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Pag* 13
1 for 267 yd
-h average, i|
ards per i
eing an Aggie fan
heck of a challenge
■rs will i...
hope to pen I
e - For the a |Texas A&M football fan is one who hits to have a lot of pati-
goesu P^I)ce, physical prowess, agility, a 16-inch bottom and the ablility to
'og defense 1 Lj 0 n his or her feet for long periods of time,
defensivel; i n a way, it sounds like one would have to l>e Superman,
laroonshave The weak fan is one who fails to get tickets for out-of-town games
Mention. I j 2ets run 0V er following the band into Kyle Field before midnight
f hll practice.
1 to things ( khe weak Aggie fan is crushed in the true sense of Darwinism.
1 getting thr? n ] y t h e strong survive.
best. But tit j t is t he toughest of Aggie fens who will spend Saturday and Sunday
is to playg ght camping out for tickets. The possibility that these tickets might
i in the horseshoe or in the parking lot of some foreign stadium
ie big of W Amplifies the Aggie fan's great patience and dedication. He is wil-
Hieir deleis L t 0 sacrifice his own bed for two nights of no sleep in front of G.
a lot. The| ^ white Coliseum.
I our offensr, jTahe, for instance, the 4,673rd person that will wait for tickets all
biitzs andii for next weeks game with the University of Houston in the
|trodome. This Aggie will show his great patience and self-control
J uietly and calmly walking away from the ticket window. He will
lisb^ause Houston is sending only 4,672 tickets to Texas A&M.
Last Saturday was the first time the Aggie fens got to check out
{ le Field’s new 16-inch seats. There was a bit of apprehension as
s slowly, one by one edged (or wedged) their bottoms into their
ts for the halftime show. For most, this seemed like a good time to
|et Cokes or walk around rather than run the risk of trying to explain
to the person next to them why he or she does not fit.
;eves, alfoimhe Aggie ^ an must have patience to lx* able to stand the entire
players, an cJ a t the same time bei
of defensiu
gamble a lo
run the rigk
'• When yo
ig in that rJ
rself in anij
; are the
John shuts out Phillies
nd the tea
vhat to exjw
y told nielli
e Aggies,!
e only aba
m who haw
eing packed in even tighter than last
tast Saturday was a great example of the Aggie fan's ability to
ercome difficult situations. The second largest home crowd ever
[,818) packed into Kyle Field. And for the first time no one sat on
track. To say the least, the fens were "up close and personal. ” And
one was wandering around the stands passing out the Right
8 (
they sayfelfhe Aggie fen must be in great physical shape. He must be able to
rat it s an a ind the entire game, facing the sun and taking the heat. Many
■M students workout in the summer for the football season by
' get up fori Iriring construction or doing highway paving or spending many
g the Agpt irs just standing in the sun. By the time the first home game comes
it they reai lUn d, they are ready to take on the elements. \
p teams inti fhe Texas A&M athletic officials have made the training and prep-
enough. tion for the home games even harder. Their first task was to make
the kickoffs at 1:30 p.m. This was to see how much heat the fan
-w ild take.
inother difficulty the Aggie fan must overcome is that he can no
r t ger bring coolers or ice chests into the stadium. I would like to see
players on the Aggie footlxall team go an entire game without
inching their thirst.
its 24-6 or * ut rea ^ test ^ an cornes on Friday night. The fan
cr Tulane n< ^ s most even * n 8 getting psyched up for midnight yell
rrill belieie c *' ce Sbidents have been known to get psyched up in many diffe-
tXr an eipl ^ wa y s ’ Most seem to take various pain killers in anticipation of the
iuing test of strength.
Ike real test comes when the Aggie fen falls in behind the Fightin’
band before midnight yell practice. This is where the fan uses
ofhis agility and ability to make it all the way to Kyle Field.
)nce the fan decides to fall in behind the band, he must be ready
be shoved, pushed, hit, stomped, grabbed, pinched or even
own up on. Yes, some Aggies fold under the pressure. The pre-
Ipractice psyche up is sometimes too much for them,
mes it s li ^ an ^ oes not dare fall lest he be trampled and walked upon.
s is why he must be agile, ready to stop on a dime or be whipped
und by the line of people he is hooked on to.
he male fan has it rougher than the female fan because not only
uld he have agility and strength, he must have good hands. That’s
Mir good hand and concentration. He must concentrate on the girl
tftly in front of him and, well, use his pinchers to their fullest
b the other hand, (no pun intended) the female Aggie fan must
nay good moves. She must fake out the grasping hands of her male
nterparts as best she can.
Jpon reaching Kyle Field, the Aggie fan must scramble (or stum-
to find a seat. Then the yelling starts.
■hen comes the test of memory and perception. The fan must
“ember all those different signs the yell leaders are giving. He
't remember the words to the songs. It is all going so fast,
no finally, the experiment concerning what happens when the
jbare turned out on 25,000 people. Some, being quick to see the
•ending danger of total darkness, flick their Bics. Others try to just
Pett\ ul" ° ne P* ace without felling down. And still others are overcome
. B 11 me romantic setting of Kyle Field and a mass exercise in kissing
aS Th Wee | < 3 home game this test of strength, agility and pati-
for an ei]
inst BosIod
st two wins
b Carolina
aelped our
-rill. “We'ft
king things
s. Kansas
olina State
rn Metbt
n vs.
. ..SMUl
Arkansas b
nn State b
. Houston
. .Dallas
stakes place at Texas A&M University. And each week the Aggie
comes back for more of the same.
United Press International
victory will wrap up a second
straight National League pennant
for the sky high Los Angeles Dod
gers and now they’ve got the ideal
place to do it — at home.
Continuing their crusade to win
this pennant for stricken coach Jim
Gilliam, the Dodgers, behind
another power hitting display from
Davey Lopes and the four-hit pitch
ing of Tommy John, made it two
straight over the frustrated
Philadelphia Phillies with a 4-0
victory Thursday.
Now the scene shifts to Los
Angeles, where the Dodgers have
the enviable prospect of needing
just one win at home to clinch the
best-of-five series and the pennant.
Lopes, the Dodgers’ emotionally
charged captain who hit one of four
Los Angeles homers in Wednesday
night’s first-game 9-5 victory, gave
John the only run he really needed
with a leadoff home run in the
fourth inning. Raising his fist high in
he air upon circling the bases,
Lopes seemed to signify that the
Dodgers were indeed going to wrap
up the playoff's in a hurry for Gil
liam, who was felled by a cerebral
hemorrhage on Sept. 15 and lies in a
coma in a Los Angeles hospital.
Lopes took charge again when he
singled home another run in the
Aggie notes
fifth and tripled to knock in the final
Dodger run in the seventh.
“We wanted to get the jump on
Philadelphia early and get them
down mentally,” said Lopes.
Prior to Lopes’ homer, Phillies
starter Dick Ruthven had retired
the first nine Dodger batters in or
der. But, taking the cue from their
captain, the Dodgers roughed up
Ruthven in the fifth inning in much
the same manner as they battered
Larry Christenson the night before.
Dusty Baker led off with a line
double into the right field corner
and after Rick Monday went out on
a tapper to first Steve Yeager sin
gled to center for a 2-0 lead.
Yeager’s steal of second set the stage
for Lopes’ sharp single to center that
made it 3-0. Another base hit by Bill
Russell kayoed Ruthven and
brought on Warren Brusstar, who
calmed the rally by getting Reggie
Smith on a fly out.
In the seventh, Rick Monday led
off with a single against Ron Reed,
the third Philadelphia pitcher, and
after John sacrificed Lopes ripped
his triple to the wall in right center,
making it 4-0.
Meanwhile, John, the Dodgers’
bionic left-hander who underwent a
tendon transplant from his right
forearm to his left elbow two years
ago, was adding further insult to the
Phillies, who despite three straight
division championships and 292
regular season wins in three years,
have won only one playoff game and
none in their home eterans Stadium
John, who beat the Phillies 41 in
last year’s fourth and final playoff
game, struck out four, walked two
and was aided by three double
plays. He was really in trouble only
twice — in the first when Mike
Schmidt led off with a single and
moved up on a ground out, and in
the seventh when Garry Maddox
and Greg Luzinski led off with sing
NL Championship Series
Los Angeles 9, Philadelphia 5
Los Angeles 4, Philadelphia 0
Today — Philadelphia at Los Angeles. 7:30
Saturday — x-Philadelphia at Los Angeles,
3:30 p.m.
Sunday — x-Philadelphia at Los Angeles, 2:55
AL Championship Series
New York 7, Kansas City 1
New York 4. Kansas City 10
Today — Kansas City at New York, 2:30 p.m.
Saturday — Kansas City at New York. 7:30
Sunday — x-Kansas City at New York, 7:30
x-if necessary
The Cow Hop
846-1 588
OCT. 9. 1978
Busy weekend for teams
The Texas A&M women’s tennis
team will be in Baton Rouge, La.,
today through Sunday for the LSU
Lady Tiger Invitational while the
men’s team will be in the McFar
land Open in San Antonio.
Playing for the women will be
Mary Guerra, Susan Schilling,
Kathleen Sissom, Judy Willard,
Maylyn Hooton and Ferol Hinkle.
Leading the men’s team will be
sophomore Reid Freeman and
junior transfer Alberto Jiminez from
Bogota, Colombia.
The undefeated Texas A&M wo
men’s cross country team will try for
its third straight win today in the
University of Houston In
vitational. Running for the Aggies
will be Martha Sartain, Lorie Scott,
Cathy Cocke, Debbie Cocke,
Keresse Hawkins, Julie White, Kim
Mallory, Adelaide Bratten and
Sandra Brown. Sartain has been the
individual winner in the first two
Both Texas A&M men’s and wo
men’s golf teams face strong compe
tition this week. The men, coached
by Bob Elies, are competing in the
Jim Corbett Invitational in Baton
Rouge, La., while the women,
coached by Kitty Holley, play in the
Tucker Invitational in Albuquerque,
N. M. Playing for the men are Dave
Ogrin, Jay Kent, Steve Bowman,
Doug Ward and ichard Cromwell.
Playing for the women will be Kim
Bauer, Shirley Furlong, Monica
Welch, Andrea Welch and Carol
It was a tight squeeze, but the
Texas A&M women’s softball team
scored in the 10th inning to edge
past Baylor 7-6 in the second game
of a doubleheader Wednesday.
The Aggies are now 18-3 for the
season, having lost three consecu
tive championship games to Texas
Wpplan’s University in tournament
Texas A&M’s Sami Evans led the
Aggies in the first game to a 6-1 win
over the Bears.
In the nightcap game, Evans re
lieved freshman Shannon Murray
after two innings of play. Evans
pitched 15 innings in the doub
leheader, bringing her season rec
ord to 12-1.
Baylor scored three runs in the
first two innings, but Texas A&M
tied the score in the top of the third.
Baylor came from behind in the
sixth to lead 6-5, but the Aggies
again tied the score in the top of the
Liz Zemanek walked and ad
vanced to second base on a sacrifice
by Nancy Sullivan. Zemanek scored
on a single by Tony Hymel.
Leading hitters for the Aggies
were Hymel, Glorian Motal, Cindy
Gough, and Vicki Markowsky, each
with two hits.
The team travels to Nacogdoches
today for the Stephen F. Austin In
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