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Page 6 THE BATTALION THURSDAY. OCTOBER 26. 1978 Texans to vote on tax cut United Press International AUSTIN — Texas voters Nov. 7 will have the opportunity to vote di rectly’ on a proposed constitutional amendment proponents say could result in reduction of about $500 mil lion in state and local taxes. Backers of the measure, approved by a special session of the legislature and prompted by California’s adop- ONLY $ 5 A CASE + Deposit tion of Proposition 13, say the mea sure will give homeowners, farmers and persons over 65 relief from the increasing burden of property taxes. But Rep. John Bryant, D-Dallas, one of the few lawmakers speaking out against the proposal, refers to the proposed tax breaks as “doggies in the window,” and says the proposi tion offers little real relief from prop erty taxes and could severely damage the tax bases of local school districts. Provisions of the amendment would: — authorize agricultural land to be taxed on its productive value rather than market value; — give school districts authority to exempt up to $10,000 of the market value of homesteads of senior citi zens from property taxes; — exempt $5,000 of the market value of homes from local school taxes; — require local governments to 00 publicly announce and hold public hearings on any change in valuations or tax rates that would result in higher taxes; —- and require a majority vote of the membership of the House and Senate to increase state spending beyond the previous year’s level plus an allowance for inflation. The new exemptions wovdd re duce the amount of revenue for each school district, and lawmakers have indicated they will appropriate $400 million next year to reimburse the districts for lost income. Bryant contends, however, that reimbursement is not assured. “This cannot result in tax relief un less the legislature is willing to reim burse the districts for the lost reve nue from it,” Bryant says. “Well, the legislature didn’t vote and is not re quired to reimburse it. The amend ments simply says the legislature shall reimburse all or part of the loss. If we were serious about granting tax relief, it would have been a manda tory reimbursement.” The amendment, labeled on the ballot as “The Tax Relief Amend ment”, has been endorsed by Gov. Dolph Briscoe, Attorney General John Hill, Republican governor can didate Bill Clements, Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby, Speaker Bill Clayton and others. Its passage is supported by a statewide organization headed by former Republican state chairman Ray Hutchison and Marcella Perry of Houston, a Democratic Party leader. what’s up? Clayton has been the most out spoken in support of the proposal. “For the first time in the history of the state, we re taking a 180 degree turn and sending some money home instead of taking the money to Aus tin,” he said. The Texas Association of School Administrators endorsed the amendment, contending it, “con tains meaningful property tax relief for individual citizens, homeowners and the agricultural community of Texas without limiting the ability of locally elected boards of education and school administrators to effec tively manage the day to day opera tions of their respective school dis tricts. ” Brown Outlaw 7 s body sought in Missouri coffin United Press International LIBERTY, Mo.— The scene ap peared to be a surgical operation. Culpepper Plaza ONLY AT ¥¥©%?! 3611 S College 846-6635 Perricone's Townshire Gulf CERTIFIED MECHANIC ON DUTY BRAKES TUNE-UPS TIRES AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL ALIGNMENT *io 1 o MOST CARS HAPPY HOUR ALIGNMENT 88 8-10 A.M. MONDAY & WEDNESDAY (OFFER EXPIRES 11/2/78) 2213 TEXAS 822-6485 His body... a physical phenomenon. His mind... a mental marvel. Ron Ely His right all wrongs. A GEORGE -A. Product . Xhieinsday, October 26, 8 6 10:30 FW1-, Rudder Theater, 31 6 TAIVIU ID. A IN/ISC GepHeid Variable Presentation Thursday ROOMMATE SESSION: There will be a roommate session 3-5 p.m. in Room 137A, MSG, for women and in Room 137 for men. Stu dents may also stop by the Off-Campus Center now if they need roommates for the spring semester. CLASS OF ’80: Will have a meeting in 340, MSC at 7:15 p.m. CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST: There will be a College Life meeting with Paul Carter will speak on “The Good Ag” at 7 p.m. in Room 145, MSC. BAHA’I CLUB: Welcomes everyone to their public meeting on "New Teachings For a New Age,” at 7:30 p.m. in Room 407, Rudder Tower. TAMU EMERGENCY CARE TEAM: Officer elections will he held at 7:30 p.m. in Room 410, Rudder Tower. Anyone with questions may call Steve Borrow at 845-8027. MSC OUTDOOR RECREATION: There will be a seminar on " Places to Go in Texas,” at 7:30 p.m. in Room 401, Rudder Tower. CHOIR CONCERT: Combined Bryan High School and elementary choirs will hold their annual fall concert at 7:30 p.m. in Room 141 of Bryan High School. Tickets may be purchased for 50 cents at the door or from choir members. RUSSIAN CLUB: Plans for a Thanksgiving dinner and party will be discussed in Room 305AB, Rudder Tower. New members are invited to attend. WATER SKI CLUB: Will have a meeting and show films at 7 p.m. in Room 510, Rudder Tower. But the patient was the coffin of out law Jesse James and the doctors were archaeologists hoping to learn more about the Kearney, Mo., native, who was shot to death April 3, 1882. Under the glare of television cameras and an uncovered light bulb dangling from the ceiling of a small room in the Clay County sheriffs of fice, Bill Philyaw and Milton Perry began the operation Tuesday. They found no body but did recover what appeared to be either a bone from a human foot or hand and several clumps of hair. VOLLEYBALL: The women’s team will host Sam Houston State at 7 p.m. GYMNASTICS: The women’s gymnastics team will host Southwest Texas at 7 p.m. CEPHEID VARIABLE: "Doc Savage,” starring Ron Ely as the Man of Bronze in this saga of the famous 1930’s superhero, will be shown at Sand 10:30 p.m. in Rudder Theater. Dw and his five aides journey to the South American republic of Hidalgo to investigate the mys terious death of Doc’s father. Friday According to past reports, James’s coffin was dug up in 1902 and his body moved to a burial site in Kear ney. The coffin apparently con firmed reports that the body had been removed on a rainy day in 1902. The men also discovered handles to the coffin and several tassels. Other than that, they’ll have to await the outcome of the coroner’s deci sion on the bone found Tuesday and the completion of the sifting opera tion to know what they have found. Whether James’s body really rests in a second coffin in a Kearney ceme tery is still open to speculation. “That we won’t touch,” said Perry. “EAT THE HELL OUT OF RICE CONTEST’: The fifth annual Eat the Hell Out of Rice Contest” will be held at noon at Rudder Fountain and is open to all. Those interested in participating may register at the secretaries desk in Room 206, MSC. Prizes include two reserved seats at the upcoming "Bread” concert sponsored hy Town Hall. Second and Third Place prizes will also be awarded. MAID OF COTTON APPLICANTS: Applications for Maid of Cotton may be picked up in the Student Activities Office, Room 221, MSC, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. To be eligible, a candidate must never have been married, be between the ages of 19 and 23, be from u cotton-producing state or moved to one prior to age 7, and he at least 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Applications must be postmarked no later than midnight, November 12 and be accompanied by three 8X10 glossy photographs. AGGIE CINEMA: “Julia,” the true life story of Lillian Heilman, an American playwright, and her friend Julia, starring Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards, will be shown at 8 p.m. in Rudder Theater. The film is set in the 1920’s and 30’s against a backdrop of wealth and Nazi brutality. Saturday FOOTBALL: The Texas Aggies will play Rice here at 1:30 p.m. CROSS COUNTRY: The women’s team will run in the TAIAW State Meet in Georgetown. AGGIE CINEMA: "Julia,” starring Jame Fonda. Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards, will be shown at 8 p.m. in Rudder Theater. MIDNIGHT MOVIE: “The World’s Greatest Diver,” will be shown in Rudder Theater. Sunday ALL AGGIE INTRAMURAL HORSE SHOW: The TAMU Horse men’s Association is sponsoring this horse show at 9 a.m. at the TAMU Equestrian Center on 2818 at Turkey Creek Rd. For more information, call Horse Office at 845-1927, or Jamie Belin at 693- 6534. TOETf location for convention United Press Intcrnutionul WASHINGTON — Dallas Minneapolis-St. Paul and Kansai City, home of the 1976 Republics convention, are the next cities agenda of a GOP selection commit tee seeking a site for its 1980 pres dential nominating conclave The party’s site selection commit tee wound up hearings Tuesday™ the six cities that have applied fori convention. After election day i it lie mel nit the ward it jng of ' ie cha enera Unle: aid, committee will visit all six befort sending a final recommendation t» the January meeting of the Reputl- can National Committee. New Orleans, Miami Beach Detroit presented their formal bidi Monday. Selection of a city may be delei mined more hy the number ofaval able hotel rooms and whether because levital Conti ressioi ieen m netrics neasun ia rep state has ratified the Equal Right, Amendment, than on other polity considerations. nesses, New Orleans, Miami Beach and ^r Cen t Kansas City all have ERA problem right now, but the party has no for mal policy banning meetings» states that have not ratified amendment. While many Republicans wouU like to see the party meet in Detroit to establish a GOP commitment such normally Democratic groupsi labor, minorities and other urbu groups, the city may not havt enough hotel rooms Detroit’s plan included 728 room across the river in Windsor, Ontario and 2,400 dormitory rooms at lb University of Michigan in AnnAr bor, 60 miles from Detroit. "The key to the revival of Detroit has been the commitment byi number of people, a commitment that has crossed political, ethnic,* cial and geographical barriers, said Gov. William Milliken, R-.\lich.,i the hearings. Miami Beach Mayor Leonard Haber said his city’s commissionbu repeatedly asked the Florida Legis lature to ratify ERA and urged Re publicans not to blame his city iortb lawmakers’ lack of action “You came down in 1968andtlwi again in 1972, so you know us and know there’s nothing better, lit said. Both Miami and New Orleans fered 20,000 first class hotel roois within 20 minutes of the convenfa center, while Detroit said it could r a ti c nor come up with only 16,000, includiuf those in Ann ArI>or. 60 miles away New Orleans offered the Super- dome as the site for w hat potential could be the biggest political gather )efense ing in American history WAS d con ieved 0 mand The s ion is o i suppo ion gro ■ials, am "Acti piulti-na itbers a nevital bout n H ao u ROUS debate” ween Jo oked cl sere con igh leve ged to a one an Covere ere tax role olitical < Attorm training - ig in hi ollar oil ith Iran U.S. — Japai treaty please China’s Teng | “There re cbargi e liber; >n,” Cle ny deeis artmen bat’s jus um '*'InT!vMS?r?tQUA« swerufe*cimik’' 1 SAUS CHECKUP FT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. DRESS COTNNAI TOGA NOT REQUIRED! IF YOOTK m HNH MMOL IF nMTM M I IF VOOTK OVFOFOOUfK.rrOO'KMnil OF C0UCQC. * WmONM. UMFOON FM. * MTW0H HMHT UWE FM. ▲MVMAL Johnny Bench American Cancer Society. Hill di: hould ha iterests tiblic off ‘Tve jt oiks and 1 beside. 1 er for th fill said. Clemer United Press International TOKYO — Chinese Vice Premitt Teng Hsiao-Ping says his govent ment “understands ’ Japan’s militar alliance with the Lhiited States,.« naling that China welcomes a W presence in Asia as a counterweigh to the* Soviet Union. Teng, who flew to Japan to sign! historic friendship treaty with Japai Mn f rom made the remarks Monday in a 91 ^ on minute meeting with JnpaneK jt a t e ’ s t op Prime Minister Taken Fukuda. “He ha It was fresh evidence that Cbi= he should fears the 45 Soviet divisions poiss along the Chinese border and ready to cooperate with the UniM States and Japan to contain tk Soviet Union in Asia. “We fully understand Japan! basic foreign policy,” Teng toU Fukuda. “We understand also lk U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, andtk strengthening of (Japan’s) self dr fense.” Teng’s statement marked a maj* shift in Chinese thinking from when President Nixon madethefW U.S. overture to Peking. In days, Chinese leaders regularly dn nounced America’s “colonial” roW Asia and accused Japan of revertinl to its militarism of the 1930s private pc be attorn tents sail latest gro lovemme Clemen o improi eacher sa ttorney g reapon. 1 orting P iill. APO MUMS Invite the bunch... M/x a great, big bucket full of MADE BY PROFESSIONALS Open House Punch Five styles to choose from. Free campus delivery Serves 32... tastes like a super cocktail! Greatest drink ever invented! Mix a batch in advance, add ice and 7UP at the last minute... serve the crowd right out of the bucket! Smooth ’n delicious. Wow! Recipe: Saturday morning. On sale before each home football game in the MSC, dorms, Commons & Sbisa. Tues. thru Thurs. and Friday in the MSC ONLY. One fifth Southern Comfort 3 quarts 7UP 6 oz. fresh lemon Juice One 6-oz. can frozen orange juice One 6-oz. can frozen lemonade Chill ingradients. Mix in bucket, adding 7 UP last. Adda few drops food coloring (optional and stir lightly. Add ice, orange, lemon slices. Looks and tastes great! You know it's got to be good... when it's made with LIMITED SUPPLY OF MUMS WILL BE SOLD ON SATURDAY MORNING IN MSC. Southern Comfort v SOUTHERN COMFORT CORPORATION. 100 PROOF LIQUEUR. ST. LOUIS. MO. 63132 run coi lements eduction he camp creens di mblic offii I think ues to be [rams,” H L