The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 10, 1978, Image 12

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    a student, probably your
biggest single task is information pro
cessing. You spend more time absorbing,
analyzing, and memorizing facts than
anything else. And most of that informa
tion is in the form of printed words.
Think what you could accomplish
if you had your own personal computer
that could digest all your reading almost
as fast as you can turn pages. The time
and efficiency you’d gain could make a
big change for the better in your life right
Of course, you already have such a
device — it’s called a brain. But you’re
probably not using even a tenth of its
capacity. Because just as a computer is
only as good as its programs, your brain is
only as powerful as the way you use it.
And when it comes to reading, most of us
are still stuck with the painfully slow
methods we learned in grade school.
Methods that are so inefficient that your
brain actually gets bored and distracted
between words (which is why you prob
ably find it hard to concentrate when
you’re studying).
Evelyn Wood would like you to
spend an hour with us to discover some of
the miraculous things your brain can do
with the proper training. In a single, free,
1 hour demonstration, you’ll find out why
most people are such poor readers, and
how our new RD2 course can increase
your reading speed at least 300%, with
better concentration and retention. As
part of the bargain, we’ll show you some
new reading techniques designed to in
crease your speed immediately, with good
comprehension — after just this one free
Evelyn Wood RD2 can open the
door to big things for you: better grades,
more leisure time, and a whole new pos
itive outlook on studying.
And it will only cost you an hour of
"computer time” to find out how.
Attend a free 1-hour RD2
demonstration this week:
November 11, 1978
3:30-5:30-7:30 P.M.
© 1978 Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, Inc