The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 13, 1978, Image 9

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le ••ce (KGB)fe eaf s anybod-, ms shortages again? U.S. driving blamed ! > which United Press International ssident clai; CHICAGO — American driving wise evidfi tits have earned motorists a new 'srican n( v |ind of higher gasoline prices and t fuel shortages, an industry are two fej lyst said recently. Nereis ah lut drivers need not fear a re- rence of the long lines of 1973 or ips to $l-a-gallon gasoline, said rbert Hugo, senior editor of tt’s Oilgram. he energy analyst said many re des have been forced to close beaninvaj ause of a petroleum shortage. Ind American driving habits are the infej lind the shortage, he said. ’he Northwest Petroleum As- iation reported six of the nation’s ineries are closed and those them pejj. ‘rating are producing only 000 barrels per day. That is shes, then^500 barrels short of the normal ly need. So there is a shortage,” an NPA kesman said, “and it is predicted the next 10 days. Some refiners have reported are experiencing some C eeze,” a Department of Energy kesman confirmed. social tint social om fact, fj be war «ety, but 'terest ollide. k about this, quite oi say nothi! icemed ith the rei! problems] id in the ion. Theh: ion. “But it is premature to predict what will happen,” he cautioned. “All of a sudden, everybody gets out on the highway again and starts driving like there’s no energy crisis,” Hugo said. “We motorists have been out on the highway burn ing it up on record rates. Then you have to expect prices to go up a little bit. “Big cars are still selling big. If you drive an old clunker that uses leaded regular, you’re okay. There is no shortage of leaded regular. The shortage has developed in no-lead. “Nobody’s going to have to stand in line, but there will be spot shortages. There will be no recurr ence whatsoever of the nightmares of 1973.” Hugo suggested motorists keep their tanks at least half filled at all times, and buy gas during normal working hours. He declined to predict how much of an increase in gasoline prices motorists could expect. A Minnesota Energy Agency offi cial also warned the shortage of oil may hike prices at the pump. United Press International WASHINGTON — The House sassinations Committee is trying evaluate a widely publicized intemafc; eorythat Memphis, Tenn., police d the FBI joined in a conspiracy assassinate Dr. Martin Luther ive to b: ng in 1968. itives abra goes again; ' is a pi :e. This iting an irectly tb •uction i rises Frank Holloman, a key figure in conspiracy scenario as a former I official who was then heading Memphis police department, [nounced the idea in testimony iday as "slanderous” and “ludicr- the ensi ty is imp confront possible rights, the que n is of the! • adminis these pr tuation is we dontl soviet e the cm s game. 1— w the "I other bis he committee will move its at- htion to other phases of the assas- pation episode in its remaining arings, but will focus on unan- [ered questions about whether neone helped James Earl Ray. Jy originally pleaded guilty to ng’s murder but now denies he ; the trigger man. [‘Taken together, these unan- ired questions weave a sinister pry,” chief counsel G. Robert key said in a statement read to i committee before Holloman tes ted. The committee, which ques tioned Ray earlier, announced it has no plans to take further testimony from him. Ray is now serving a 99- year sentence at a maximum secu rity prison in Tennessee. Holloman would have a crucial place in any conspiracy involving the Memphis police and the FBI because he worked directly under the late Director J. Edgar Hoover in Washington before he became Memphis police and fire director. Another part of the scenario painted by some conspiracy buffs is Hoover’s publicized dislike for King and the fact, since made public, that Hoover made King a target of the FBI’s widespread smear campaigns under a secret project dubbed “Cointelpro. ” Other elements of the theory: —A security unit assigned to guard King was disbanded the day King arrived. —Tactical units were kept five blocks away. —A black detective on surveil lance duty was removed an hour be fore King was shot. kson’s a; it. 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THE BATTALION Page 9 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1978 “We will be experiencing spot shortages and distribution problems for the next week or two,” spokes woman Dixie Diehl said. “If motorists will cut down on driving — not drive any more than neces sary — it will help the supply situa tion and make sure there is enough gasoline for farmers and industry. “The refineries that are open are operating at full capacity. But there just isn’t enough product. The Energy Department hopes to push oil pricing controls through Congress when it convenes in January to help limit gasoline con sumption, the department spokes man said. “In July we consumed a record 8 million barrels a day,” the DOE spokesman said. “That is a number that greatly disturbs anyone who is in energy policy.” He added the strike of Iran’s oil fields “adds another dimension to the issue.” Half of the oil burned in the United States is imported — and 9 percent of imported petroleum comes from Iran. (ing death theory rebutted —Finally, the Memphis police did not issue an “all-points bulletin” although it was known the suspect was fleeing in a white Mustang. Holloman testified the security withdrawals were made at the re quest of King aides, who did not want police surrounding the civil rights leader during, his visit in con nection with a sanitation workers’ strike. The black detective was removed from a surveillance post because police learned of a threat on his life, Holloman testified, and the failure to issue an all-points bulletin was an innocent mistake. Holloman also said Hoover never confided in him; he was not aware Hoover had negative feelings to ward King; and that in his long FBI career, he never heard of the FBI’s Cointelpro activities. After his testimony, Holloman read a statement denouncing the conspiracy theory itself. “It is unbelievable to me that the FBI would even entertain such an idea,” Holloman said. “It is ludicr ous and preposterous that I would be a party to such a thing either di rectly or indirectly.” Mules laden with Blue Maguey pinas on their way to Cuervo's La Rojena plant. Since 1795we’ve gathered our Blue Magueys for Cuervo Gold the gentle way. Its the old way And still the best. At Cuervo we know that there is only one way to make Cuervo Gold perfect. The way we’ve been doing it for more than 180 years. That’s why people still nurture our fields of Blue Maguey plants. And why mules are still used to bring these precious plants to our distillery. Fbr tradition is still the most important ingredient in Cuervo Gold. This is what makes Cuervo Gold truly special. 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