought Adaptation” at 4 p.m. inroon 113, Plant Sciences Building. MSC OUTDOOR RECREATION: Will have a seminar on rod climbing at 7:30 p.m. in room 401, Rudder Tower. MSC ARTS COMMITTEE: Pictures for the Aggieland will be taka at 7:15 p.m. at the MSC Gallery. There will lie a meeting at "3 p.m. in room 507AB, Rudder Tower. 'Hie meeting is open tot general public. BAHA’I CLUB: “The Reality of Man” will lie discussed at 7:30p. in the MSC. TAMU EMERGENCY CARE TEAM: Pictures for The l will lie taken at 6 p.m. in Zachry. CLASS OF ’82: Will meet at 8:30 p.m. in room 701, Rudder Tower CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST: Will meet at 7 p.m. inrooa 510, Rudder Tower. CEPHEID VARIABLE: "Sleeper,” starring Woody Allen, inwliid he is frozen in a cold storage chamber and awakened in they® 2173 to find himself an alien fugitive, will be shown at 8 andII p.m. in Rudder Theater. He is pursued by government who want to zap him with their brain-washing ray. VOLLEYBALL: The women’s team will play at the SWAIAWfc gionals in Arlington today through Saturday. GOLF: The men’s team will play in the Junior College-Freshmai Tournament in Houston, today and Friday Friday AGGIE PlAYERS: “J.B.,” will be performed at 8 p.m. in Rudd? Forum. OCSA KISSING BOOTH: The Off-Campus Student Associationwf have a kissing booth to raise money for bonfire from 11-2 pc Kisses are 25 cents each. BASEMENT COFFEEHOUSE: Nanci Griffith will perforin b 8-12 and Saturday. Advance tickets are 2/S1.50attk MSC Box Office and SI at the door. CHRISTMAS PARADE: Applications for club participation in di annual Christmas Parade for Bryan-College Station and surround ing areas on Dec. 5 can be picked up in room 221, MSC. BASKETBALL: The women’s team will play at Southwest Tens: 7:30 p.m. GYMNASTICS: The women’s team will host Tarleton State. NEIL SIMON FESTIVAL: “Murder By Death," in which tk world’s greatest fictional detectives are called together by an« centric millionaire to solve a bizarre murder, will be shown all p.m. in Rudder Auditorium. “Barefoot In the Park,” stamG Robert Bedford and Jane Fonda as newlyweds who face the tni of apartment life in New York, will be shown at 10 p.m. in Rudd? Auditorium. MIDNIGHT MOVIE: “American Graffiti,’’ about four teenagersii the 50s who try to cope with friends, police, baby-sitters, races, and the future, will he shown in Rudder Theater. Saturday FOOTBALL: The Texas Aggies will play Arkansas in Little Rock D game will start at 11:50 a.m. and will lx? shown on ABC-TV\vit the pre-game at 11:30 p.m. AGGIE PLAYERS: “J.B.” will he performed at 8 p.m. in Ruddt F orum. SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS: Will have a party at7J p.m. in the Plantation Oaks party room. All members and dates are invited. CROSS COUNTRY: The women’s team will run in the AIAWN? tionals in Denver, Colo. BASKETBALL: The women’s team will play at Texas A&I in at 7:30 p.m. LEBANESE STUDENT SOCIETY’: Will meet at 11 a.m. in Architecture Building. NEIL SIMON FESTIVAL: “The Odd Couple,” in which Jack L mon and Walter Mathau team up in this hysterical comedyaboii two incompatible divorcee’s living together, will be shown at! p.m. in Rudder Theater. “The Prisoner of Second Avenue, comedy-drama about a couple’s struggle to escape the urbanillsd the city, will be shown at 10 p.m. in Rudder Theater. MIDNIGHT MOVIE: “American Graffiti,” will lie shown in Rudde Theater. Sunday BASEMENT COFFEHOUSE: Will have disco dancing from 8:3) 12 p.m. Admission is 50 cents. AGGIE CINEMA: “The Sunshine Boys,” starring Walter Mattb George Burns, and Richard Benjamin, in which a biting and hfr terical feud develops between the two partners in a Vaudevik comedy team and endangers their planned comeback, will k shown at 2 p.m. in Rudder Theater. 1 A tr Shell Texas / ports d After few pec ball coi But ) A&M, 1 6-foot-1 growing ing mar And tunities THE Francisi chorage Just a lofty co meets I Classic, 24. “That Dave G Goff v from las “They rated fif ‘They 7-foot-2 0TH1 Louisvil “India starters “We’v play Ne' we play their ton one of tl Metca learning “As lo can reall METt Rynn W Woods i: Goff is a Metcalf consist c and Stev “This Texas St We knc quickly ? Anyth to their i next mo they’re £ Aggie Players Theater Arts Section - Pulitzer it you.i r eadir they v\ B hello t great Pocke lake tt If axhau sure c