The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 05, 1978, Image 8

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•age 8 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, APRILS. 1978 Kyle Field will serve as the site Summer school Cruise is of world’s largest volleyball game c By DOUG GRAHAM Battlaion Staff The silly season is upon us. The calm scholarly pursuit of nuclear knowledge in the Cyclotron is stop ping, and the endless scurrying of professors trying to get published is ceasing. More important things are being wafted in the soft spring breeze. Things like establishing a stupendous new world record for Texas A&M University. A record in the Guinness Book of World Rec ords. A Texas A&M student is planning to set a new record by holding the biggest volleyball game ever in Kyle Field. Paul Jackson, the originator of the idea, said that on April 22, at 11 a.m., 4,000 Aggies will gather to do battle with almost 6,000 spectators in the stands. The entire happening will be a festival of Spring fever. “This is the time Spring fever hits us most,” Jackson said, “and the best cure is this giant volleyball game.” Yell leaders will give the rules to the crowd. Students will take sides according to whether they live on or off campus. The Corps of Cadets will play for the off-campus students if the sides are too uneven. Line judges will be present, and the rules will be modified for the game. However, the rules will be basically the same, Jackson said. The realization may finally dawn on the smiling crowd in Kyle Field that the volleyball game was but a ruse, a ruse to get all 4,000 of them into the unrelenting grip of the silly season. Texas A&M University offers its entering freshmen a unique academic opportunity. For two months in the summer, students can earn six credit hours in the Summer School at Sea program aboard the T/S Texas Clipper, a 15,000-ton training ship of the Texas Maritime Academy. The program is a cooperative ef fort between the Moody College and the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M. The nine-week cruise begins June 10 in Galveston. Summer school students are enrolled in the Corps of Cadets of the Texas Maritime Academy. Known aboard ship as prep cadets, these students are required to clean their rooms, assist in shipboard maintenance and operation, and help with food services. Besides a work-study program for prep cadets, the nine week cruise is part of required training for Maritime Academy cadets pursuing U.S. Coast Guard licensing in the Mer chant Marines. “The cadets really like it. It is a unique experience, said David Schob, associate professor of history at Texas A&M. Schob teaches a his tory course on the cruise which he has attended seven times in the past 14 years. Entering freshmen can earn six credit hours in English 103, History 105, or Math 104. The fee for Texas residents in $944, while it is $1,134 for out-of-state residents. “All the classes were held at sea, usually Monday through Thursday, while on the remaining days in dif ferent foreign ports we went sight seeing,” said Scott Thompson, a junior mechanical engineering major from Houston. Thompson went on the cruise in the summer of 1975, before he entered A&M the following fall as a freshman. Thompson said his favorite stop was Aruba Island off the coast of Venezuela. “There were some really great beaches there,” he said. However, from Santo Domingo to Caracas it was a rough voyage. PIGGLY WIGGLY'S NEW BINGO TYPE GAME...GET YOUR CARD AND WIN UP TO *1000°°... A COMPLETE LIST OF RULES ARE ^ PRINTED ON EACH GAME CARD. • • • • • •• (MiV AND • V£MI*tON • CASH PRIZES REMEMBER—TURN YOUR WINNING TICKETS NOW! YOU CAN CONTINUE TO PUY THE SAME CARD. ONLY THE ROW OF WINNING TICKETS HAS TO BE TURNS! IN. 43- $1000 PRIZES 445 - $100 PRIZES 925- $20 PRIZES 3,000 - $5 PRIZES 9,000- U2 PRIZES 61,000- $1 PRIZES QUANTITY RIGHTS RULES FOR PLAYING GAMERAMA THESE PRICES GOOD THURS FRI & SAT APRIL 6-7-8 • Mast* Card on nquaat at thm and of It Odds Chart AS OF FEBRUARY 23.19TB Thompson said. f m “Our class was dismissed whem guy got sick,” Thompson said. Schob recalled the same type in J cident, but he said that mostoftlr voyage was very pleasant. “Sleeping on the ship is lit* sleeping in a cradle. No onehasam sleeping problems. I love it,"U If ye said. jL&M l This summer the ship will leavtuot vol Galveston June 10 and travel in adviser ports at Dry Tortugas (an islanjtion pr: halfway between Florida and Cuba The Norfolk, Va.; Fort de France, Mar.studen tinique; Balboa, Panama Canalwelcon Zone; Calloa, Peru; Cristobaltheir o Panama Canal Zone; Vera Cruu The ; Mexico; Tampa, Fla.; Beaumontineomi Texas. The cruise returns to Galveieontact ton on Aug. 6. Broxim Only 40 to 50 prep cadets art The permitted on the cruise, so theretyears a a great deal of competition betweerdent at the many applicants, Schob said.ftganizeJ those, only 14 girls are accepted, student Four years ago, only four or fivj| Thii girls applied. Last year quite a fes^e prc girls applied and about 12 were arrears tl cepted, he said. Ke aft “Teaching on a ship is a uniqinPis ye experience,” Schob said. to try I He recalled a time when all tlJhe ort students tried to make him sickliRshmi rocking their desks back and foriffls k They wanted him to dismiss clas About but he didn’t. Then one day whjMfch p he was pointing at a map the sb; Hilti rocked rather violently, and hesu sr s W >H denly found himself on the otbPeriod side of the room. Events like tbe& rst n > don’t occur in classrooms on ^ Texas A&M campus. Prep cadets on the ship haul many of the luxuries they haveij home. "The meals are fantastic,” Sd said. They also have a ship rai operator on board who can pafcg j calls home to the students’ famifol A “The Summer School at SeaprJ gram is the most unique and vaki ^ rt able program A&M has to offers!; q ’j dents,” Schob said. 1 , Only students just graduatirl' 5 ^ from high school are eligible topi| HAMS <1* to Blade Cut CHUCK ROAST Fine for Charcoal RANCH STEAK Swifts Swifts LPmimiJ JM Tolin Tolen ^ xCggy lb * % W lb * 9 NeuhofF Shank Portion Moisture Added I I ■ ■ ■ ■ Neuhoff Reg. or Beef FRANKS S to TOMATO Dei Monte CATSUP y MOUTHWASH Signal ISoz.btL 1 I CLOSE-UP Toothpaste 17$ Off Boneless CHUCK ROAST Swiff Proten Sliced BEEF UVER Oscar Mayat Rag. or Beat , u,j,. *459 MEAT FRANKS . . . . 1 IM ' , • 1 T Hormei Link Sausaae LITTLE SIZZLERS .... 99 Netiluff MoNfure Added BUTT 1/2 HAM Nauhoff g... SM0KED SAUSAGE 1 3V Oscar Mayer Assorted A A LUNCHMEATS . OO Piggly Wiggly Sliced Spread *MAQ AMERICAN CHEESE . ,Aoi ' ,,ks ' T" GOLDEN Del Monte Whole Kernel iCORN 12 oz. vac. pack cans I: t I I I ■ I \ ■ I ! 6.4 oz, to US *1 Russet MU ill POTATOES .10 9 99 US *1 Cello CARROTS . 4 1 Ib.bags ^ US *1 Salad ^ TOMATOES... * bs i California Navel ORANGES . . 4 lbs. US *1 Texas Ruby Red - GRAPEFRUIT 6 Calrfomia Large AVOCADOS 3 for *T Del Monte Whole Liquid 20 $ Off • m3 l6oz^lass 32ozM * 1 1 VEG-ALL PEACHES Larsen Val Vita Sliced . 3 2 *303 l6ozxans # 2 1/2 29ozxans Del Monte TOMATO SAUCE 8oz.cans i 117 I I: I: ! ■: # i: ► Love that Paul Arnett’ tj()n IQnly in Battalion Sport Mar -df" WED., APRIL 5, 3:00 P.M. MAMA’S PIZZA RECEPTION honoring BILL CLEMENTS Republican Candidate for Governor FREE BEER & PIZZA All Students & Faculty Invited Pd. Pol. Adv. by Clements for Governor Campaign Comm Tom B. Rhodes, Treas. atio O’C frou hunt A. A6c? ceiv $1,C o for 1 nu it stuc join fesst feet 0 are; Del Monte SWEET PEAS t I Water Ski Club Cookout and Meeting Thursday, April 6 Briarwood Apts. 4:30-9:00 p.m. New Members Welcome! *303 17oz.cans COFFEE Maxwell House 2K——— jji. Del Monte Assorted PINEAPPLE Limit 1 please with ♦T 50 or more purchase 1 lb. can Clipper Frozen FISH STICKS 3 8oz. $4 pkgs. 1 Patio Mexican DINNERS 13oz. p*<g- 59 Morton Frozen H0NEV BUNS 9 oz. P^- 59 COTTAGE CHEESE Piggly Wiggly 69 16 oz. ctn. ICE CREAM Blue Bell 1/2 gal. ctn. 459 Ore Ida Hash Browns POTATOES 2 lb ba « Assorted f H0U| Sliced Crushed Chunks *1 1/2 > ISozxans JELL-0 5 tol CO-ED v Ages 16-23 Select, Fun Groups^ 17-45 Days/5-11 Countries Land Rates $1389 up, plus Air See Your Travel Agent or Write Harwood Tour 2428 Guadalupe Austin.Texas 78705 TOMATO JUICE PINEAPPLE npmi/ GRAPEFRUIT cwns t - PAPER TOWELS ^’ 3 Del Monte Del Monte Parkay in qtrs. •2700 Texas Atm. 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